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I just received the results from my recent round of blood FSH is at 42.4 and my estradiol is at ob/gyn said yup, that means I'm definitiely menopausal and told me to stop taking the low-dose birth control pill she had prescribed for me earlier this year in an effort to help manage my symptoms....she said that I could consider an even lower dose of HRT if I wanted to give it a try....anyone have any thoughts/experience here?

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    Hi weary 

    only you can decide that... its all personal choice , your Gyno / GP should be able to advise you on that..

    didnt realise you were still taking birth control pills even low dose boosts the hormones . 

    what i describe to you is natural peri symptoms in my experience - so wont be same as you as your taking hormones .. So you will feel different i would imagine .

    my peri was a natural decline of hormones ' let nature take its course decision' 

    good luck with your choice 

    wish you well 

    jay xx 


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      at this point, i'm just about willing to try anything....i'm too young to feel this old!!!! i have an appointment to talk with my doctor on 3 november....i want to be sure i weigh all of my options...up to this point (and excluding the b/c pills), the only solution doctors have offered me are antidepressants, and those simply don't work for me....thanks for the feedback smile
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      Hiya Wearykitty

      Like Jay says it is personal choice but I can share with you what I have done aswell.  Very brief version for you.

      Last year I had three very bad blips of anxiety not realising that it was connected to being peri. These blips came two weeks before a missed period and lasted for two whole weeks, I suffered from being very teary,very low, feeling of doom and gloom,sickness,loss of appetite, thought I was about to die.

      I had all the usual bloods checks and even booked myself in for a complete health check to make sure that there wasnt anything sinister going on.Well thankfully there wasnt.

      I went to Holland and Barrett and spoke to the staff in the local shop and came away with Busy B vitamins which include the max of 100mg incl of B6 and also included B12. I have been taking these since Feb 13 and still do.

      I also take the following and believe these have all help towards me feeling brighter. I am still peri though.

      Busy B's x 1

      Zinc x 1

      Menopol plus x 2

      Probotics x 2

      B12 - Jarrows 5000

      Oral spray of Vit D

      Vit E x1

      Omega 3 x 2

      Magnesium spray - 10 sprays on body in the morning and the same again just before bedtime.

      Along with all of the above I haven chosen to try the HRT patches and fingers cross I am feeling more like my old self.

      No more low days, no more tears, feel happy inside again all of these I believe is because with the HRT it has been balancing my hormones out and I feel much more stable.

      I know HRT is not for everyone but I chose this as I didnt want to encounter these really bad anxiety blips every time I missed my periods and then upon brewing for the next one could end up being off work for two weeks at a time again which I cannot afford to do as I help run our business with my husband and we work as a team.

      During this time I have learnt to think of me a great deal more and go have have massages and facials etc and generally making more time to relax. I also find accupunture has also been a life saver as this not only helps with the anxiety but it helps with my sinus and digestive issues and earaches, headaches and the heart palpitations.

      It is your personal decision which ever way you choose but for me personally I thought I could get knocked down walking across the road as get breast cancer or anything else that is a risk. 

      I would rather be able to live my life to the full and by doing this is being my happy, bubby self and patient person I am known for.  Who knows what our futures hold so do what makes you feel good and worry about tomorrow another day!!

      Loads of hugs to you and I am sure you will make the right decision for you.  This forum has also helped me so very much by be able to bounce ideas between the ladies on here,which I must say have been wonderful especially Jay with her experience of being an ex nurse, always there to share her experiences. This is only a transition to the path of life and I believe it will improve. Good luck with what you choose to do and please do let us know how things go for you. Joy xx

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      Hi Joy 

      what a lovely informative post 😃

      glad your feeling more human ..

      I have the partial HRT 😃

      ovestin Estriol Vaginal 😄 infact i went to farmacia yesterday and got the Ovule version .... Sooooo much better than cream ..

      I ceratinly think patch is the best option .. It would of been my choice if I had of been able to have it .. ( family history and previous endometriosis states not the best idea for me) 

      Patch doesnt go via the liver like tablets.. So personally i think its the best choice ..

      and tablets like Premarin, Premique and Prempak C ( Equine) Pregnant Mares Urine should be explained by doctors before dished out to patients.

      ' We are not horses'  ... Maybe they make you gallop who knows ..

      personally ' never for me' 

      just had a lovely load of fish fingers with vinegar.. Oh my ..😊

      havent had them in yonks ... 😃

      take care Joy 

      Jay xx


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      Hiya Jay,

      thanks for for your lovely words about what I wrote earlier. Fingers cross that I continue to feel loads better, even have loads more energy and certainly haven't had the anxiety which for me is a massive plus!! Since July 2013. Like you it's taken loads of research and time and understanding that we can over come these feelings. For me it's been lovely to be able to share what my transition has been like for me so far and to share how I done things to over come these feelings! Like you wouldn't want the horse wee, eh!!

      fish fingers is Andrew's favourite, sounds yummy though, just come back from a local pub who have started serving food so feeling really stuffed,and had home made onion rings and steak, chips etc !! It' was really funny as Andrew got hold of the pepper and was sprinkling over his chips, for me to ask him "didn't realise you liked pepper on chips, and the funniest thing was he thought it was salt!! Couldn't see without his glasses on!! Mine were yummy with salt and definitely no pepper on!!!! Lovely to hear from you Hun and hope you continue to feel good!! Massive hugs to you Jay xxx Joy xxx

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      Hi Joy

      hahahaha pepper on chips, thats the thing i do, blind as a bat without my glasses or lenses 😳

      its nice to hear the patches are working very nicely ..

      Keep the update going on them .... 

      No .... certainly not the pregnant mare urine .. HRT ,., never ...

      theres a clue in the beginning of the names if those HRT's.,

      all PREM ( pregnant mare ) Premarin, Premique, Prempac C ..

      and so cruely done .. .. But each to there own.... Free choice ..

      your take care Joy..

      umm chips, cant remember the last time i had chips 😝

      ttfn big hugs 

      jay xx


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