Blood and protein in urine with back, side and pelvis pain

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I just came back from out of hours last night, I've been thinking I was coming on with an infection however due to me being a high risk I can't just go straight on antibiotics until they're 100% sure it's necessary (I had clostridium difficile twice and antibiotics will risk it coming back again). Anyway, I self catheterise, hence the reason I'm getting so many infections. I woke up my partner in agony, I had pain on my right side and it went from my back, side, tummy then down to my pelvis. Sometimes it was a stinging pain, sometimes it was really painful. But last night, jeez, I was in agony. The Dr tested it straight away and said I had a pretty bad infection (due to me not having any sensation in my urethra I don't get the early symptoms of burning when you pee etc so I normally end up noticing somethings wrong quite late). He said there was blood and protein in my urine but some of the other results were abnormal so he wanted to send it away for a full analysis. He put me on nitrofurantoin (least likely to cause cdiff) and told me to see my gp at the start of the week.

However, tonight I've started getting worsening pain (not as bad as last night though) plus there is actually blood on the toilet paper after I empty my bladder. Should I phone them again and tell them I can actually see blood? What does it mean when there is blood there? Could it be that the infection has already reached my kidneys?

I'm sort of worried bc they were saying I might need to go back into hospital and it's making me really anxious. If they're saying that they must expect me to potentially get worse and all I've done for the last year is spend the majority of it in hospitals. Does anyone have any ideas or similar experiences? Thanks

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    emma I hope you're feeling a bit better this morning. It sounds as though the doctor at the out of hours service was quite thorough which is really good to hear. Thank goodness for our NHS. You sound as though you were very ill so I'm hoping the antibiotic may have started to work even just a little bit. Are you able to take anything for the pain? Anti inflammatory drugs are usually the most effective. Thanks care.
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      Hi matron thanks for replying.

      My fever is fluctuating but it hasn't went as high as 40°c again, so the antibiotics must be doing something. Funnily enough I just came off some opiates not long ago, I used to take them for my neuro problem but I didn't like taking them, I felt at 24 I didn't want to be on drugs that I really didn't need to be. But oh I would love to have some just now, the test of my meds are for nerve pain so won't really focus on any other pain. But I've taken paracetamol and I take codeine phosphate so I do have some decent pain killers to help with the pain, it's at least taking the edge off it.

      You're right, thank god for our NHS. I have such fantastic Dr's, my gp especially. So I at least don't need to worry that things are getting seen to properly. It's a shame everyone can't have Dr's like her.

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      Good doctors are worth their weight in gold, I also have a good one but it sounds as though the out of hours doctor was good at looking after you. It's often these doctors that get bad press because they don't always know the patients medical history. Codeine should help your pain and you should take something because it will help you to relax a little as well as help the pain. Hope you get some rest today and tomorrow you feel much better.
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      Yeah I don't actually think we have many bad Dr's, unfortunately they're just overworked and exhausted meaning that they can't do their job to the best of their ability, I mean they're only human!

      Hopefully the NHS will help those that help us, they have a hard job x

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      Hey Matron,

      My Dr came out today and brought me hydration sachets and tablets to try keep my fever down. My bp is low and she's still waiting on my urine results coming back from the lab. She said that she's concerned with me being at home and she'd be happier if I was in hospital. So she is in the process of getting that sorted out. She said she'd phone tomorrow morning to see how I am and if she has any news for me. Temp was 38.7°c. My back is getting worse it's going right into my tummy then groin, I've taken tramadol to help with the pain. She said that if get any worse i have to straight to A&E so I'll see how I get on tonight, just thought I'd give you a little update x

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      Hello emma how are you today? You are obviously quite ill and I think your doctor is right, you need to be looked after. Keep in touch x
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      Hi Matron,

      I was up at the hospital but due to my Dr's disappointment they never kept me in, so she's shouting at everyone that will pick the phone up to her lol. I'm going up to see her tomorrow as more results have came back abnormal and she wants to talk to me. The hospital said I don't need to be admitted until there is clear signs of a kidney infection but we were still waiting on the results. (I don't know why they didn't just do one when I was there) plus the raised temp etc should have been a clear indicator but oh well.

      Plus if it's not been a kidney infection before it most certainly is becoming one as my back is in agony. The pain is ridiculous. This only started a couple of hours ago. Things can never just be straight forward lol, also they were talking about changing my antibiotics and these ones have a high chance of causing cdiff again (just bc I'm more of a risk) so I wish someone would just make a decision and get on with it. If the pain continues to be like this I'll go up myself, I'm not waiting around in agony until someone decides what's happening. I think some of the Dr's aren't wanting to be responsible if the infection in my bowel comes back, I remember them being like this last time x

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      emma this is an unacceptable situation and you are stuck in the middle. I know you are seeing you doctor tomorrow who by the way sounds wonderful and really has your best interests at heart but you now have a night time of pain to contend with and that's not fair on you. I hope you have something you can take so you'll get some rest. Now I'm thinking where do you go from here, I suspect your GP will want you to return to hospital. emma I can only imagine how you must feel because you have been let down by the hospital staff who should be caring for you. I hope you have better news tomorrow x
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      When you say some results have been "abnormal", has your doctor explained what that could mean?  That word concerns me since there could be so many scenarios.


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      Nope she never said, I've woke up not feeling so good so she said she can either phone me or come out. So I just told her to phone me, I should hear around 1pm I'll let you know.
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      Please do.  I've thought about your situation a lot these last several days and I would very much like to know what will be done to get you all healed and back on your feet.
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      So she said that there is really high amounts of blood and protein in my urine and she thinks it's the start of the kidney infection (she said that the antibiotics have probably been keeping it from getting worse). She said the problem now is that I need to go on a tablet that will increase my risk of bowel infection (cdiff), she said now that the culture has came back this is the safest out a bad bunch basically. She said that in these situations it would have to far outweigh the risk, and she reckons it does. She said that my kidneys are clearly working extra hard and that if she doesn't treat it now I'll end up really sick. She said that she will monitor me closely over the next week, she'll call me every second day and I've to tell her any new symptoms that I may be experiencing. She said if she had it her way she would put me in hospital but they have to prioritise the numbers of beds they have and bc I would technically only be going in there for precautionary measures there would be better uses of that bed (which I totally accept, I'm not as unwell as other people that could be getting help a lot sooner). Anyway she reassured me that any sign of cdiff coming back then everyone has already made sure that they'll make room for me in hospital, and they'll catch it as early as possible if it comes to it. My fever hasn't returned since about a day and a half and I've to start the new antibiotics tonight and that should hopefully without any complications take away the infection. There was also something else that came up in the results but I can't remember what it was called, but she took blood tests to follow it up so I'm sure I'll find out at some point next week. I asked her if I would get as ill as last time if I got the cdiff, I ended up in hospital for 3 weeks with it, but she assured me that she wouldn't let it get to that point and everyone in the surgery has been notified of my situation, so if for any reason she's not available then everyone knows what to do. She's the best, so even though I'm freaking out that I could get the infection again, I'm actually thinking if I did it probably wouldn't be a big deal as they'd just treat it right away. Hopefully things just get better from here and I won't need to go into hospital! ☺
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      Thanks, Emma, for the update.  I'm so glad your doctor has such a good grip on your situation and hope everything works out just right and the infection will be healed without the added complication of cdiff.

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