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  • Emma2003 2


    I suffer with severe OCD, which started off mild and controllable until I moved house and it has just been a living hell trying to 'deal' with it since then. I have a boyfriend who doesn't understand what I am going through and gives me a hard time over it. I also have a 1 year old who this is affecting...

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  • jo528 2

    Diaphragmatic hernia

    I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia over 12 years ago, find out it was a DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIA, about a month or so ago. Had surgery a month ago. Trying to get better. Has anyone had or known of an adult having this?

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  • Josh2987 1

    Severe Pain in Chest, Right Side of Stomach and Back

    I want to think it's as simple as normal heartburn issues, but I want to make sure. This is why... Every now and again I would get severe (what I believe to be) heartburn. I would always easily solve the problem with Calcium Antacid tablets. For the past year I will have to guess, it seems to happen...

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  • nathan98562 1

    Very very scared of red thing in my mouth, please take a look

    I went to the doctor today, she said she has no idea what it is, im quite angry about this but if she doesnt know she doesnt know, she said to wait 10 days n see if it dissapears, maybe one of you guys have had a similar thing, what could it possibly be? Moderator comment:I have deleted the links to...

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  • mysteryperson 1
  • k39588 2

    Blood clot fear, health anxieties 2 months

    I have had health issues and anxieties for over two months, stemming from a dizziness issue. I had headaches, neck pain, etc. I saw numerous doctors, MRIs, blood tests, etc. This all started to go away but about two weeks ago I had some heart racing and pains. I went to the heart doctor who did and...

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  • Elisa2017 1

    Is this worms?

    I can't attach pictures. But I have strings in my stool, looks like fish poop which is a string (bad comparison but bare with me) I have so many health issues from the stomach to mental. Doctors can't find what is wrong with me! I looked into worm signs I have like everything on the list.... Not sure...

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  • ruby 31693 2

    someone please help me i cant take it anymore

    I get this weird tiredness sometimes, its differeny from normal tiredness its like my body (including my brain) has no energy my brain is like asleep ?? I keep yawning and yawing or my mind just turns off i feel like off balanced like im just gonna zome out sometimes its like stars in my eyes ?? And...

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  • chris49654 1

    Undiagnosed weird feeling after focusing

    Hello all, I am looking to potentially connect with others that have had a similar experience to my own. I have a hard time describing my symptoms, so please bear with me. My symptoms often include the following: apathy, lethargy, dizziness, loss of spatial recognition, loss of depth perception.....

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  • ruby 31693 2

    hello please help me anyone

    Well you see I get this weird weakness like I can't move or get up but I can I can't feel myself or my brain, it's like I have no energy, I don't know what to do about this I hate not feeling myself and feeling so weak and spacey, it's so not me.. it's not something medical because we did all the tests...

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  • lu97031 2
  • Sp00ks 1

    Numbness All Over

    Hello there. I have been experience numbness all threwout my body. My neck, chest, legs, ankles, feet, arms, wrist, head, ect. I saw my doctor recently and she said I should see neruologist and having some blood work done. However I don't think I will be able to get in this week and I will be on a...

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  • husni31313 2

    PSA reading too high

    I have a friend in his seventies his PSA level is 22 ,he has removed his prostate gland his prostate gland sack is empty ,why the pas level reads that high?

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  • Thridarwow 1

    Numbness on whole body and ability to smell or taste fades away

    Hello.. For the past year i have been having this issue where my body gets numb like i can feel my body but like 20% of it. Normally id feel a pinch or something but when it gets numb i hardly feel it. Also when this happens my taste and smell abilities fade away and its hard for me to taste or smell...

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  • mhalou60316 1
  • ann55375 5

    Treatment resistant depression

    have tried several a/d meds over last months, every time try to increase dosages feel terrible so dr changes to another. Ended up on low dose mirtazapine doing nothing. Feeling worse so wants to add a low dose of quetiapine or risperadone. I am not sure i want to take these as they are heavy duty meds...

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  • SnuggleBear 1

    grieving my cousins death

    My cousin got it by a car while riding his bicycle with his friend they wanted to do an adventure and go 100 miles and they were at 95 5 more miles and they would have did it then a kid hit him from behind and he flew he had swelling and bleeding in the brain and a lot of other stuff. When I found out...

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  • peter16657 2

    My Menieres has morphed

    Hi Im a long termer as far as MD goes,however recently the attacks have changed, the buld up has always been fast to the spinning and vomiting stage, but now Im getting no warning , just an attack so servere that it drops me wherever I am, its like an earthquake underneath me, but the thing is recovery...

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  • j08417 1

    Pain in my ribs when i move or when i touch them?

    Basically it started a few days ago. When i move my hips and ribs kind of area, my ribs feel sore as if they are bruised. I'm not in excruciating pain with them but it is annoying and i don't take well to pain. Also when i touch them they hurt like i'm touching a big fresh bruise. I haven't fallen over...

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  • lizaakalisa 2

    What now?

    I have had hearing loss is both ears for over 20 years. More so in my right ear.. I've heard what sounds like cicadas for years and I guess um just used to it. 3 weeks ago I suddenly felt like I got hit by a bus! Aches and fever, headache, no sinus problem or earache. However, my right side of face went...

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  • toby65057 1

    16.6 BMI

    Hi. I'm 18, 6ft 2 and 9 stone 4 pounds. Giving me a BMI of 16.6. My weight is a huge problem for me. Mainly for my confidence but I find it gives me other problems like feeling constantly fatigued. I don't know if my weight is a direct effect of a health problem. I have serious problems with eating...

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  • annita64273 2

    So much shoulder pain help

    Following a fall am in so much shoulder pain xray shows rotator cup damage. Injection although gave relief did not last long. Unable to take nsaids, so on codiene and paracetamol. Sleeping such a problem dur to pain. Anyone else out there suffering like this, any suggestions very welcome. Also have painful...

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  • christina38695 1

    Hemroid stapling recovery

    I had hemroid stapling on June 8th, and since yesterday have bright red blood that come out my rectum and woke up this morning and when i used the bathroom just urintaing the toilet was full of bright red blood from my rectum, has anyone experienced all of fresh blooding flowing this surgery ?

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  • jijarine 1

    Tension Headache for 4 weeks now, and other symptoms

    For four weeks, I have been experiencing tension headaches, thunderclap headaches. I went to the ER after reading that they could possibly be a brain aneurism. I was at the gym lifting weights when I could feel it coming on, so I immediately stopped and went to the ER. The previous night I had experienced...

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  • Missy9 1

    Slight muscle pains, heavy head, weakness and feeling sick.

    For the past few days I've been experiencing muscle aches, headaches, my head feeling heavy, feeling nauseous and weak. I'm 28yrs old and I suffer from anxiety and depression from time to time. I take no medications beside birth control pill that I been on for years. These symptoms started out of nowhere...

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  • cici02230 2

    Red Itchy Bumps on Pubic Area *PICTURE* PLUS BLEEDING

    I've recently had red little bumps on my pubic area, I'm really hoping they are just razor burn but not sure. I am sexually active, I am on the pill, they are sometimes itchy but not always. I've also just gotten into a new relationship, he was a virgin, everytime we have sex I bleed after or during...

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  • kandi4383 2

    Been sick for too long

    I have been throwing up everyday for the past two years. They HAVE tried to diagnose me with these GERD, gastritis, slowing, etc etc.... But NO meds have worked there either. I have lost 150 lbs in the last two years (yes, very drastic weight loss, I know). I had 16 different DR appointments last month....

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  • donna03753 2

    Ongoing symptoms. What could this be??

    I really hope I get some help. I posted a short while ago but I'm going to go over my full symptoms in the hope of someone maybe having any experience with what it could be. My GP has simply put it down to anxiety, however, I'm not anxious! I actually am very happy and well. But she thinks it the anxiety...

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  • christine14344 1

    Diuretics and antihypertensive overdose

    Hello, I'm a 27-year-old female. I took 10 mg bumetanide with 600 mg of accupril yesterday. I had terrible nausea and some dizziness. I neither threw up nor fainted. My question is: are there any long term effects of taking these two medications in such high doses? P.S. These medications were not prescribed...

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  • Never.Enough 1

    Worried about bat Rabies

    I was travelling in Portugal last week on holiday with family when I visited the Benagil caves ion the south  coast in the Algarve. Whulst swimming  in the sea I cut my leg  slightly on the rocks and then afterwards climbed  some of the little coastal  rocks and  sat in one of the caves. I never actually...

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  • Mystery 2
  • tee66487 1


    Hi doctor, last week I went to see my doctor for a pap smear test and for thrust treatment. Two days ago, i went to toilet  ( number 2) and i saw a very little amount of blood on the toilet paper, like when we have squeeze out the pimple and use tissue to wipe it.  I am so worried now Thank you  and...

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  • loren95224 2

    Pain medication over dose

    I have taken a citalopram (anti-depressant) and 2 cocodamol I believe they are low dose at 2pm then I have taken 3 solpadol 30mg at 6pm will I over dose ?

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  • tek35546 1

    Light headiness fatigue and weakness

    For the last week i have feeling ill, tired, some chills, mild nausea and abdominal discomfort. i have had anxiety with it. Doctor said i am having infection and so i starting taking antibiotics thursday .today(saturday) i woke up feeling better (still little drained and tired) but still better so i...

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  • Abz123 2

    Please help unexplained blood on tissue

    So I'm not due on for another week at least, and for the past 6 days now I have been bleeding, only noticed when wiped was pinkish in colour but now it's a little redder,there was no blood in toilet until now , I went to the bathroom and it seems a bit heavier! Wore a pad yesterday and at the end of...

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