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Bowel Cancer

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  • rose58801 2

    Flat stool age 28

    Hello! I am super worried. I am 28 years old and have always struggled with my weight. I had lost quite a bit through eating vegan only to put it back on when I stopped being vegan about two years ago. In January I decided to go vegan again after eating a terrible diet (fried foods, pizza, bagels,...

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  • ashley72 2

    Colonoscopy scheduled

    I'm 28 and have a colonoscopy scheduled for 3 months time and little nervous. My symptoms first started around October last year, where I noticed a change in my bowel habits , very low energy and pain and cramping in my stomach with bloating. After discussing this with the GP it was initially put down...

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  • Vwerin 2

    Blood and mucus in stool:(

    Hi there, I am a 33 year old female, I have 2 young kids (2.5 and 7 months) the last couple months I've noticed blood streaked stools and mucus with my BM. I have had harder, compact stools since my daughter was born. I usually go once a day and that can sometimes be quite hard. The blood I see can be...

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  • JxSxNG 2

    Swollen anus and sudden change in bowel habits?

    Slightly embarrassing but the left side of my anal opening feels solid and my anus feels more swollen than usual. It's also slightly uncomfortable and itchy but not constantly. I had a sudden change in bowel habits last Friday (only pooping every other day and slightly mushier stools.) I've been prescribed...

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  • shaun58020 2

    Small things stool.

    For a weeks now I noticed small things stool and small amounts of blood on the toilet paper. Also never feel like my bowels are completely empty and I am very gassyI've recently had some bad health anxiety which caused me to completely change my diet. I'm eating mostly fruits and vegetables and only...

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  • john01315 5

    Two questions.

    i can't find the answer from Dr Google. 1. How long is the bowel? 2. How much is taken in an extended right hemicolectomy? I can work out how much is left! Just interested. Thanks. 

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  • Worrywart69 2

    Colonoscopy results

    I recently posted in fear that i was suffering from colorectal cancer. I'm posting this today because I want to reach out to someone who may be going through what i put myself through for the past few weeks. My symptoms included: ​abdominal pain ​frequent BM's (5-8 times per day) flat stools consistently...

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  • john01315 5

    Bowel movements.

    Hi. I've written before, but still wondering. Briefly, an extended right hemicolectomy 40 months ago. No worrying test results since, BUT... Bowel movements have not returned to normal. A reasonable one in the morning, another much looser one about two hours later and sometimes a gassy loose one during...

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  • mel15596 3

    Colon cancer getting worse?

    I have posted my story before I'm 27 since September/October ive had rectal bleeding & moderate-severe abdominal pain which hasnt eased at all change in bowel habits and also consistency going more frequently about 2-5 times a daylow iron high CRP most other bloods were good (test was done in early January,...

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  • ashley72 2
  • justin.davis 1


    Please help me I'm in big trouble, here's the link to a girls post that I found when searching for answers on this site i have the exsact I mean exsact same stool and blood as the picture she provided on her post. The only issue...

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  • yvonne26913 1

    Heavy bleeding from bowel

    over the last few months I've had intermediate bleeding from bowel , with pain , high pulse and sweats. Blood varies from red,thick red wine to black sticky tar like. I've attached a picture from a few days ago. Gp is not interested "I'm too young at 37" a@e all they do is take bloods and send me home,...

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  • Worrywart69 2

    Really worried about cancer.

    Some background info: I'm a 23 year old male in decent physical condition. I do suffer with generalized anxiety disorder. I'm 6'3" and about 220 pounds. Heavy drinker. A quick reply would help me keep what's left of my sanity I'm not sure when it started, but I noticed myself having flat stools consistently...

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  • despoina79934 2

    Convinced I have bowel cancer

    I'm writing this down while hyperventilating and crying my face off. 20 months ago I was involved into an accident which caused my leg to break , I developed compartment syndrome and had to have 5 surgeries + screws on my ankle. I stayed at the hospital for 16 days , period during which my bowels had...

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  • natalie2608 4

    Sudden bowel change advice pls

    Hi all , so my bowel movements 3 months ago, way before i started the medication and changed from random to always every single morning and slightly softer (sorry!) at around 7am and this week on 2 days twice in the morning. i know this sounds trivial to most of you but it was a change for me and don't...

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  • kylie29566 2

    Convinced I have bowel/colon c....

    Hi guys, This is the first time I'm posting on here as I feel like I cannot cope with one more second of this. I suffer from severe anxiety, depression and OCD. I take 10mg of escitalopram but used to take 20mg for 6 years however I have now reduced it to 10mg by tapering slowly. The reason I am...

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  • ashley72 2

    Advice please

    Hi I first went to the GP in November last year with GI problems , mainly diarreha and constipation, fowel smelling faeces, abdominal pain/cramps and extremely tired. After several blood tests it was confirmed I had really low iron and folate levels and was given tablets to review in couple of months....

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  • yalda18000 2

    Colon ca

    Hi every one.My husband is 46 no hstry of colon ca in family.He has been experiencing changes of bm,mostly loose stool and ribbon like if shaped for the past weight loss,no visible bleeding ( occult test just came positive today),no pain no loss of appetite.I'm very worried about colon ca...

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  • wolves74 1

    Blood wind mucus

    hy i am a 37 yr old male, my problem started in may last year when embarrassingly passed mucus when passin gas and when having a bowell movement, after a week or so these symptoms went away and then a couple of months later I had a prolapsed roid. At Xmas 2011 all the symptoms started again mucus leaking...

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  • inderpal60624 2

    My bowel cancer story

    Over the past couple of years I have had ongoing issues with my stomach/bowel - since around 2010 I had on off symptoms such as cramping, constipation and diarrhea. These symptoms from around 2010 to 2015 would come and go in small bouts and I didn’t really pay any special attention to them – just thought...

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  • natalie2608 4

    Please help anxious and advice needed any doctors

    sorry again: my bowel habits have always been random, all ok, but random days, random times......for ever.........about 3 months ago all of a sudden that changed to being every day, and no word of a lie at the same time, around 7am. After a few weeks it really began to freak me out so i went to amy...

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  • linda33333 3


    Please can someone give me some advice my partner has been passing bloody poo had camera up his bottom found 2 growths on his rectum said bowel was clear to big to remove took biopsy getting results Thursday has to have ct scan on Friday does this mean that it's...

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  • nicola57925 1

    How Long Should I Wait To See A Doctor...

    Hello, I'm a 48 year old female and for the past two months, I've experienced a change to my bowel habits but only in that the consistency of my stool has become 'mushy'.   I have no pain, no bleeding and the frequency of my bowel movements is the same.   I've googled so many things about bowel cancer...

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  • natalie2608 4

    worried and elevated crp of 7

    hi guys sorry to go on about this but my health anxiety has already been talking me i have bowel cancer. About 2 /3 months ago my bowel movement a were a bit irregular and happened random times and not every day. Then suddenly , every day , same time! freaked me out but doctor says not concerned and...

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  • carson85256 1

    Just left the emergency room

    Hi. Female 25 y/o. About a year ago, my bowel habits started changing daily. For about 2 months i had either diarreah or constipation with lots of upper abdomen bloating. Then everything went back to normal and i moved on with my life. Fast forward to about 2 months ago. Constant diarreah, upper and...

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  • maria17304 1

    17 years old with blood on stool

    I have been hearing about bowel cancer since the beginning of the year because of a constipation and a lot of pain at the site of the colon. I had an ultrasonography and a stool exam. No signs of blood, no signs of tumors or polyposis and my blood exams were ok too, yet i'm almost anemic due to my bad...

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  • dean 24748 2

    Do i have bowel cancer or something else HELP

    Hi I am really stressed out with this whole situation that's been going on for over 2 and a half years and still no real test being carried out . It all started in October 2014 when I was bleeding every time I went toilet and most of the time it was bright red and had like blood clots in there I always...

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  • k1983 2

    How did you know you had bowel cancer before diagnosis?

    Im on a waiting list for a colonoscopy (im at category 1 no anaesthetic so i may get in quicker). I have had all the symptoms of bowel cancer but still hoping it is not the big C!. Ive been to the dr 3 times and a GI for ongoing symptoms for that have lasted atleast 5 months. Early stages have little...

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  • k1983 2

    i think i have colon cancer

    About 6 weeks ago i started getting sore cramps in my upper abdo area. They were sharp painful and lasted a few secs. It happened on and off for about 2 weeks. I put it down to breastfeeding and my uterus shrinking. Then i realised it started to spread all around my whole tummy. I mentioned it to my...

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  • ilovewings 2

    Terrified to have colonoscopy

    I am 72 years old: i began having rectal bleeding two years ago and of course a colonoscopy was suggested. i still have not had it. I have been tol by a G.I.doc that I have a hemorrhoid so i tell myself that is why i am rectally bleeding.  I know i should have it- i had one 9 years ago which was fine...

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  • tommy02223 1

    Blood on toilet paper - is it a sign?

    A few weeks ago I took a, lets say a stool which particularly strained me. Nothing out of the ordinary and my bowel movements have been fine since then. But I wiped particularly hard and it left a pain in my lower crack, right on the line from the anus to the scrotum, but shockingly I noticed minoscule,...

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  • jo66501 2

    Any advice on symptoms

    Hi I hope anyone can help me with advice on my symptoms. I'm 35 year old female who has a toddler and 12 year old son. Usually healthy. Around October time I had noticed I had a back pain (upper and lower) and my monthly cycle had changed from being heavy to short/very light. They gave me a ca-125...

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  • pennyjane 1

    Can colonoscopy affect Gerd

    My husband suffers from Gerd. His only symptom is a bad cough. It took a few months of taking omneprazol before the cough got better. Before that, his cough kept us both awake at night, it was so bad. Three weeks ago he failed the poo test and had to have a colonoscopy. Unfortunately, they found a small...

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  • loush 2

    is my symptoms bowel cancer

    Im scared I may have bowel cancer. I am 42 yrs old and have had i.b.s. for a very long time. 5 months ago my bowel habits have changed. ive been feeling very tired a lot also. I went to my gp in January and got blood tests done. they came back I was anaemic. put on iron tablets. went back to gp few...

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  • enzo12897 1

    Recovery from bowel cancer.

    I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year. I had chemo, radiation then surgery. I had a colostomy bag for 6 months then surgery to reattach my bowel. I'm finding every time I eat I have to go the toilet constantly sometimes up to 20 times. This is really starting to get me down. I'm scared to eat....

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