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I'm hoping for some advice. I've been having a rough few months. Juts after Christmas I started with diarrhoea. From the minute I wake I'd have to dash to the loo. I do have Ibs. Usually I get ibs D after I've eaten so this felt different as it's on waking and then can go on all day! Sometimes 8 times a day. I've been to the docs and they say it's just my ibs. I have been passing lighter coloured stools and also fatty stools. I haven't had a normal stool in months. They finally gave me a stool test which today has came back with levels of 90. After reading some other stories on here 90 now doesn't seem high! I'm waiting on the doctors call but it's not classes as urgent so won't know next steps until Monday. I don't get cramps with my diarrhoea. It just comes on with no warning.

My symptoms are

Chronic diarrhoea

Lighter stools and very yellow stool and liquid

fatty stools and bubbles coming from stool

Feeling sick

The only tummy pains are on my right near my belly button and can go across my tummy. Not dreadful pain. I get left lower pain too and lots of hip pains. I'd say more than anything.

Ulcers on my tongue

Extreme tiredness

I also get a pressure in my rectum that can be painful when I sit down, sending a shooting pain.

I had a blood test just before this started and all was fine. Had pancreas blood test and that was fine.

Can the 90 level be because of the ibs? I had a camera a few years ago as I was passing bloody mucus. The lady doing it said a part of my bowel looked inflamed but biopsy said it wasn't. I guess the doc will just want to retest the stool and go from there.

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    Forgot to say I have a very noisy tummy and I'm so bloated and gasey everyday. I know these are ibs symptoms too though.

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    I had a very similar experience as you with the camera after passing bloody mucus. I was told after having the camera I had proctitis but the biopsies showed no inflammation . My blood tests were all normal too .This went on from time to time for over a year and they did another camera which confirmed proctitis. I would definitely push for another camera to see whats going on .
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      Oh gosh really.

      Going to see if I can speak to the doctor today. I'll mention the camera. I'm hoping they will let me have it with having higher than normal levels. They've just blamed ibs so I'm hoping they will listen to me now!

      Thank you for your reply.

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    Hi. Your symptoms sound like mine. I have mild UC and IBS but I mostly suffer from constipation. My level is 90 and I have some blood too. Gastro says it’s IBS. He advised me to follow the fodmap diet and i got relief from constipation. I stopped following and i still go every morning. Gastro believes I still could be impacted on the right hand side and i went for an X-ray. Waiting for results. I took 2 sachets of movicol last night and i am now awake with diarrhoea and terrible bloating. I also have internal hémorroïdes and he says the blood comes from that , not the UC. Go figure.

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      Can you have inflammation from ibs?

      My diarrhoea is better if I don't eat much! I'm getting to the point where I don't want to eat! I've got a blood test tomorrow to check the usual. Did you have an deficiencies in anything? This whole thing started with constipation and i had to take laxatives. Then it turned into chronic diarrhoea. I usually suffer with constipation so it's been draining being on the loo so much. I have anxiety too so my poor stomach is having a right time at the minute. Years ago I was passing painful mucus and blood. I was pregnant at the time so they could only look at the first part of my bowel. The lady doing the camera said "oh that looks inflamed " and she showed me that part compared to another part and it was red but the consultant said it wasn't. I then had another full colonoscopy months later and it was fine and they said it is ibs. I've not had the bloody mucus in years. I'm just so exhausted.

      When do you get your x ray results back? I'm just hoping they will give me tests as I've only had the stool test which was last last week and some bloods at Christmas. This has been going in for 3 months now. I've been back to the docs so many times in that 3 months and they just said it's my anxiety and gave me antidepressants. They are only listening now because of my stool result. Just for to wait for my gastro app to come through. Time is dragging.

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      Sorry not replied sooner. I still feel poorly and so exhausted. I am confused as exactly what is wrong with me. I have a very sore rectum and my tongue is burning. I have to rush to the loo as soon as I wake up. Gastro says my UC is mild. I also have a slightly enlarged thyroid and I am on medication for that. I have developed a sore throat so had a blood test yesterday as  colitis and thyroid medication can lower your blood count. As it is Easter, I won’t have the results till next week. The X-ray shows i am not impacted. I am also on antidepressants. However I am wondering whether the anxiety I was suffering was not caused but an overactive thyroid. It is never ending and I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

      how are you?

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    I know. It feels like forever. I have been suffering from constipation for years, tried absolutely everything. Some worked for a while and then back to normal. I was diagnosed with UC 2 years ago and the fatigue was debilitating. Could sleep 12 hours a night and woke up tired. I was put onto anti depressants last October and after the original side effects, I am ok and have more energy. It is all linked. I suffer from internal hémorroïdes which can confuse things. Ulcers on the tongue might be a side effect from anti depressants. It passed after a week. It is difficult to ge your head round all these symptoms without thinking something must be terribly wrong. 

    About the X-ray, they will only phone with something flags up.

    i find it’s a matter for me to follow the fodmap diet religiously for the IBS. For the colitis, I take mesalazine. Good luck and try not to worry too much.

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    not sure if you are still having issues since post is a bit old but have a look at thiis


    ask for mesalamine enema from doctor to get rid of blood,mucous, bloating, etc.. do some googling on enemas to familiarize yourself with them, there no big deal!  If the dr says he wants to give you suppositories instead, refuse and ask for enema...DO NOT GET cortisteroid enema, stick with mesalamine! don't take the oral prednisone they will try to prescribe you or oral mesalamine, etc..

    don't use bathroom for enema administering like most folks say to....tell spouse to stay out of room, lie on your bed, with trashcan nearby or windowsill for used enema bottle....put 1-2 pillows under the pelvis and a towel on the bed for spillage, a little extra vaseline is fine, go to sleep.....once you are able to keep one in overnight, try and keep it in, in the morning, and then put another one may have to work up to thissmile do a headstand to use gravity to pull that stuff in to your intestine and not just the rectum, just walk your feet up the wall of your bedroom while on your bed. If you aren't able to hold one in even for the night or even 30 minutes, don't get discouraged, keep trying! It will happen!

    but after you are able to keep one in overnight, if you see improvements, like pink instead of red, then you are on the right track, the below regimen has kept me in remission for 5 years now...and I am not starving myself by no meanssmile

    if you do see improvements, 1st off try not eating red meat..

    drink natural coconut water 1-2 liters per day, served cold from the fridge and then over ice, makes it sweeter tasting

    eat 2--3 coconut milk yogurts per day

    get 2 bottles of inner-eco coconut water with live probiotics from whole foods and use about one bottle per month a sip a day...if you start to run for the border or it cleans you out, then take a week off and then start back up again, eventually it will just keep you maintained

    reduce fiber intake!!

    watch for other foods that may be irritating you and remove them from your diet, dairy, salt, cured meats, maybe gluten, 

    eat soft foods like eggs, avacados, berries, citrus

    If you find this all works for you then maintain the quantities for up to a year, except the bottle of inner-eco, you can back off to one every other month or maybe even one every 3 months, just listen to your body...after a year lower quantities of coconut water, and yogurt but keep them in your regular diet!

    stay vigilent, don't just think you are all better and throw caution to the wind, but after a year you will be able to eat some of the things you used to, just don't go coo coo crazysmile  I didn't eat red meat for approximately 3 years, but ground turkey thigh is good and chicken still on the menu, laid off pork for a good while, lamb seemed to be acceptable to my system.....

    good luck, god bless

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