Bowel pain in my genital

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I've been experiencing weird health issues for a long time now but finally went to the doctor and still haven't figured it out just yet.  Ever since I was about 14-15 my stomach and bowels have been so goofy.  Anytime I wake up in the morning, no matter what I eat or drink I usually get got rot instantly and I have to run to the bathroom where I end up having soft and mushy stool.  When that happens, I usually don't have a normal bowel movement the rest of the day.  If I don't eat breakfast and wait until lunch, I still pretty much have the same issue.  I feel as if food never really wants to stay in me for long.  I can't pin point as to what causes it because it seems like it's almost everything I try eating gives me this issue.  I pretty much phased soda out of my life because that makes me really gasy and bloated, I try not eating too much junk food or fast food because that's the worst.  If I drink alcohol one day, I usually have diarrhea for about 3 days after, so I feel like LITERALLY EVERYTHING sets my guts/bowels off.  Also with my bowel movements, I have a bunch of mucous coming out probably every-time I go to the bathroom.  Sometimes I'll get the urge to run to the toilet only to have nothing but mucous come out. I'm not really losing or gaining any weight so I haven't been too worried, just annoyed mainly since it's so uncomfortable to have soft stool every day.  I went to my doctor and she didn't seem too worried about it right now.  She wanted me to quit smoking cigarettes, so I started chantix(I've been having this issue longer than I've been smoking) and she gave me an antidepressant for my mental health issues I have going on(depression/anxiety disorder). She was thinking maybe it was IBS possibly Chrons.   I haven't gone back since then but now more recently I've been having shooting pains in my penis and a behind my genitals, kind of like where my bladder and what not is plus my left leg feels really weak.  I had a few bowel movements today already and my stool was a light grey/tan color so I don't know if that means anything or if it's related but that kind of worries me. 

So I mentioned to my doctor my families medical history but it didn't seem to phase her but here is what has happened so far to relatives:

Grandfather on my Dads side has prostate cancer, so did his dad and all 3 of his brothers(1 died from it)

Great Grandma on my Dads side had skin cancer, My grandma and Dad all had to go in and get moles removed that were potentially cancerous.

Grandfather on my Moms side died from stomach cancer but had testicular cancer also.  Plus he also had issues with ulcers when he was younger.

Aunt on my Moms side also had stomach cancer, but they caught it early enough.

Uncle on my Moms side has pancreas cancer and a bowel disease(possibly chrons)

Grandmother on my moms side had lung cancer and major heart problems(she died in a car accident because they couldn't operate on her chest anymore apparently)

Any help is appreciated as what this might be!  

I don't know if this info matters, but I am a 28 year old male.


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    Hi Joe,

    So sorry to hear about your health issues.

    I’ve also had a few similar problems but as I’m a female not those in the masculine department of course. 

    Have any investigations been done to help put your mind at rest. For example a colonoscopy and a PSA test to rule out anything in your prostate or bowel? 

    If the bowel problem has been going on for years and hasn’t changed it could be some sort of IBS or colitis?? 

    These days I feel the Doctors listen, but they don’t offer any opinion of what they think could be the problem so it’s easy to assume that it’s nothing.

    I’m afraid you just have to keep going back to the Doctors and hopefully one day they’ll sort out a diagnosis and treatment so you can move on from here. 

    Good luck, and please let us know how you get on. Kind regards Jane 

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      They haven't done any further investigations for it(like the colonoscopy and PSA).    I suggested the PSA test because of my families history with prostate cancer and she told me I was too young to worry about.  My doctor made it seem like i should wait another 12 years before checking my prostate!!! ugh!  I need to go back to let her know how my chantix is doing so I will see what else is in store at this doctors office.  If I don't get anywhere with her again, I might go somewhere else!!!!

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    Hi , , you have a family history of cancer and it makes your risk even more higher ,.,., I guess you need to ask your doctor for a proper screening .,., the symptoms you have doesn't at all indicate cancer though and it can be due to various other minor things , ,but its better to be sure and have it checked 

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    Do you have abdominal pain that moves about? If so, it could be IBS taking into account your other symptoms.  Anxiety can trigger IBS and it also makes IBS worse.  Try a food diary. Keep going back to your doctor until you get a diagnosis.
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      I do get abdominal pain quite often but only when I feel the urge to go to the bathroom. Usually it feels like it extends from right below my belly button to the base of my genital area(I'm also having a separate burning sensation in my bladder area.  I will try a diary!! Thank you! 

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    You have problems that may be a bit overwhelming for an independent general practitioner. Go to a hospital E/R where they have the equipment to give you a complete comprehensive exam and give you immediate results,advice and treatment
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    Hi ... just read your story .. your problematic bowel reminds me of mine .... mine began as a teenager im now 40 ... i went to the doctors over and over thought out the years ... always fobbed off with ibs .. at 37 i had a sigmoidoscopy after scans showed nothing... this alao showed no concerns however the notes said there was scar tissue preventing the camera reaching top left of bowel bit all appeared to be fine .. i challenged the latter as if they couldn't see it how could they say this was fine .. at 38 in dec i woke with a pulled muscle pain or stitch ? Right side rib area and into my top abdo ... docs suspected appendicitis so sent me hospital... my bowel had perforated i had in fact had a disease called diverculosis .. they said i was too young and that it only affected the left side of bowel ... wrong ! Mine was left u detected and turned to diverticulitis which means the disease infected my bowel it had gone too far and i had my cecum and right side of bowel removed via emergency open surgery. Had my doctors been more thorough i doubt it would have got so bad ? .. keep pushing dont let them play things down or make you feel silly... you know your body and if you dont feel right then it is likely something is not right ! I suffered for 20 plus years unnecessarily... let my story inspire you to hound the doctors until you get a clear answer! All the best smile

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      I'm so sorry they didn't do anything more to figure this out for you before it became more serious!!!!!!  I'm going to definitely keep pushing!!  I'll probably just end up going to a new hospital!!!!!!!

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    Hi joeyogo90

    Your doctor is being very blaze' about your symptoms you need to have a number of tests..such colonoscopy an ultrasound scan and your stool tested. Do you have pain urinating and do you urinate frequently...this and pain in your genitals s could indicate a urine infection so could do with a urine test...also a check on your prostate.

    Your doctor should not ignore the genetic factor running through your family. As already suggested keep going back until you get some answers. I'm sure all this is not helping your anxiety and depression express this to your doctor and have her do these tests as a process of elimination to put your mind at ease. Some doctors make me so angry Urrgh!!

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      I don't necessarily have a full burning sensation when I urinate, it kind of feels like its present in my bladder area and after I'm done urinating, I feel a minor burn in the area underneath my scrotum.   I asked her for the PSA test but she wouldn't do it because she said I was too young and made it sound like I have to wait until i'm 40(i'm 28 now).  Yeah this definitely does not help my anxiety/depression!   I hear ya!  Doctors frustrate me so much!!!!!  

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