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I am 50 years old, I do have a heart problem and also slight COPD.

I have recently been to my doctors as I am experiancing what can only be described as fever like symptoms. For excample, I will start to sweat a lot and my skin will be red hot.

My doctor as asked us to keep a diary for the next couple of weeks.

I have started and recorded a base line for my normal temperature as 35.5 degrees. This was done when I was feeling okay. Generally speaking, I only get the problem when I am laying down.

I have started to record my temperature at around 37.4 degrees when I have these fever like symptoms, basically a 2 degree rise.

To me that is not much, but I was wondering whether someone could tell me is this something I should worry about.

I intend to up date this, every few days, so that if anyone is interested or seem to have the same problem, maybe, just maybe, this might help.

All the best to everyoneredface


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    HI Kevin, sometimes as we get older we all start to suffer from some heart failure, that does not mean we will have a heart attack. It means that our heart is working harder to pump the blood around the body. This could be caused by heart valves not opening and closing properly or the heart muscle is slightly larger than it should be. Tablets for hypertension could cause the heart muscles to dilate. Night sweats could  also be a sign of a condition called endocarditis. You have 3 layers of muscle that makes up the heart. The pericardium, the myocardium and the last one is the endocardium. You also have 4 chambers Right and Left atriuma and the Right and Left ventricals. Any number of conditions could cause the chambers not to work correctly. If you become breathless when you lay down there's a chance that your heart has to work harder causing your temperature to go up slightly. Your heart is burning more calories so heats up. Just do as the cardiologist say's. I have a condition called cardiomyopathy.I get similar symptoms to you. It is 23:16 here and I have a sweat on. When I go to bed and lay down I will have problems breathing for a short while. Don't worry, there is lots of medications out there that can help you. You are not going to die yet nor am I. Regards Peter.
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      Many thanks for your time in answering.

      My heart as already been checked recently, so I am confident, so is my consultant, that it is not that.

      I am certainly not worried, Just one of those things.

      More than likely, its just a slight infection somewhere.

      Many thanks.

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    Two degrees is a fairly significant rise, but since it is still within normal parameters I wouldn't go overboard worrying just yet.

    How often are you taking your temperature daily? Is it just when you feel unwell? And what time did you take your baseline temp? Generally a baseline temperature is best take as soon as possible after waking up, before you have gotten up, had any drinks etc etc. I only ask because your baseline temp is a fraction on the low side so it would be interesting to see if your temperature is going down as well as up.

    It might be worth doing what I would call a complete diary and recording the time each time  you take your temperature and doing morning and night readings as well if you have only been instructed to record when you are having symptoms (If you have been given set times to record then stick to those). Also keeping note of what you are eating and when, and what you are drinking and when.

    Basically the more you right down the more information you have to see if it is anything in the environment causing this.

    I am, by the way, guessing that your GP has already done a full blood work up? Just to rule out infection/ hormone imbalances, thyroid issues etc etc?

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      Many thanks for your time.

      Had the blood test recently, just waiting for any results.

      Not worried as it is probably just a slight infection.

      I take my temp at 8am-2pm-7pm and just before I go to bed.

      The base line I said about, this is the temp that it seems to be +/- 0.5 degrees.

      The only other time I take my temp is when I get the symptoms of a fever.

      Its interesting though, it only happens when I lay down, I actually find that fasinating.

      Best wishes and thank you very much for your time in replying.


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    I am sorry kevin but in your post you did say thay you have a heart problem and was just working on that. Angel is quite correct but you also stated that your normal temp is 35.5 that is quite low 1.5 below the mean average which is 37. Apart from that you are well thats the main thing. Good luck speak to you again sometime. By the way I was an angel not so long Peter.
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