Bone on Bone Osteoarthritis in Hip.

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Hello.  I am new to this forum, female & 57 years of age.  I have just been diagnosed (following xray) with what's been described as bone on bone osteoarthritis in my hip.  How it was explained to me is that the hip joint comprises of a ball and socket, with cartilage acting as a sort of cushioning in between.  I was told that I now have "no gap" and have therefore got bone grinding on bone.  My GP has arranged for me to see an orthopaedic consultant in a couple of weeks.  I am embarrassed to admit that I am a total coward when it comes to the thought of having to undergo surgery.  I go into a major panic when I have to set foot in a hospital, let alone contemplate anything else.  I realise that after my visit with the consultant I will be given much more information but in the meantime I am worried sick that a hip replacement will be my only option.  I am currently being treated for anxiety and depression so naturally this worry is having a big effect on my general anxiety.  I wondered whether any of you might have any comments, perhaps from your own experiences.  I guess I'm desperately looking for reassurance that I may have a number of options open to me.  Thank you for reading this  and for any help you may be able to give me.

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    Once it's Bone on bone, surgery is usually the only option.

    i had surgery last week and it's wonderful. You are fast asleep so you know nothing. They give you lots of meds so no pain. Afterwards with your hip you can lead a normal life and no pain. 

    Whats not to like. No pain is wonderful and tell the hospital you are anxious and they will really look after you.

    dont worry, be happy abour a normal life about to return when they replace the hip.

    btw there is no way unless its stem cell treatment to replace the cartilage you have lost. I have had 2 finger joint replacement and no pain is priceless

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    If you are in constant pain and your mobility is affected then surgery will be the best option. I have had knee replacements, currently recovering from a partial one this time. After intial recovery you will be back to normal, no pain and mobility increased. My friend recently had a hip replacement and is now totally pain free. I suffer anxiety and depression and i explained that to them. Any concerns you have will be addressed and you will be put at ease. Ask about your options when you see the consultant. Sometimes you are expected to try other treatments first such as meds, pysio and steriod injections. All these do is prolong the inevitable surgery. I hope whatever you decide that you will have lasting benefit. 


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      I have bone on bone OA in one ankle, following a major accident which destroyed the cartilage in the joint completely.  Unfortunately a joint replacement for ankles is not currently available, the only option being offered is to fuse the ankle joint completely, which would cause major restrictions on mobility etc., so I have declined this so far.  If a joint replacement, similar to that available for hips and knees, was available I would leap at the chance as I'm sure it would remove some if not all of the horrendous pain this type of joint arthritis causes.  You are young enough to benefit greatly from years of increased mobility and vastly reduced pain.  I really do understand your anxiety about having it done - any surgery is a major issue - but as others have been kind enough to respond - the benefits are great.  New technology with regard to the design and manufacture of replacement joints has come on in leaps and bounds and the new models are much longer lasting and more efficient.  Hoping for a successful outcome for you. xx

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      Loxie I too have oa and know the pain especially in the feet

      and ankles.Sorry you don't have the option for surgery.I would

      like to know how you find relief for the pain.I am now getting

      left hip pain that is new and the pain is hard to deal with.I am

      looking for new thoughts for relief besides pills.I had my xray

      done recently and am waiting for the results.In the meantime

      am just curious what others do for pain

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      Hi Tory, so sorry to hear you also have such pain.  To be honest, I've exhausted the whole list of pharmaceuticals - things like paracetamol just dont touch it.  I cant take opiates such as tramadol as they make me nauseous and anti inflamms like naproxen, ibuprofen, etc., I can only take in very small doses otherwise I get severe stomach issues.  I've tried a whole range of alternative and 'natural' remedies.  There are a couple that do help a little - ginger root (either mince it and mix with hand cream and rub into the area, or steep in boiling water and add lemon juice to drink like a tea), I tried curcumin capsules, which were very expensive and really only helped very little.  I've also tried increasing certain foods in my diet which are said to have anti inflammatory properties - well known ones include salmon, broccoli, avocados, dried beans, carrots, etc etc.  Jury is still out on whether my present diet is really having any significant effect.  I've recommenced meditation classes - there are particular types of meditation specifically designed for pain issues, things like Mindfulness, Dissolving technique, etc.  I've only just restarted these so time will tell if it helps but studies do show that some of these techniques really do help block the brain's pain receptors so I'm ever hopeful.  Basically, its a case of trial and error to see what works for any one person.  I have OA in the top of the spine and thumb joints too and theyre both way more painful than the ankle presently.  I think some people just have a lower tolerance to pain than others but arthritis pain is nasty no matter who it hits.  Good luck.

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      Loxie I think I have met my twin :0) we have the same issues with oa.I have it head to toe and it is just now rearing it's painful head

      I have been fortunate to just have stiffness accept in feet\spine.That is where the most pain hits.I got my

      xray back today and it shows to have mild joint narrowing and

      acetabular sclerosis along with bone spurs.Not sure exactly

      what all that means or how long it takes to worsen but I do know

      how painful it is to have arthritis. I too have sensitivities to meds

      since I have fibromyalgia as well.I have gastritis,hiatal hernia so

      I understand the stomach issues.I am connected to my heating

      pad and use lidoderm patches and voltarin gel for pain relief.

      I do use meditation techniques but in a scriptural way.I find that

      to be helpful.I hope you find your methods to be very helpful.

      I am going to add in some gentle stretching and low impact

      excercises to keep my self limber as possible.Stay warm and

      think happy thoughts.Tory

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      oh Tory, I really sympathise.  I too have developed fibromyalgia in the last three - four years.  To be honest I find the pain of fibro much harder to cope with than the OA.  I'm not sure if just because it's so unrecognised and people definitely arent as ready to accept the restrictions from fibro as they are if you say you have arthritis.  Acceptance goes a long way to helping support any illness or condition I guess.  My neck OA is just starting to cause real issues.  I just discovered from a recent ultrasound that I have a full thickness rupture of my bicep tendon, rotator cuff injury.  No idea how that happened because I dont move around much due to the OA and fibro - guess I must just be 'wearing out'. smile  I drew a short straw on the OA - before my accident I had no musculo-skeletal issues whatsover and was quite fit.  My consultant told me that OA has a tendency to 'spread' once one joint is affected - the inflammation to the joints just takes hold.  The rheumatologist said she had no idea why some people get fibro and others dont - the best they can suggest is that 'trauma' of some kind causes it to start up - can be physical, eg accident, illness, even childbirth, or emotional, eg stress, divorce, bereavement, etc etc.  It's a bit hit and miss what the doctors suggest as treatment - the list of drugs they throw at you is endless but all of them are only a case of 'lets try this just in case.....'.  I'm staying drug free for the present and hoping all the lifestyle stuff I'm trying will help.

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      I have had fibro for over 10 yes and it was the fatigue and

      pain in my feet that was hardest to deal with at first.Then came

      all the weird symptoms from fluorescent lighting giving me

      headaches to internal body buzzing(fun lol).I too have refused

      all the meds thrown at me.I did try them but the side effects

      were horrible and the quick weight gain wasn't going to help

      my arthritis any.My rheum has me eat healthy,no processed

      foods and he thinks magnesium powder helps calm things

      down.My neck pain is at C4-7 and when it hits oh the pain.

      I have found that arnica cream is awesome for pain and it is

      a natural oil.My favorite lifestyle tip is pillows I have a bed

      full for body positioning and I sleep on my recliner for the

      lower spine and hip issues.

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