Boil, abscess, hemmy, or fistula?

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I've been dealing with a small pea sized bump less than a cm away from the left side opening of the anal canal. No pain unless I press on it or mess with it, other than that no problems. Occasionally it "flares up" causing it to turn white due to pus- almost like how a zit or boil would look. I've used a needle and mirror to pop and drain it several times but it will fill up again with pus during another "flare up." Very similar to a recurring pimple/zit that's clogged.

I decided to stop draining it myself and just leave it alone. Sometimes it will drain on its own, while other times it just subsides and flattens out. On days where it is not inflamed I can see a tiny hole but I'm not sure if that's a fistula channel or just an opening where the pus drained- skin pore.

I have an appointment with my GI but not until a month and a half from now. I just wanted some of your opinions on whether it's just an anal pimple or in fact a fistula.

Normally fistula channels lead into the anal canal. I've tried inserting a needle into the hole but it doesn't really go in very far. I've also tried putting my finger into my anus to feel around for an opening but can't really find anything. I know I should just be patient and wait for the appointment but I'm a head case and tend to get anxiety when dealing with the unknown.

Any advice, opinions, or similar experiences are greatly appreciated.

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    It doesn't sound like a fistula . Fistula are painful and bigger than a pea mine was superficial and was 6cm in length and 5cm in depth and about 4 In across all my pus would come out of my rectum the boil / abess on my buttock never opened in till my op I think it be ok beat see the gp and leave it alone

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      Thanks for the reply Sian, really appreciate it. I hope it isn't a fistula. I've been watching fistulotomy procedures and it it looks quite invasive. If not a fistula, is it possible to have a recurring boil that hasn't healed in over 6 months? The fact that it keeps popping, closing, then reforming is why I assumed it was a fistula.

      What sort of procedure did you have done?

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      I had a fistulotomy done it's been laid flat and open . Although so it's not that big I have a couple of stitches either side so the it can still allow the pus to escape I'm very bruised and tender but to be far doesn't hurt anymore than the fistula did to begain with my body is used to this level of pain I'm resting up when I need to

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    Sian has it right, patience is the name of the game with this. Wait to see your doctor and in the meantime if your diet could be improved that might help, lots of veg, water and a little fruit. Boring I know but it works for most as you'll see from the other posts in this group. Good luck and let us know how you get on please.

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      Thanks AA! I really do hope it isn't a fistula. Fortunately my diet is on point. I've been on a circadian time restricted diet for some time now and I eat mostly greens and adequate amounts of protein... tons of broccoli sprouts because they're high in sulfurophane. I do notice more flare ups when I drink alcohol a bit too much.

      So fistulas are generally bigger than what I have? I'll try to get a picture of it later this evening.

      Again, thank you both so much for the response.

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      Perisnal abscess organisation has lots of links and information. Fistulas can occur naturally or surgically. Hopefully you don't have one and at worst all you have is a small abscess. Great about the diet. I also have started taking sesame seeds again and soya beans and another forum user mentioned oregano oil but I haven't tried that yet. I have to be careful with broccoli. I was juicing it for a while and think I overdid it smile so I guess just everything else moderation is the way to go. When I found my abscess I had been working long hours sitting down for months as I'm a programmer and I had just finished training for and running a half marathon. Maybe those things also had an effect but for me it was mostly down to not taking enough care over my diet. Good luck!

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      Nice, thanks for the info. I've also heard great things about oregano oil I'm currently dabbing this mystery bump with some tea tree oil but was thinking of trying oregano instead. Tea tree oil is a bit harsh.

      I too sit all day at a desk job. I'm sure it has something to do with my current condition. I forgot to mention that I had a large internal pile removed via rubber band ligation about 6 months ago. Maybe that has something to do with it as well.

      In any case, I'll try to upload a photo of what I'm working with.

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      Another lady here mentioined magnesium paste, another thing I didn't try but might be worth investigating from a topical point of view but I agree it's trying to get to the underlying issue of why it is happening in the first place is the key to fixing it.

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      Here's the photo. Does this look like a fistula or just a pimple? Sorry, not the prettiest thing to look at.

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      I've got to be honest with you I never looked at mine so I've no idea but there are plenty of pictures on the web. My understanding is the fistula is inside so you would not see this anyway?? Any chance your GI would bring your appointment forward, sorry you are having to wait so long to see them.

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    That dosent look like a fistula at all mine started as a lump appearing on my left buttock wasn't red didn't look inflamed but it hurt a thropping pain after I started on antibiotics the pus didn't come out of the area of where the lump was but from my rectum

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