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Hi I’m  a 124 Ib. 19 year old female and since Sept 30, 2017 I have been suffering from body pain (except legs and arms and no headaches). It was completely sudden. It started off with not being able to stand or walk for more than 5 minutes without this heavy weight(pressure) on my lower back, only sitting or laying down would relieve it. I have felt this pain before (I’m constantly constipated, diagnosed with it actually) so it wasn’t really new to me. About 4 days later I woke up at 3 in the morning with this unbearable burning pain in my pelvis including tailbone. I don’t even know how to describe it, it felt as though it was on fire. There was no position that helped so I was up until it went away on its own three hours later. I quickly scheduled an appointment with my doctor who told me it could be constipation, but had no idea what the burning pelvis pain could be. So I was given lactolose and naproxen to take. I took it every other day and not until a month later was I able to go! I was cleared out, but was now experiencing new symptoms.

 In late October, I was having the worse upper back pain. It felt as though every part of it was being crushed, I began to think I had arthritis, since it was worse when it was cold or rained. I also began to suffer from rib cage pain. It hurts to inhale deeply and sometime it would become to tender to lay down. There were times I would flex my back downwards because it felt like it was being crushed inwards. Naproxen didn’t work neither did a hot pad.  I then started to become less hungry because eating a single meal would make me so bloated I wanted to throw up.  

In November, I began experiencing pain under my shoulder blades. I started out more as a discomfort, but then would be sharp. And would travel between left and right shoulder blades. The bloating and all other symptoms were still constant at this point. I was becoming more sad, hard to focus in school. I would skip classes most days because getting up was too painful.

In December, I began experiencing abdominal pain. It was on the lower right side and it was sharp, so I began to think it was my appendix, but it last about 20 minutes and went away. Then this pressure was sitting in my lower belly and this dull feeling on my xiphoid (lower sternum). I assume it’s from being bloated 

So long. 

Soon Later, I got strep throat and went to the hospital because I needed prescriptions and didn’t  have time to schedule a doctors appt. There I decided to quickly get and X-ray, and I was discharged after they told me it was just a “muscle strain”.😒 A little while later(about after finishing all the amoxicillin, 2 weeks), I began experiencing pain under both breasts, it was mainly my ribs which I was used to, although it had now formed a dark rigged edged spot,I paid no attention. But then it was this chest pressure, like an elephant was sitting on my chest and shortness of breath. I also felt dizzy and queasy as if I went on an upside down roller coaster 15 times.(I check blood pressure and sugar which were all in normal range) It was so bad that I would begin to panic which made it worse. And I’ve had an anxiety attack before and this just wasn’t it. I couldn’t lay down or sit to catch my breath. I had to stand and rest my head on the back of a chair and it literally felt like the “elephant fell off”, but soon as I got up again the pressure was back. After this for weeks I was nauseous, so not only was being bloated stopping me from eating much but so was being constantly nauseous.

Jan 3rd, My doc then called in a visit, a checkup, and told my that according to my X-ray,  I had a little scoliosis in my upper and lower back. She said I must’ve gotten it between 15 and 16 years old (5’5) but I was still growing at the time(I’m now 5’7). She also told that at my L5 I have a variant where there’s a space where it should be connected to the sacrum? But she said all of these things shouldn’t be causing me these symptoms. So she scheduled 2 mos. therapy for me. And I’m wanted to cry.

I’m on here because I’m not sure how much longer of this I can take. I start school Jan 17 and I cant take this pain anymore. Last night I had a breakdown and could not stop crying. Not because of the pain because of no real diagnosis or sense of getting better. It’s 2:14 am and having this unbearable flank pain and begging for someone to help me. Anyone who had experience anything close to this. I know how crazy this all sounds believe me I know. Only my mom knows at least half of what I’m feeling because the rest of my family either think I’m lying or trying to find ways to be in the hospital.

So, please help a girl out.

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    What you're going through sounds awful. I may be way off, but maybe you could look into celiac disease. I don't know much about it but some of your symptoms sound like what I've heard others describe.

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    Hi there I hope you're feeling a little better. Maybe you should have your Dr run some stomach test. I too have been suffering with stomach issues while battling back issue. I know I have been experiencing a burning sensation in my right rib area that can be felt in my back as well as mid back pain, i alsi get dizzy spells and nausea. I went to the Dr and was told it's gastritis. Now I'm following up with a GI doc. Just a suggestion I hope you get some clarity soon. Well wishes.

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      Oh my school doctor has told me to go see a GI, but my mom said that we have already been when I was younger and everything was normal. Apparently, I just wasn’t eating right which is why I was constantly constipated. I should ask my doc for another checkup.

      Thank you for the suggestion

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