Blood and protein in urine with back/side pain

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Hi everyone.

So for a week I have had right hand side pain, it goes from my back, round my side and right down my stomach. It's not always there but it comes in waves, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes I'm doubled over in pain. I went to the Dr's and she asked me to hand in a urine sample, 2 days went by and I didn't manage to hand the sample in bc I was at other appointments but last night I was in the worst pain I've been, I woke up my partner and told him I had to go to out of hours. I gave them my sample and he done one of those quick test things and said I have blood and protein in my urine but he said he wanted to send it to the lab for a full analysis, he gave me nitrofurantoin for infection and sent me back home. I do feel that the symptoms have relieved themselves a bit but the pain is still there, just not as it was last night. But now I've started noticing blood actually on the toilet paper after I'm passing water. Should I call again and tell them this since I can actually see the blood rather it just being microscopic? What does blood and protein in the urine imply? Has anyone had this?

Let me know, thanks x

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    Hi Emma. Possibly a bladder or kidney infection. You did the right thing going to out of hours clinic. Hopefully the medicine will help clear it up but I think you should go to your own GP again and show him what meds you were given. They should get your results through to them anyway. Take care, Pollyanna UK rolleyes
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      Thanks pollyana ☺

      Yeah it was just bc he said it sounded like infection but then went on to say "I want to send this to the lab to check for other markers just incase". Maybe I've just read into it. I'm prone to kidney and bladder infections as I self catheterise but I've just never seen blood on the toilet paper before. I'll phone for results at the start of next week to check anyway. Thanks for replying.

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    I am going to guess you have a bad kidney infection. They will probably want to admit you into the hospital and give you strong iv antibiotics.I had a kidney infection when I was pregnant and it wasn't nearly as bad as your. I had no visible blood they put me in the hospital with strong antibiotics. That is my best guess . I would probably the emergency room
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      Thanks for replying ☺

      Yeah I'm worried that's going to be the case. He said last night that I may need to be admitted due to my medical history. Due to me self catheterising I constantly get infections, I was on antibiotics for nearly 4 months which then caused me to develop clostridium difficile. I got severely ill to the point that my kidneys started failing and it caused damage to my bowel.

      So I'm so anxious bc I feel it's going to be another awful experience, either way I'll have to deal with a kidney infection, or if they put me on different antibiotics it'll risk the cdiff developing again 😔 things never can be straight forward lol.

      My temp is back down just now so I'm going to try sleep, if I don't feel better during the night or in the morning I'll go back up to the hospital.

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      That's good your temps back to normal.  But if it is worse Definately go in.  I  was put dialysis for a couple of weeks because my kidneys shut down.  You don't want to have to do that.  Good luck, let me know what you end up doing and how they treat you
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      Oh dear. I was lucky I didn't have to get that. Was the treatment for dialysis bad? Did they manage to get your kidneys back to normal? Hopefully you feel much better now.

      I've woke up this morning feeling rather rubbish, I don't want to go to hospital too early when it may just take a bit longer to let the antibiotics do their job. But at the same time I don't want to be irresponsible and let this get out of hand.

      I will for sure let you know how I'm getting on. I'll send little updates ☺

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    I had blood in my urine when I had a kidney stone.
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      Hi Richard,

      What were the symptoms you experienced when you had a kidney stone? Ie what did the pain feel like in particular?

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      shooting pains like no other which I needed strong pain relief for. Blood in the unne and gravel passing through my urethra causing  intense pain causing me to be unable to pee for a while properly.

      hope that helps


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    Hi Emma. I am VERY surprised the out of hours doc did not send you to A & E for an urgent ultrasound/xray. your symptoms could easily be a kidney stone ( i have had 5 episodes of kidney stones in the past). when a kidney stone moves in your kidney or ureter (tube from kidney to bladder where urine passes through) it causes intense pain that i would describe as severe stitch like pain. a woman that has had children before told me kidney stone pain is worse than childbirth! even tiny particles of "gravel" passing through or moving can cause intense pain & blood in urine, nausea even vomiting, & pain that causes you to pace up & down. if it blocks the ureter it can be critical. i would get an urgent appt with your gp tomorrow & ask them to send you down to hosp with an urgent ultrasound request to eliminate this. if your pain worsens in the meantime just go to A & E. when i had my episodes, no over the counter painkillers touched it-the hosp had to give me intravenous pain relief & suppositories. it can of course still be a kidney infection, but best to eliminate kidney stone as it gives same symptoms. hope this helps xx
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      Thanks looloo,

      Funnily enough my partner said the same thing, but I was feeling so miserable I never really argued it as I wanted to just go to my bed. When I speak to my own gp tomorrow hopefully she would have had the results back from the lab, although she probably won't as it was handed in over the weekend.

      I'm not too sure if I'm experiencing kidney stones, or if I am it's at the early stages. I'm not in as much pain as you're describing except from what was happening when I actually went to the hospital. The pain has settled a little but it's still pretty stingy.

      I still have blood present after passing water which is very unusual for me with kidney infections, I've only had it once but I had both a kidney infection and cdiff at the same time so you could debate that my body was totally overwhelmed on that occasion.

      My fever has went back up to 39°c and I started vomiting around 6pm this evening. I just don't want to waste anyone's time by going up there just incase they tell me to let the antibiotics work a little longer you know?

      When you had kidney stones did you have pain going from your back, tummy and down to your pelvis? Did they say why you had them so many times?

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      Hi Emma. the pain is usually at the side of the back (left or right depending which kidney is affected) mid to low area. it can radiate right down to the groin area depending where the stone/particles are, but also can be referred pain from the kidney, so an ultrasound really is required to see where it is, & detect any inflammation areas. i was told if you have 1 kidney stone you are likely to be pre-disposed to getting them in future. also i was told to drink at least 2.2litres of water daily to keep my kidneys flushed & avoid stones. How are things today? xx
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      Hey looloo,

      My Dr came out today and brought me some hydration sachets and tablets to try keep my fever down. She took my temp and it was at 38.7°c, my blood pressure was low but she said she thinks it's just bc I'm feeling so under the weather, she's still waiting on the l

      Results for the urine sample but she said that she'd prefer I was in hospital and that she was going to phone them to try arrange me getting admitted. She phoned back a couple of hours later saying they were being "difficult" but she'll get it sorted for me. I'm just feeling terrible, my back is getting worse, sickness is driving me insane and I'm constantly freezing. I trust my gp so much so I know she will be doing everything she can for me. She always goes the extra mile. She took me on as a patient bc I was diagnosed as having neuro problems last year, she didn't want me having to tell my story over and over again and having one Dr would benefit everyone as it's quite a complex case. When I was at my worst, she'd phone me every morning (for about 3 weeks) just to check up on me and make sure I was drinking enough etc etc. I call her Dr mom haha. But jokes aside, I'm just really glad she's getting stuff done. Hopefully I'll feel better soon as I just feel I'm getting worse.

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    Hi Emma. How are you? Did your doc get you admitted to hosp, & any results of your urine yet? Incidentally I think they can see if you have "crystals" in your urine too which would indicate kidney stones. Has anyone bothered to ultrasound your kidneys yet? xxx
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      Hi looloo, I'm still at home, Dr was off today but she is coming back out tomorrow with test results and more news. I went up to the hospital but they didn't want to admitt me until results are back. I don't think the antibiotics I'm on are doing anything, so I'd imagine they'll look at that again x
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      I'm sorry you're no further forward or any better Emma. It's frustrating waiting for test results, I know, I am currently "waiting" for test results myself. It kind of puts any treatment on hold doesn't it. You sound like you have a fab gp though which helps alot. I suppose you have to keep taking the anti biotics, until she says otherwise. Hopefully she will have you in for an ultrasound to exclude kidney stones, then you know you are probably dealing with infection. Let me know how you get on hun'. Feel for you as I know kidney problems cause terrible pain. xxx

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