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Okay here is my situation. I went to the doctor if you weeks ago and my BP was 155 / 95. I've never had high BP even at the doctor's office so I found it on. I went back to the doctor for a follow-up about a week later and it read about the same. So I tested it at the local pharmacy several times over the next couple weeks and it kept showing around that same range with a high of 160 / 100. I bought a at home blood pressure monitor and started tracking it. When I wake up in the morning it's completely normal about 118 over 80. But if I do any kind of activity (just walking around) and measure it it goes up to the one 150 / 90 range very quickly. At night when I measure it it's pretty normal as well. It seems to be the afternoon when it's very high and pretty consistent in those readings. My question is is this normal, or should I be worried because my blood pressure runs high most of the day? I've had chest pain in the past but recently had a stress test that came back normal. I eat fairly healthy and 38 years old and exercise about 4 times a week. I am being treated for high cholesterol and I have a family history of high BP. Your help is appreciated in advance thank you

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    I'm sorry to hear that you are dealing with that. I would definitely keep eating healthy and consulting with your GP but if you'd like to control your blood pressure without having to taking prescription medication I can certainly share some information with you.

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    I have a thread  on this website about my nightmare with a blood pressure medication called Metoprolol 

     It all started because my doctor thought I had high blood pressure when I had numbers just like yours I had to take her off the medication because I became so sick and I was just saying yesterday by my doctor and my blood pressure was 155/90. She basically told me that she’s accepted  that I just tend to run higher and I may in fact have white coat hypertension but aside from that I just may be one of those people that tend to run a bit higher than others

    I keep hctz  to use a few times a week at 12.5 mg I agreed that only because I refuse to get on any blood pressure medicine again as I became so ill 

     First thing are they measuring your blood pressure as you walk into the office it depends on what’s going on before they took your blood pressure are you resting there for a while before they take it 

    Secondly never trust those machines in the pharmacy they are often in accurate and not kept up calibration wise

    And it depends on what the home device you purchased asked if that is accurate or not as well

     The only thing that would concern me is that you have a higher power and therefore you should monitor your blood pressure and speak to your doctor more about this did they put you on any medication ?

    I had perfect cardiac laboratory results  (minus being anemic) EKG and all cardiac blood work was normal on three different occasions and my doctor said I had the best lab results she’s ever seen and those were all conducted in the emergency room on three separate occasions when I thought  I was having some sort of cardiac issue but really I was sick from the blood pressure medication and having anxiety   (I also have MS)

    BP meds Not to sound dramatic but nearly ended my life I was never so sick is when I was on that medication

    I would say you’re doing great keeping an ion things just make sure you have an accurate meter to measure your blood pressure but don’t take it a bunch of times because it can change numerous times throughout the day and night there could be many factors that are elevating it as well along with the high cholesterol but please speak with your doctor again other than making some more dietary changes I think you’re doing a good job of keeping an eye on things

    Best wishes 

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    JEH81267....Hello, there. Tee19 gave you some very sound advice. BP of 155/95 isn't a catasrophe by any means, but it is a little high. BP fluctuates throughout the day. It isn't abnormal for your bp to be lower in the mornings when you get up...then once you start moving around, elevates. If you're stressed, worried, not feeling so great, etc.etc. the bp will rise. This is the body's response to something it's dealing with.

    You are exercising, & eating rather healthy, so keep that up. If you can eliminate some fats or whatever, that's even better. Controlling the cholesterol will also help, but you're already doing this. 

    As Tee19 mentioned, the machines in the pharmacies should only be used to give you an never knows when they were last calibrated, & with so many people using makes sense they may not be exactly accurate. We all have a different size arm., yet those machines use the same cuff, which in most cases are not adjustable. I don't know what kind of monitor you bought, but it's extremely important the monitors are fairly accurate; otherwise you won't know what's going on for sure. If you like, private message me, & I can recommend a very good monitor. 

    Sometimes people can avoid bp medications by eating in a healthy fashion, exercising, lowering stress levels, etc.etc..but the body still needs the help. IF your Dr. suggests medications, I would encourage you to only accept the bare minimum then if the body isn't responding...then up the meds...a BIT. It's very important that people sit & relax before taking a reading, & this includes the Dr. office., but sometimes that doesn't work. You can be waiting your turn, but all sorts of things running through the mind. This does not help..AND...we only get one reading at the Dr. A friend of mine saw his Dr., he got a reading of 118/78...& the Dr. asked him if his bp was always this low, & my friend told him that he doesn't have a monitor. Guess what??? That Dr. told him to cut his bp pill in half.!!! I was floored when I heard that. All because of ONE reading??????? Get real. The same can be true when a patient gets a rather elevated doctor doesn't adjust or add medications with just one reading. I thought my friend's Dr. was acting ridiculously.

    Please let us know how you get on.

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    Thanks everyone. I am really hoping to avoid meds. I live a very stressful lifestyle, traveling weekly for work, which translates to not eating as healthy as I do at home and not exercising as much. It's frustrating to all of a sudden have hypertension, but things could be worse. I appreciate everyone's feedback

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      JEH81267...when we first learn that we have hypertension, something comes over's a fear of sorts.

      Elevated bp is so common; it's unbelievable. When I was first diagnosed, I was not given any education about the was just .."here, you must take these". I'd take this med for as little as two weeks because the side effects were making me sick. Then it was another....same thing...then yet another. The young Dr. I had at the time was becoming angry with me; this was very easy to tell. At one point he angrily said to me.."do you want to take the meds or not..if you want to walk around with say 200/85; that's up to you". His attitude told me something.Eventually, I left his practice & returned to the Dr. I had for over 30 years. Why did I leave in the first place?...because I'd moved about 75miles from his office. With my "old" Dr., I can talk easily with him, I'm not nervous of asking questions & I completely trust his judgement. Yes, he's worth every mile of the drive to see him.

      Again, don't be spooked by the fact that you have hypertension. If you're prescribed meds..take them as mindful of any side effects...& report them if intolerable. Some people take just one mild tablet, while others may have to take a few. We're all different.

      Good luck with this.

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