Botox is it a "Never Ending Pain-in-the-Neck"?

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Finally, I agreed to try Botox for Chronic Migraine relief. My Neurolgist was more excited than I was, he saw me during my "migraine episodes". Bride of Frankenstein should be my nickname during a Migraine! I can't even stand myself!

Day of Botox, tension Headache hit, due to muscle spasms in shoulder. I reluctantly went to his office, due to severe discomfort in waiting rooms when ill. Waiting while painfully hearing loud laughter, doors shutting, florescent lights buzzing, blaring TV & secretly cursing my doc for running 50 mins late.

Finally, when he brought me back, I said today may not be a good day, due to my pain. No worries doc said, you'll feel better after the Botox. Sign this paper, so you'll feel better. Minimal pain with injections & sent home with no post-op slip of what to expect.

3 days later, intense neck pain, both muscles beside my spine. Pain progresses every day, then feeling "bobble headed", can't look down, hard to hold my head up. Muscle spasming, crying in pain. Crushing tension headache, burning nerve pain down my back. Husband had to help me roll over in bed. Unable to sleep, so 2 calls to doc, no response.

I reached out to another doc, he calls back immediately and says my Neurolgist just finished his training in Botox, has done about 2-3 patients. I'm shocked.......

Am I the 3rd or 4th patient? He also says he avoids that neck area in women because this is known to be a side effect. Advises "Toradol/Phenergan shot, Neck Brace, Prednisone, Tizanzidine, Alieve & wait and see. No idea how long it will heal, a week, months, maybe permanent.

Totally saddened and feeling naive. Has anyone else has this side effect? When did yours go away? Does it get gradully better, any advice would be lovely! What do I do now?

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    "says my Neurolgist just finished his training in Botox, has done about 2-3 patients"

    I'm very surprised that the second doctor criticized the first one. They usually protect each other.

    I'd be suspicious of the second one.

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      Right? I was shocked he even said those words. And seemed jokingly about my Nuerologists "novice abiltes" in given Botox Injections. I learned a valuable lesson I hope to share with others.

      I never thought to ask a medical provider, "How many times have you performed this procedure?." I would not have done it if he had told me, he's just quailified and has done it 2 to 3 times on patients.

      Unfortunately I'm changing my Neurolgist. Mainly because when I call and need you or your medical assistant's advice, I shouldn't be waiting for days.

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    You are not alone beleive me. I suffered with migraines for years. There are so many reasons for migraines. Mine was in the neck a herniated disc that did not show up in X-ray until they did a MRI.

    INjections in the neck neck brace and slept with a neck support no lifting and always protect your neck.wearing support.

    after a few months with PT I finally could move without pain and migraines slowly lessened. I still sleep with neck support on my back never on my side,haven't had a migraine in a long time. 

    Take heart ?? go to see other doctors and get X-rays MRI's find the source .

    don't give up you can get better. I still wear sun glasses watching tv to this day the red lights off tv and the sun can trigger a migraine. Learn your triggers too!


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      Thank you for your response. They believe my migraines are autoimmune related, as they started after my 1st bout of Colitis.

      They did mention referring me to PT if it does not get better in a week. I'm wearing my brace, hoping and having faith the pain will subside or at least I'll get use to it. (As many of us do with chronic pain, lol)

      And your so right about the sun! Sunset flickering through the trees is the worst migraine trigger for me. Great tip about the sunglasses and TV! Thanks so much!

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      Aphra, please get well soon. Nothing worse than constant migraines. I pray that they can find the source soon. Have your tried some on pd the migraine meds? Some are epi pens others are for nerve pressure still others address pressure . Have you seen a migraine specialist?


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      I see a Neurolgist who lists Migraines as one of his 30 or so specialities. What are pd meds?

      I've tried Verapamil, Amitriptyline, Topamax, Chiropractor, and Accupunture (only once, I left feeling odd on my right side of my body, took a few days to feel balanced again.)

      I have an Epi pen for anaphylaxis, but am starting to realize I may know less about Migraine treatments than I thought. Do you use the Epi pen when a Migraine starts?

      I do know one thing for sure, my migraines started acutely at 31 yrs old, during an illness, and now plagued nearly daily, except when I was pregnant.

      My 1st MRI showed lesions on the white matter of the brain, stated a few.

      Two years later the next MRI counted 13 Lesions. Presumed to be caused by inflammatory disorder,per Radiology Report. Yet Neurolgist say theses are normal on Migraine patient MRI's.

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      Could it be hormones if migraines only stopped when you were pregnant. Same here. Then migraines 2 weeks out of every month until I went thru menopause. I have very few migraines now, occasionally when stressed. 


      perhaps it's a good idea to do some research on the meds available now for migraines . Be your own best advocate. Also I always bring my iPhone to tape doc conversations. Helps to have the info sometimes it's good to go over it after the exam. Ask the doc first. 

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    Any tips, feeling better?

    It's been 9 days since 1st Botox treatment for Chronic Migraines. Neck pain started 7 days ago, increased, wearing my neck brace, tired of the bed rest, but thankful to see my Primary Care Doc today.

    She tells me it could take up to 3 months before I could regain full muscle strength in my neck! It's a "Wait it (Botox) out plan". Super saddened, but hopeful someone has some tips to heal faster!

    My current symptoms:

    -Neck Stiffness 1st 1-2 hours after waking. Occurs again after 30 minutes of non-movement.

    -Tinnitus has increased, especially in silence.

    -Tension Headaches are crushing with Intense Tinnitis after 6 + hours awake.

    -Deep throbbing pain in my nasal/forehead area. Weird, right?

    -Deep bone pain at Base of Skull & bony spine at base of neck.

    -Difficulty /pain moving neck, bending down, reaching up, sleeping.

    Worst of all.....unable to pick my precious 2 year old up.

    Does anyone have any advice or tips to help me get moving again & not need this neck brace?

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      i know this was posted a long time ago but its exactly what i am experiencing. 2 weeks since botox for migraine ans extreme pain. how long did it take for you to get better?

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