Blood pressure+ hernia at same time!

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Hello This is my first post.   I am a 62 year old male. Not sure this is the right thread since it is more about hypertension.  I was in good shape in November and now everything is changed. I was working with weights 4 times a week. eating relatively health, but not perfectly. I was trying to cut down all my sugar, eat more protein, veggies and fruit. I never took any pharmaceuticals not even asprin, but suplements such as vit C, D, probiotics, cranberry (for prevent recurrance of urinary infection).

Then all changed. I was going into my medical exam for my immigration to Canada. I went through a wicked blizzard to get there. But they found my PB systolic 155. I have been fighting to get my residency in Canada and living with my wife like a refuge for 12 years here in Canada. I went to check my BP in a drug store and now it was 168 range and I was told to get help. So after Christmas parties which I hate I had and argument with my wife and a night or insomnia. The next day I had BP over 200. SO the emergency doctor gave me ativaan and amlodipine. I thought I had better take it. So he told me to find a family doctor. I did and the night before my appointment I look down and there is an inguinal hernia!! Now I though I was screwed.

The doctor did not even care about the hernia, he just said when you get your insurance you can get it fixed just were a belt. At 62 working in the steel shops I was ready to quit. But I found a comfortable belt.

Now I can only walk to detress. The doctor had me taking my BP three times a day and I was going into an anxiety spiral. My blood work showed no problem with my cholesterol, lipids or diabetes, so I assume the stress was doing it.

I wanted to chuck the BP machine and the amlodipiine made me feel like another person. Dizzy, depressed, out of it. I gave it up and stopped taking the BP readings for 4 days hoping meditation and other things might resolve it. But no I have constant ringing in my ears and growing insomnia problems. I have to take epsom salt bathes and meditate. But the last time I went to the doctor I told him I wanted a new BP med so I am on my 2 day of Valsartan and BP is around 170 /98 range. But I am having poor sleep or no sleep. The doctor offered some psychotropic drugs but since my goal was to stay off pharmaceuticals I said no thanks. I don't want to get hooked on a bunch of pills that can hurt me! i JUST WANT TO GET TO THE CORE OF THE ANXIETY PROBLEM, GET MY BP DOWN AND HAVE MY HERNIA FIXED.... I SO MISS BEING ACTIVE IT IS LITERALLY KILLING ME ( I LOST 25 LBS IN A MONTH)  I am in a vicious cycle now. an allopath  being pressured into being a pill popper. IS there a way out of this dead end??}


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    Sorry to hear of your problems. Your hernia is relatively minor and I hope it will get sorted soon.  I would suggest you forget your resistence to medications and take tablets for your BP.

    As well as meditation would you consider walking more and try not to worry too  much?

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      I am taking Valsartan and it seems to help. As for walking I am trying to walk 40 minutes a day, but it is challenging with the weather being -15 C here and schedule changes etc, I know it is important to keep excercising though

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    Hi Frederic. Wow, you have been going thru a rough patch. I have got just a couple of years age-wise on you. I take ramipril to control my high bp but help it by correct eating and exercise. I have cut right down on alcohol and have never smoked. I no longer eat processed food/sauces and have an aversion to fast foods. I have cut out all added salt and don't have sugar. I have added garlic and beetroot to my shopping list. I walk briskly for at least 30mins each day. Above all else I try to relax and not let the occasional high reading get to me. I take readings most days and monitor my weight carefully. Good luck and please keep us posted as to how things pan out for you.
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    I am age of 63and avoided using allopathic pills in the past. 2013 winter, on the way to yoga,  i fell and broke my ankle and it got fixed. Now I have cholesterol and high BP and using conversyl from last week. I Am a vegitrain past 20 years, and I don't eat outside, no fried foods ext. but this happened to me. I was in a shock trying to recover from my mental state, I got the sever tooth ache and sever cold the 2 end day of my medication, the pressure was fluctuating. Infection and the anxiety  also may cause this.

    I listen Echart Tolle and other spritual teachings on Youtube to calm my mind. And it is working for me. Now I am getting out of this mental web " why me". I want to plane how to improve my health, and I am searching  for alternative approach. Calming our mind is the first aproch I think.


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      Rose what was you BP when they told you it was high. You are aware that in  the 1950 normal was your age +100 for BP. They do overperscribe. I have to take mine since I am avergeing 170 and have symptoms like constant ringing in my ears. not fun. But if I could get my pressure down to 140 range I would probably try to cut back on the BP medicine. That is just me. I switched from coversyl adn amlodipine because I could not stand the way i  felt. The 4 day on Valsartan and it seems to be no side effects (seems) For my excercise I am starting pilates and maybe yoga in stead of weights. The hernia redirected me and maybe that is a good thing.
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      Mine was s160,d85 when dr. Measured. Usually I don't see doctors.  I think I have been suffering with this condition past 1 year. But I got done the compleat yearly exam by the doctor. That time it was 140. Another time I saw the doctor for checking blood pressure 180 and it was 140 at his office.He said no problem. He knew I don't take any pill from him in the past. This time he told me to take conversyl 8 mg. And he said it will save the kidneys and people over 50 take them. And he gave me some samples. 

      It was devastating to me. I came out of the seviour dermatitis I had been suffering since 2001 and I came out of it only 2 years ago.  At the end, I heald the codition by my self with siddha medication and life style changing. 

      In winter with this heating system it aggravates. From2001 to 2011 I did not sleep, the whole night scratching with keys, knifes.. That chapter over and I came out of it and smell the fresh air. I started yoga 3 times a week. And it was going well, while I was going to yoga class i slipt on the ice and had surgery on my ankle, it healed well.  

      Now I have this battle. May be the stress I went through the prieves period caused this BP problem. This body is going to lose its parts slowely and it is natural prosses. I am at the winter. But I want a smooth transition. If I can control the blood pressure with other alternative way I will be happy.

      i a recording my readings 2 times a day.  Trying 4 mg also. 

      My son working another city said I need t ask the dr. For Halter monitor to take accurate reading.

      i  am taking  Q10, vitaminD3, 4000, multivitamin, Calcium + mag+zinc.

      folowing a yoga routine at home. 

      Reduced salt intake. Still trying to make food without carb for a vegitrain is not that easy. 

      I read some where sun light reduce the blood pressure. 

      I still have a hope to get out of this medication before its get me.

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    Thanks for all the contributions here.  Exercise, good food and meds are important, but one should not get stressed about too little exercise or not eating very well.

    Has anyone considered the importance of adequate sleep?

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      Yes. I definitely has an affect!  Since three weeks I have been having insomnia issue and I am sure it is related to stress of two major life changing evens happening at once, plus the job and waiting for my residency in Canada to stay with my wife. Lot on the mind. But I am using meditation and some herbs for now to take care of the problem. I am not ready to add an anti axiety pill into the mix not quite yet.
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