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wolves74 wolves74

Blood wind mucus

hy i am a 37 yr old male, my problem started in may last year when embarrassingly passed mucus when passin gas and when having a bowell movement, after a week or so these symptoms went away and then a couple of months later I had a prolapsed roid. At Xmas 2011 all the symptoms started again mucus leaking when passing wind and stools and little traces of blood, at this point I went to the docs and he ran tests for ceoliac, and blood tests for paracites and inflammation and a stool sample for occult bleeding and also a finger exam, all these came back negative and the doctor felt there was no need to have a colonoscopy at this time as the only red flag was the blood but symptoms had passed by the time I went back for results. Symptoms have no begun again last week same passing mucus browny colour and what looks like faint traces of blood on tissue. Other considerations are, the last 3 months I've regularly felt a discomfort in upper left abdomen feels like a pulled muscle this is still present now I wouldn't describe this as pain though! I feel that I can tell when the mucus will start as I feel like my colon is filling up with fluid by anus and I do have a little soreness after passing stools, they seem to fly out when the mucus is present. I have suffered a lot of stress in last 9 moths as I was made redundant and my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in October, I AM petrified I have made an appointment to see doctor again next week but I the mean time I feel so scarred! I feel like I can't go out and I think I'm convinced I've got colon cancer, although I generally feel well and I'm putting on weight... Please can someone help I am utterly desperate and feel so upset... Also I have been taking lansoprazole for last 5 years due to gerd. I would be grateful of any advice as I feel that life isn't worth anything at the moment as I can't see past the cancer risk.. Anyway thanks for reading

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  • smarty smarty

    Hi sorry to read your story and hear about your worries. Have you been checked for colitis or crohns diease. My daughter has crohns disease and she has had mucus and blood before together when she goes to the toilet. She has had this for 14 years and had a colonoscopy to diagnose her condition. Stress can also make the condition worse. Have you lost any weight and do you feel really tired as well. I think it is a good idea you go back and see your doctor. If he won't listen to you then go see a different doctor at your practice. I do hope all goes well for you and its always the not knowing that is the worse. All the best and come on again and let me know how you are. Theresa

  • wolves74 wolves74

    Hy Theresa thanking so much for taking the time respond and I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, I have no tiredness or weight loss as I have put on about 6 pounds in the last 5 months, my doctor is great usually he thinks it is ibs as i had it when I was 16, I just can't understand why it goes away completely for months then all of a sudden it comes back, I wonder if it is roids or colitis but your right it the not knowing that is scarring me I just need to relax. I will update this when I've been back to the doctors on Thursday

    Thanks again

  • wolves74 wolves74

    Been to the doctors again today and he is sending me to a consultant for intial conversation followed by a rectal camera then they will decide wether to do a colonoscopy! Not looking forward to that but it got to be done

  • smarty smarty

    Hi It was good you went back to the doctors today and your doctor is sending you to see a consultant. The tests dosent sound very pleasant but at least you will find out what is going on, I do hope everything turns out ok for you. Theresa

  • wolves74 wolves74

    Having had blood tests done on June 22nd for the gastro specialist I got sent a letter with an appointment date for October 12, however I got a voicemail today from the hospital telling me they need to bring my appointment foward to the beginning of august, I have yet to get in touch to find out why as the dept are closed. I am absolutely Petrified I'm trying to think what has happen for them to bring foward that much I'm so scared that the only thing I can think of doing was to write it down on here! I am weak..

  • smarty smarty

    Hi sorry to hear that you have had your appointment moved sooner. I do hope everything is alright for you. Its no good telling you not to worry but try and keep calm. Will you be ringing tomorrow to find out what is going on. Its good that you have felt able to come on the site and write down about your voicemail. Please let me how you get on. Come on anytime for a chat if you are worried.

    Best wishes


  • smarty smarty

    Hi Wolves 74

    I hope all is going ok for you and you managed to find out why they moved your appointment forward. I am thinking about you. Hope all is well and let me know how you get on.

    Best wishes


  • wolves74 wolves74

    Hy theresa

    Yeah ithink its fair to say I lost the plot there abit they moved it not at the doctors request but because they have been told off re lead times for appointments so I'm going 30 of august but its a chat I think intialy, although I've had no symptoms for a while I panicked! I'm sorry I worried you I am still aprehensive about things and quite cross with the woman who left the message but I have got a better grip now so I'm feeling positive

    Thank you so much

    Dave x

  • smarty smarty

    Hi Dave

    Thats ok! Just hope everything works out ok for you when you finally get your appointment. Its the waiting that is the hardest bit to do. I have a few health problems myself so I no what is like having to wait to see someone.

    Best wishes


  • wolves74 wolves74

    Hy Theresa,

    I am very sorry to hear you health problems and I really hope you ok! I have been to my initial consultatoin the doc had a little look up with a small camera and with the old index! He told me that he could feel something that felt like internal hemorrhoids but he couldn't quite see what he wanted to so he has organized a sigmiodscope so as to have a better look and also he told ne they could band them at the same time, and he didn't think there was anything' to worry about and he thinks I won't need to see him again, strangely I still don't feel safe ...I must be mad? But anyway I haven't let it bother me too much as I've been busy with my dad as he now has a spinal compression tumor and he is paralyzed waist down and is deteriorating fast, I'm very scared but I'm trying to spend as much time possible with him before he goes

    Love to you

    And thanks again

    Dave x

  • smarty smarty

    Hy Dave

    Yes Iam doing ok. Finally after a month of waiting for results I was told i do not have rheumatoid arthritis. I do wish that they would take my osteoarthritis more seriously though. I glad you had your test and all seemed ok. If you still feel worried and anything changes do go back and get a second opinion. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. It is important for you to spend time with him and be there for him. I lost my dad two years ago he was 87 and had kidney cancer. Do miss him and my mum who died 11 years ago.

    Hope all goes well for you.


  • wolves74 wolves74

    Hy Theresa hope your ok and happy and well I'm sorry I haven't updated for a while unfortunately my father

    Passed away 20th September and it been very tough since then. I have has the flexible sig which was a tad uncomfortable but basically I have inflamation of the large bowel and I'm being treated for proctitis, so I am relieved after all that's been going on

    Check up in January

    I really just wanted to say thank your for your kindness over the last few months I am extremely grateful, I really hope your feeling ok and are well! Please update me with your condition when you feel upto it

    Again many thanks


  • ian47155 ian47155 wolves74

    Hi, I have just been reading all this today and I realize this all happened a few years ago now. I am the same age now as you were then and experiencing something very similar. I started passing occasional blood spots in my early 20s and attributed it to straining in the gym. It would show up once or twice a year, normally at times of stress. I do have what appears to be a varicose vein on my rectum that seems to spawn hemorrhoids occasionally. Anyway, November last year (2015) I passed a larger amount of blood. When I looked at myself I could see it running out, which to me meant it couldn't be too far up. The day after was fine and good for 6 weeks. Then a smaller amount of blood came out and left me with an on and off irritation that feels hot about an inch up my anus. With this I have experienced mucus. Seems to come for a day or two and then level out. It had been good for months and went to the toilet yesterday feeling stressed and passed mucus again. So far I have had a digital rectal exam, a blood test, a stool sample test and an abdominal ultra sound. All came back fine, now it looks as though my next step will be the sigmoid. I am pretty confident it isn't cancer as the average age to for colon cancer is 72, and I don't have any abdominal pain, no thin stools, no weight loss and no disease progression. It sounds almost identical to what you had. How did it pan out for you? I hope you're better, it's all a proper pain in the arse.

  • michelle34409 michelle34409 wolves74

    Hi all I came across this whilst browsing symptoms online and although it's an old post I wanted to comment .I have had a similar thing .just over 3 weeks ago I went to the toilet for a Bm and had bright red blood on the toilet paper .it was the first time I've ever had it and naturally I panicked .I've suffered with external piles for 14 years but never had bleeding .I Googled my symptoms and it came up with internal piles so I bought some otc cream .this continued all week along with mucus farts but only when I was on the toilet. I went to see my GP 2 weeks later still bleeding with BM and still having mucus I was diagnosed with internal piles and given suppositories. The bleeding has now stopped unless I really force a BM but I'm still getting the brown mucus .I feel like I'm not pooping enough though Imy not sure if this is down to not daring to force .I've tried stool softeners which helped a little .does anyone know if this mucus is normal with piles ?

    • kathleen47643 kathleen47643 michelle34409

      Hi Michelle

      You have just explained my own symptoms to a t, I get a lot of mucas and bloody discharge. I had a sigmoidoscopy and was told there was roids in their but there was bleeding higher up that he couldn't see where it was coming from. I'm having a cat scan next week and a flexible sigmoidoscopy. I've been panicking ever since my initial appointment 3 weeks ago. I'm sure it's nothing sinister as I have no other symptoms but it does make you worry. How are you doing now?

    • michelle34409 michelle34409 kathleen47643

      Hi Kathleen I'm still having symptoms occasionally after 14 weeks . I saw another dr who agreed to stool samples and blood tests .the stool sample showed inflamation but the blood tests didnt and i have no anaemia the dr referred me thinking it could be crohns or colitis but i dont have any other symptoms. I have a consultation with a specialist on the 31st so hopefully will know more then . Let me know how you get on .

    • michelle34409 michelle34409 aimee86612

      Hi I had a sigmoidoscopy in November and was diagnosed with proctitis due to visual inflamation in the rectum but I had biopsies taken which came back showing no inflamation. I am being treated for proctitis but I am waiting for a follow up appointment with the consultant

    • kathleen47643 kathleen47643 aimee86612


      Yes I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy and it was diagnosed there and then. I've got a follow up appointment on Wednesday to discuss my biopsy results and what medication I'll be put on. It's easier said then done but try not to worry. Just push for your appointments x

    • michelle34409 michelle34409 kathleen47643

      Did they not start your on medication when you had your sigmoidoscopy? I was given a prescription on the day for asacol suppositories which I have been using daily .I also received a letter 3 weeks after the procedure stating the biopsies showed no inflamation . I had just got my head around the fact I had proctitis which was a shock but athe least I knew what was wrong to then find out it might not be the case .let me know how you get on on Wednesday.

    • kathleen47643 kathleen47643 michelle34409

      They prescribed me a foam enema to take for 14 days but then they want to start me on tablets once I've seen them about my biopsies. I got a letter from them last week to see my biopsies showed ulcerative colitis and proctitis. I must admit I haven't found the enemas to help at all but I've completely changed my diet and that has helped so much! Plus I've lost half a stone

  • Cas82 Cas82 wolves74

    Wow been reading all these comments and realised I'm not alone.

    I have for at least 10 yes suffered with undiagnosed IBS but this last year I'm not sure what's been happening. I've had mucus in most bm and for last 5 months blood. Now well last 2 months more so I can't pass wind ueas I'm on toilet cause that much mucus and blood comes out. Us seepage. But this last day or 2 I have noticed huge blood clots bit like a period but from rear end. Trying g to work and not trump is a mare prob making it worse. I been docs but he didn't say much but has referred me. I have a appointment in Feb but not sure what will happen or what to expect sad

    • michelle34409 michelle34409 Cas82

      Hi the goodd thinget is you have been referred. If anything like me you will probably see a consultant and they will go through all of your symptoms and it's likely they will send you for either a colonoscopy or a sigmoidoscopy to see what's going on .its hard but try not to worry too much

    • Cas82 Cas82 mommacrdh

      Hi, I go next week but they couldn't see anything on colonoscopy so not sure what they are going to say sad tbh since having the clear out for the camera I've not been to bad certainly no blood or mucus. So will maybe know more next week x

  • sarah87423 sarah87423 wolves74

    Im having the same problem. Had it over xmas, was prescribed omepremozel (cant spell) which made it go away but just returned a few weeks back so went back to docs and they said to keep using suppositorys and laxatives and told me to try not to strain as that will make it worse. It has made it slightly better but still not cured. I get ALOT of blood which is the most worrying part for me but the docs never seem worried..

    • tonie16159 tonie16159 sarah87423

      Sarah I don't know if you are still on this forum .I just figured out how to use it.I hope you have answers. I am having gas that won't pass and rolling stomach especially after eating.Then today I saw blood in stool for the first time.I'm really freaking out as I also have urethral burning and pelvic pressure . I'm afraid they are connected.I've lost 14 pounds since April.I saw my gastro doctor who seemed unconcerned because 2 years ago my scope was good except for colitis.but I never had blood. I work around carcinogens so I'm really afraid of cancer.I don't know when I can get back in to see him. Imscared to death .

  • ElsaGrace ElsaGrace wolves74

    Hi Everyone,

    Wow I knew I couldn't be alone with these symptoms but what everyone is describing is exactly what I'm going through!

    Blood and mucus with a Bowel Movement (more often than not, INSTEAD of a Bowel Movement). Gurgling in my stomach - mainly after eating. Passing mucus with wind. And most importantly - and this has only started the last couple months - loss of bowel control a couple times. Thankfully in my own home but I literally didn't have time to get from kitchen to bathroom. Dreading this happening in public. I also have low iron levels (not anaemic yet) and am exhausted all the time.

    Had a Sigmoidoscopy a couple years ago which didn't show anything so they dismissed it as ibs but symptoms far worse now than they were then.

    Was finally taken seriously by a diff doctor and am scheduled for a colonoscopy and endoscopy in 2 days to check for Crohn's/ulcerative colitis/coeliac etc. I'm just 27 so for now they're not looking for anything life threatening (Bowel Cancer).

    Will post again if they come to any conclusions incase anyone wants to know what my symptoms have led to.


    • ElsaGrace ElsaGrace

      I also forgot to add that through the whole day I'm not in any pain - unless I am having a Bowel Movement in which case I get a deep burning pain I can feel through my whole body - it's agony sometimes. But no abdominal pain that would normally be associated with Crohn's and have not had any weight loss. Docs have dismissed the possibility of fissures/internal haemorrhoids etc.

    • tonie16159 tonie16159 ElsaGrace

      Hi Elsa Grace I'm sorry

      you are having this are

      they going to do both

      scans the same day and I

      hope everything is ok

      I can't even get a gastro

      Doctor to do one

      because I had one 2 years

      Ago keep us posted

    • stew23 stew23 ElsaGrace

      Hi there hope you don't mind the message how r u now? I have been having same trouble for one year only now passing lots of mucus with constipation finally going for colonoscopy bit worried of bowel cancer only 32 mind, 

      Just wondering did they do a Calprotectin test on you? Thanks x

    • ElsaGrace ElsaGrace stew23

      Hi, they did so many tests I can't specifically remember! The main ones were the endoscopy and colonoscopy but they also requested a couple stool samples which showed inflammation.

      The medication I'm on now has been a lifesaver and has made such a difference. I was on steroids for 7 weeks (thankfully no nasty side effects) and took an enema nightly for a fortnight as well as iron tablets and Pentasa tablets - I take 4 of these a day now that I'm off the steroids but they seem to be keeping everything controlled for the most part. I still feel like my body largely depends on the medication as even while on it I'm going to the toilet a minimum of 3 times a day and still feel a bit queasy afterwards. 

      Many of my symptoms were the same as bowel cancer symptoms so I was very relieved when it turned out to be Ulcerative Colitis which can be largely controlled with medication and diet - so long as I stick to all the rules. Hopefully it will be the same case for you.

  • ElsaGrace ElsaGrace wolves74

    UPDATE for the benefit of anyone who has similar symptoms to myself. 

    I've had my endoscopy and colonoscopy today and even just from looking at the screens the surgeon diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis. I've got to wait on biopsy results of course but he's already started me on steroid treatment so he clearly knows that it's definitely UC.

    Just wanted to help anyone who stumbles across this forum and had similar symptoms. And urge anyone to get it checked out.

    • kerryukoz kerryukoz ElsaGrace


      I've found this forum really helpful. So thanks for sharing. I feel a little better knowing there's others in my situation. 

      I have been passing mucus and blood with well formed stools since returning from Bali 3-4 weeks ago.

      Initially there's was no blood but an awful itching and prickliness inside the anus.

      Stool samples ruled out paracites & bacterial infection.

      Had it redone a week later as symptoms persisted. As well as a full blood test.

      Docters reported Inflammation yes, surprise surprise!! No other nasties & bloods normal except slight neutropenia.

      I live in the remote country (3 hours from Perth, Australia) and to just see if it easies or worsens for a while drove me insane. So I drove back to Perth and saw another Doctor. She was very good , took a look ( at last!!) mucus & blood were present on glove and urine test indicated uti. Awesome! Another issue! She printed out referrals and results for the specialist who did my last colonoscopy ( may 2016) nothing unusual to report. 

      I've just been in touch with the receptionist today to see if I can get a consultation. Would you believe he's on holiday till end of week. So I'm waiting ... I asked to see someone else, if he recommends someone..

      Waiting SUCKS. 

      I'm so frustrated as I'm normally healthy, fit, vibrant & busy. This is not a "why me" whinging, I just want to get a diagnosis and it not to get worse while I'm twiddling my fingers. Bleeding has worsened, I'm not sure if was to do with antibiotics I'm on for uti or because I was active last day or so or because I ate wrong foods.

      My mum has U/C so I'm betting on that. 

      I spent most of my life keeping my diet balanced, healthy & myself hydrated and fit! So it leaves me a little deflated to think this is the issue. 

      To think I might have to give up some things in my diet is crushing.

      I literally survive on nuts, seeds, vegetables, raw foods, grains and coffee!!!!!!!!


      Waiting waiting worrying, will up date. 

  • michelle34409 michelle34409 wolves74

    Hi all I've been following this discussion for a while and did post last year . Wow what a year it's been . I was told I had proctitis last November and started on treatment nothing really changed whilst on it I would have good days and ad days . I saw the consultant for a follow up in April who then said I don't have proctitis as my biopsies were clear and that I should stop the medication and see him again in October. All along I suspected hemmoroids so I went back to my gp armed with a photo . My gp confirmed I had hemmoroids and referred me to a colorectal specialist who I am seeing next week. I am still getting symptoms off and on and will be so annoyed if I do have proctitis and have had no medication for the past 4 months .

  • michael38473 michael38473 wolves74

    Hi all, reading all the comments on here shows me i am not the only one suffering this, a while ago i started with small amounts of blood in my stools but had normal stools but now i go to the loo about 4 times a day each time a massive amount of wind come out first then bloody splatted stools and mucus in the toilet i have not had a normal BM in months, i was made an appointment for a camera into my bowl and had this last week they could only find pockets of blood in my bowl and could not see what was doing this so i now have a appointment for a colonoscopy on the 17.10.17 the only belly ache i get is while sat on the loo more like cramp but soon passes i have had 2 accidents not getting to the loo on time at home thank god, just want it sorted as getting fed up with it now, anyone on here having the same as me any info would be good. neutral

    • michelle34409 michelle34409 michael38473

      Hi Michael . Your not alone and it is nice to talk to others in the same situation . I'm still fairly new to all this and my only advice is try not to stress too much if your anything like me my symptoms are worse when stressed and see what's going on when you have your colonoscopy . I'm always here if you want a chat

    • maria99551 maria99551 michael38473

      Hi Michael, your message could have been written by me! I have the exact same symptoms, it's driving me crazy and starting to slowly take over my life. It started in January and has gradually got worse, I'd hoped that it would go away of it's own accord but sadly it hasn't. I started with small spots of blood and now it's exactly as you described, very embarrassing to talk about, not the kind of thing you can talk freely about to people.

      I plucked up the courage to go to my GP a few weeks ago and after examining me referred me to the hospital, that was last Monday, the surgeon then booked me in for a colonoscopy on the Thursday (of the same week) which was a bit of a shock! So this week they've booked me in for a scan and x-ray. He following week I'm to see the surgeon to find out what they've found - if anything.

      I must admit M worried sick, not only that, I expected my symptoms to have eased off since the colonoscopy but I'm exactly the samesad I was told if there were any polops or piles then they would be treated/removed during the procedure and there would be slight blood loss afterwards which I thought sounded much better than what I was usually putting up with.

      So here I am in limbo and no sign of any improvement.

      I hope you get more joy from your colonoscopy and hopefully some answers. By the way- I know we're all different in terms of pain thresholds, but by God it was pretty awful!! I always thought mine was quite heigh, I must be getting soft! I don't want to scare you, but just be prepared......

      Looking forward to hearing how you get on, kind regards Maria


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