Blood pressure much higher at night.

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Hi all, please can I ask for advice/ your experience?

A quick medical background;

45yr old female, low vitamin D for 4 years, despite taking 1000iu D3 per day, (painful bones, exhaustion etc). I also previously had poly cystic ovaries, which apparently have gone after taking Metformin for a year, although the symptoms remain, I've also gained some weight without changing my diet or regime.

ALT high for past 18 months, cholesterol slightly high, BP high with headaches and dizziness for past 2 months, so put on 2.5 mg ramapril 12 days ago.

Still have the same, headaches, dizziness etc. been monitoring BP.

I noticed that in a morning my BP is fairly normal ie. 138/88 to 146/91, before taking my meds.

By mid afternoon I am very dizzy, BP around 150/90 by 11pm I'm almost staggering BP 174/108 to 204/112, lying down makes me worse.

My GP has today decided to make me take another 2.5 mg ramapril at around 5pm to combat the nighttime spike.

Does this sound normal? I'm just worried that my fairly normal morning no will go too low and make me worse. I'm also concerned that there is an underlying reason for my health that is connected with the low vitamin d for 4 years, which I'm unable to raise and GP is ignoring.

Has anyone else had high BP at night? What worked best for you? Thanks for any advice.

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    Hi Su, I am under several different doctors & one of them recently discovered that my Vit D was also very low & I was started on 1000iu/day.  That was about 3 months ago & I am feeling slightly better.

    I also had a problem with my blood pressure & now take 3 drugs to control that.  I am skipping over all of this because another of my Consultants threw in an aside recently, asking whether anyone had mentioned parathyroid problems.

    In fact, he had mentioned parathyroid problems 2 or 3 years ago, however, this time, I am due to have more tests.

    From what I have read, some doctors are reluctant to investigate the parathyroid but it can cause Vit D depletion & also blood pressure problems.

    The parathyroid is nothing to do with the thyroid gland.

    Would your GP refer you to an Endocrinologist?

    Just going back to Hypertension, there is a school of thought that the patient may be better off taking the medication at night & not in the morning, but again, you need advice on that.


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      Thanks so much for your reply, Mrsmop, that is definitely something I will ask about, especially since, on looking it up , a lot of my symptoms fit, like the excessive tiredness and hair falling out.

      My GP seems to be lacking in ideas, so to rule it out if nothing else would be good.

      I just want to be well and do normal things again!

      Thanks again Mrsmop x

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    A Vitamin D deficiency can be hard to rectify, as it’s most abundant when it comes from the sun. Not sure what Country your from, if like me it’s U.K then you don’t see a lot of sun. If your sunbathing for vit D then remember not to use sun block/lotion as this stops the vitamin getting through your skin, just take the sun gradually until the skin is just slightly pink, not burnt, this is when vit D enters the skin. I’m not sure as to what causes the deficiency other than a lack of sun. As for the High BP, I’m the same, I have High BP, I was given Ramipril, I stopped it as I had excruciating pain through both legs and feet while I was on it. I couldn’t bare it any longer, so I came of it, I’m not on any meds now. I’m thinking about taking a garlic supplement, along with a magnesium supplement to try and reduce my BP. It’s not terribly high, but I would like to bring it down a little.  I hope you can find a solution as to why your lacking in vitamin D, have you had blood tests done? 

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      Hi Gillian, yes I have vit D tests twice a year, where the GPs just scratch their heads as to why it's not going up, then tell me to take the same 1000iu, which I've taken for 4 years and which makes me feel sick a lot.

      I do spend time in the sun, when there is some, but I'm fair skinned so it's limited.

      I've had a lot of blood tests due to various symptoms such as painful lymph nodes and a goiter, but everything always comes back ok. It's such a pain, literally!

      Now the high blood pressure, it is all just too much, I've basically had no life for the last three years, so much pain and exhaustion, my twins are only 5 and I'm not able to play with them like a mother should, I just want my life back.

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      Hi Su

      Do you have an inability to absorb fats? as this can lead to a vit D deficiency. If your liver is too toxic, then it can’t convert vitamin D into its active form. If it’s too many toxins in the liver causing the deficiency, then you could take all the vitamin D in the world and it still wouldn’t have any effect. Would it be possible for you to get some sort of liver test that would identify toxins? Or a test to see if you have an inability to absorb fats? You could run these two possible reasons for your inability to absorb vitamin D by your GP, hopefully they could run tests to rule these out. It’s must be terrible for you, surely someone can find the reasoning behind this.  Your obviously reasonably young if your twins are five, that’s a shame, hope you get sorted soon, best of luck. X

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      Hi Su

      Meant to say earlier in my response to your reply, that the reason their not finding anything as to why you have the goitre and High BP, is because these can be caused by a vitamin D deficiency as well. It looks like, in your case this is why you have these issues. I just hope you can find a way to absorb vit D soon. X

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      Thanks so much for your reply Gillian, I'm not young haha, just had children unexpectedly late.

      Thanks for those ideas, they too are worth a look at. If I can't get my GP to test for these things then I will try to have them done privately, depending on costs.

      Thanks so much again for your answers.

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