Both sides of stomach hurts

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Hi, I have diverticular disease and IBS, I am female and middle aged, I was diagnosed with IBS at 15 and divi 2 years ago.  This time things feel different and stupidly I have googled and come up with pancreatic cancer.  Before I send myself mad has anyone else had these type of symptoms.

?Stinging/burning pain in left side where your bra band would sit, this occasionally goes around to the back and occasionally all along midriff.

?Stinging burning pain in centre about 1 inch above belly button.

?Stinging pain in lower right handside, with pain in middle back

?The pain moves around up and down, it is sometime worse after food and sometime better after food (I know how mad is that).  I do not feel sick, but am full of wind and my urine is very yellow.  Also SORRY when I wipe myself after a poo the paper is sort of dark mustard colour. It is not relieved by going to the toilet, it stays the same.

?The reason for thinking it is pancreatic cancer is because most of these symptoms are what you would expect, also I have just had an unexplained DVT which A&E consultant said could be caused by undetected cancer, we will need to do some tests but then said maybe not come off hrt. 

?I have an appointment with GP to discuss coming of blood thinners which I have been on for 3 months and would like her to take me seriously when I mention this new problem, so if anyone has had anything similar and found the cause I would be grateful to hear from you.

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    Both of your conditions could be hitting off against each orher and worry will be increasing your symtoms.  If you are on HRT and blood thinners, these could also be causing side effects.  It may be better to try a different blood thinner and come off HRT.  I don't think it is good to interfere with your hormones.  It is better to let your hormones behave naturally.  Don't follow google to diagnose yourself.  I did the same and panicked about various cancers including pancreatic cancer.  I was actually diagnosed with IBS.

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      Hi, thanks for your reply. I did wonder if somehow the IBS/Divi were both happening at the same time.  I have come off HRT since December when DVT found and hopefully off blood thinners in the next couple of weeks so maybe things will settle down then.  I hate Google, but am addicted as my GP's are just not bothered and have misdiagnosed a couple of things, like telling me my DVT was cellulitis!!. 

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      I had trouble getting my IBS disgnosed.   It took eight attempts over three and a half months. No one knew anything at first and the only thing I could do was make lists of conditions and ask for tests to give them something to work on.  Unfortunately, doing this made me panic.

      Are you on any medication for your bowel condiitions?  Hopefully you will feel better soon.

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      HI, I was diagnosed at 15, they called it a spastic colon then, I am 57 now, it was diagnosed by having a camera up my bottom, not nice but necessary I suppose. I can still remember it now. LOL  With regard to medication I take buscopan when I need it and fybogel sachets, but have noticed the last couple of times I took this it made me worse.  I just try not to eat seeds, nuts etc.  Sweetcorn is a bit no no for me as are blueberries.  I do think googling has become a way of life and it shouldn't be as everything leads to cancer.  These forums are much better way of asking questions.  Take care

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    Hi I had the same problem over Xmas and into the New Year.

    Started off as burning pain above my belly button and ache in left side near the stomach/Pancreas,This moved across into my back for a week or two also.

    I had constant burping too.

    I googled and thought I had either Stomach or Pancreatic Cancer-to the point I was very anxious and not eating.

    This prompted the Docs to send me for an Endoscopy and a ultrasound-Both came back clear!

    (and strangely around this time my stomach and back ache went)

    The stomach ache still comes and goes now.

    Not sure what caused the back ache but the Docs think I have IBS and back ache can be a symptom of that!

    I didnt have dark urine or pale stools.

    I still have my days of worry(when things hurt etc) and am being sent for a few more tests to help rule out any other illness but so far its "just IBS"!!

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      Thanks for your reply, glad you are ok, my urine is not so dark today and neither is the pain so bad this afternoon.  Not sure what is going on, I did have some antibiotics recently and have wondered whether they have upset my stomach. I have not had an IBS attack for years so maybe just that.  I had a scan and endoscopy last year so logically nothing too sinister could have happened during that time, I hope, but googling is so addictive and everything leads to cancer.  Take care
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      I also have both IBS and diverticular and you don't know if your coming or going sometimes because both have a lot of the same symptoms, however diverticular gives you a lot of pain down left hand side of tummy, it's a minefield

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      HI again, do you get pain after eating with your IBS,  that is what is so different this time. 
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      I can get pain and sometimes I can get really nauseous, I then kept a food diary and found that's there's lots of things were flaring it up, so now I have more information on how to help myself, you should try it, just a thought xxxxx

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      Trisha, mentioned to frejan that I went to GP today and she told me about FAPS, functional abdominal pain syndrome, really worth a google as it is talking about me and probably all of us. She also said that IBS/Divi/Fybro all go together. She was really lovely and I feel much happier, still in pain but less worried. I will look at my diet as last night I had a toasted cheese sandwich, wow that was painful xxx
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    Speaking from experience it could be a Hiatas Hernia as I've had this for years & GERD (acid reflux) your symptoms are similar to what I get, I'm on blood thinners after a carotid artery dissection caused a stroke they can also upset your digestive tract & then anxiety sets  in & every little pain is exagerated because your worry that upsets digestive tract. To put your mind & rest have an endoscopy done & don't google, my BF had pancreatic cancer & there were no symptoms apart from a dull ache that's why it goes undetected for so long.

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      Well it looks like you've had all these tests done I'm in Australia so there is a time difference goog luck with everything.

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      Hi, wish I was in Australia, it is supposed to be beautiful we have family in Wainuiomata, nr Wellington but have never had the chance to visit.  Anyway to be honest the blood thinners are a bit worrying and these symptoms did all start after my DVT in December, am only on them for another couple of weeks, they said I only needed them for 3 months. I also think googling is a problem, but it is so hard to stop, I just join in with these forums which are a lot safer.  Mine is certainly not a dull ache, it is one that moves around so probably more likely IBS/Divi combined. Take care
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      Hi, Yes I must admit Australia is a great place to live we use to live near Wellington,I know about Google I do it myself my Doc gets cranky with me because being a nurse from way back I over think everything the main thing is get it checked to give you peace of mind good luck hope all goes well Cheers from Australia.
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      Hi, saw GP today who went over everything, spoke about what GP had said about cancer with DVT, she was horrified as there are no obvious signs from my bloods or anything to suggest this and said that HRT is a real factor in blood clots.  Also spoke about stomach pains etc and she said there is a condition called FAPS, function adbominal pain syndrome which is exactly me.  It covers, IBS, fibromyalgia both which I have and if you read up about it puts your mind at rest.  Glad I went as I feel so much better.  Cheers from rainy, cold and windy UK
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      You sound like you have a good Doc spot on with the HRT my vascular surgeon made me go off it as soon as the blood thinners were started.I do have a Hiatas Hernia & GERD which I 've had for years since I was 15, actually I think the asparin I'm on is upsetting things so they are taking me off that & I'll just be on Plavix, as the carotid artery dissection has healed which I must say was caused by a Chiropractic manipulation that went wrong.I have had a lot of anxiety since that happend because it caused two strokes nearly killed me,on the plus side I'm still alive & for the most part I can do everything as before apart from nerve & muscle pain I'm about 95% ,I will look up the FAPS sounds interesting,Cheers from hot sunny QLD Australia.


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      Hi, yes she was great, it is amazing how much better I feel just knowing that nothing sinister is going on.  The FAPS was mentioned last year apparently in my letter following a endoscopy, but I did not realise.  So now when I get the pains I think it is just the way my gut processes things, which is what she said, like some people get asthma and some get hayfever, our bodies process differently.  I have been on PPI's for over 10 years, no hernias or anything just good old fashioned acid.  Take care

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