Booked in for Cystectomy and possible Removal of ovary - need advice.

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HI. Ill try to keep it brief. I am booked in for mid May for Laparoscopy to remove a 5 cm cyst on left ovary and a scan has also shown what looks to be a dermoid cyst on the right ovary . So they have said it likely they will have to remove the right ovary with the dermoid cyst. They told me i will be signed off for 2 weeks , however if they have to do a bigger incision it will be longer off work,. My boss has been fine about this . Im worried as im in a job where i do alot of bending and lifting , on my feet all day and walk loads as to whether ill be well enough after the 2 weeks to return,

I have been told i will be staying in overnight , but reading online ( which i know isnt a good idea lol ) if an ovary is removed it can be 3-5 days stay sad I really am worried about this as i have to think of my child , my family i know will sort things out but im getting stressed not knowing what the outcome will be so its difficult to prepare for it .

whats other peoples experiences relating to the pain / recovery time / length of hospital stay / surgery type ?

thank you for reading x

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    Hi Sarah

    Firstly, and I know it's easy to say, please don't panic.

    I had a cyst, left ovary and Fallopian tube removed on 30th March and I was petrified. I had read loads on this forum prior to my surgery. but one thing I have learnt is that everyone is different.

    I went in at lunchtime, had the procedure at 2pm laprascopic and was home the same evening. I had a haematoma under one of my port holes (when you come not cough without holding your stomach) and had a huge bruise from my hip to my belly button, which meant moving for the first few days was very uncomfortable.

    I have yet to return to work as I have a small issue with one of the holes, however am feeling much better.

    I would say in order to recover quickly, start walking, even if you are like a bent over snail as this helps..

    If you need to kne nothing else and think I can help, please just ask.

    Take Care


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    Hi. I had my 4.5cm dermoid removed 6 weeks ago by laparoscopy. I also do a lot of heavy lifting and bending at work and I'm still off. I would say 4 weeks at least for recovery but I'm taking extra as a precaution . You will feel a bit delicate for 2 weeks after. Little tip for getting out of bed (as sitting up by yourself is a bit difficult) roll on your side and push yourself up with your hands, you will avoid using your stomach muscles that way :-) As for pain relief I bought liquid nurofen tablets for the first week after, try not to let them wear off, take them every 4 hours. I would say I spent hours online looking at other peoples experiences but to be honest everyone handles it differently but the most important thing is try and let yourself rest as much as possible, you will heal quicker. Have some peppermint sweets or peppermint tea to have afterwards, that really helps disperse the gas they use to inflate your tummy. It all sounds scary but you'll be absolutely fine and good luck :-) x
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    I had a 10cm dermoid cyst removed from my ovary (ovary didn't have to be removed) on March 6th. The plan was to remove it laprascopically but on the day of surgery we decided to go with the laparotomy because it may have turned into that anyway once he was in. I had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights (that's the standard here). They urge you to walk around the next day after surgery. I had an 8cm cut below my bikini line. Recovery for me was a lot better than I expected. My surgeon automatically put me off work for 6 weeks but I went back after 4 and probably could've even went back after 3. I only sit at a desk so it wasn't a big deal.

    Hope that helps. I wish you all the best with your surgery.

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    Thank you everyone for your replies , my consent form states Laprascoic but in the ' other details' says may need to make bigger incision. its the not knowig thats a pain. I was told 2 weeks signed off , which takes me to the end may bank holiday monday, Ill be due to return to work on the tues. So ill prob see how i am on the fri before bank hol , and if i feel i need more time ill go to gp on the fri so i can give work enough notice , so i dont stitch them up last min. 

    I know what you mean by looking online for hours , its all i seem to do sad and i know i shouldn't. I have sorted childcare for the 1st night as know i defo got to stay in - unless i can beg them to let me go home? If not i hope to be home by end of school day on the wedsnesday x 

    I just hope im lucky to have a quick recovery as im not good at being indoors lol 1 day drives me insane so dread anymore than a few lol xxxx 

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    I had a dermoid cyst removed 2 years ago, along with my fallopian tube as it was attached to it. It was done as a day case, went to theatre at 2pm and was home by 8pm. Surgery was done by laporoscopy via 5 small incisions. Was given pain relief to go home with but one problem was being left with the gas for a couple of days as well as having slight difficulty when going for a wee. Felt at sometimes as if I would burst but that passed.  Alot of advice does say around 2 weeks recovery but everyone is so different. I eventually took 4 weeks off work to allow things to settle and await the full lab report to confirm the dermoid was exactly as they had thought.

    Docs say your body does continue to function well with one ovary but apparently I have had a slow depletion of hormones and have recently been prescribed HRT but I do no not have full menopause symptoms.

    Have the surgery and listen to your body, you will know yourself when you are well enough for work, also if you seeyour G.P you can get get a fit note with restricted duties for a short period of time.

    Good luck xxxxxxxxx

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    Well tomorrows the day rolleyes any last min advice - really nervous. 
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      Good luck Sarah, it won't be as bad as you expect I'm sure.

      im three weeks post op and doing really well. 

      Drink as much as you can after op, and try to move and walk as soon as you can.  

      They were all so kind at my hospital, I am sure they will be at yours. xx

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      Well had op took 4 hrs . All I been told is had lots bleeding during surgery and blood pressure low. Got to stay in. They had to catheter me so no walking about tonight. In lots of pain but hopefully good night sleep will do me good. They r all really nice here to just want to be home with my son x
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      Oh Sarah, not so good. At least all done now.

      my blood pressure was a little low just after my op. and I was on a catheter, think they ok out next day.

      things will soon get better. Every day I would feel a little better. 

      I was in three days. 

      Best of luck xx 

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      got let out on 3rd day smile found out they sorted the cysts , but previous scar tissue had fused my ovary to pelvic wall , and fused other parts together , so they had to separate it all , my fallopian tube are quite damaged so any further pregnancies i may have would have to be closely monitored. still very tender 5 days after but the amount of operating they had done its to be expected. been signed off for 4 weeks to start with then got to see how it goes after the 4 weeks x 
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      Glad it's all sorted now.

      you will find the pain soon starts to ease. Then will get better everyday.

      I'm coming up for 4 weeks now and feeling really good. Just the incision that's tender.

      Look after yourself smile x


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    Hi there

    I had a oopherectomy when I was 19 now 51. 

    I remember very well. 

    I was in hospital for a week, feeling very sore and uncomfortable. It will take a while to get back to normal. You won't be able to lift anything for a while because your body has to heal. It's had a big shock being opened up! Take it easy dont do things that include carrying heavy things and bending over.

    Give yourself time to recover okay. If you have a good friend or family member to help you that would be great. But take care okay x🐥

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