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Hi good afternoon... for the past two weeks I experienced shortness of breath. I tried to ignore because I have breathing problems that come and go. I went to my family doctor last October and told me that there’s nothing to worry about and do some blood & urine work and everything came back normal. Have my Ctscan/ X-ray and ECG 2 years ago and all came back normal.  Yesterday I went to a walk in clinic and discover that I have highblood 160/94 which is high of my age. I’ll go to my family doctor tomorrow to ask for more rest I’m just afraid that I might have a heart disease.  Any suggestions on how to lower my BP??

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    There are BP lowering foods, but they only work for twelve hours or less - beets, eggplant, shiitake (aka black) mushrooms.  When you cook any of these, save the liquids, they often have some or all of the active ingredient.  Diuretic should help, but the few diuretic foods and supplements I've tried, have not worked much.  A little coffee might actually help for its diuretic effects.  Maybe decaf, has less caffeine.  I drink cold brew when I drink any.

    ?Just plan on getting some pills from the doctor, and plan to buy your own BP meter so it doesn't get away like that.  Meanwhile, relax!

    ?Oh, and since I always say this now, if you've been eating more aged cheeses as part of your celebration, STOP!  If you also take turmeric, the cheese may cause "maoi cheese" effect, spiking your BP, lasts about a day.  But even if you don't take MAOI I suspect there's a minor cheese effect, could raise BP temporarily 10 to 30 points, not enough to kill you quick, just enough to scare you a little.

    ?BP is not heart disease as such, and in fact nobody really knows what the real causes are.  Take it easy for the next day, avoid aged cheeses (and meats), and see if your BP is still even high tomorrow, before you worry about it too much.

    Happy New Year!

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      Thanks for your reply...  Im trying to drink lots of water and didn’t eat meat since yesterday. The doctor from the walk in clinic already give me a pill to use for 10 days and I will call  my family doctor tomorrow to have an appointment. I’m just worried of having a heart disease 
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      High BP is not heart disease. A one off reading at a walk in in clinic means nothing as you may well have been stressed by the situation. Many of us have 'White coat hypertension' You need to buy a BP upper arm monitor  and do a series of BP readings when relaxed at home

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      Thanks Derek... I checked my BP again and still the same as yesterday
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      Don't rush into medication or you will be on them for life. Give the lifestyle changes a chance. Another one that lowers BP is beetroot juice. Ramipril is one drug that they use for shortness of breath with BP. 

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    Hello Bryan,

    ?You didn't Post your Height, Weight,  or Age so I'll just offer some basic info based on what you did provide.  Your top Number is your Systolic BP.  High Systolic BP is usually a result of being Overweight and/or Stressing over issues in your life.  In my case, a Year ago after being Totally sedentary for the previous 2 years as a result of 6 Surgeries/Procedures, my weight was 38 Pounds over Normal BMI.  This in itself was bad enough BUT, all of a sudden, I could not breathe after I finally started moving again.  Following all kinds of Tests including EKG, Stress Tests of my Heart, Echo Cardio of my Heart, etc., they performed an Endoscopy of my Stomach.  I had a very Small Hiatal Hernia.  But this was only a minor issue.  The issue was the 38 Pounds of Fat - All in my Chest/Stomach Area - Pushing up against my Lungs!  I have lost 20 -22 Pounds and I can breathe almost normally now, however, I was temporarily put on BP Medication to help me during my elevated BP.  The Dr. and I both think with the Loss of the remaining 18 pounds my need for BP Med will go away. (It's been reduced to half already!)  Although your Systolic and Diastolic are a Little high, if you are over the normal BMI (Google Normal BMI for your Height, Weight, and Age) reduction in weight will probably fix your Problem.  Remember, BP in your Dr.'s Office is almost ALWAYS higher than it will normally be.

    ?If you are indeed overweight, I would strongly encourage you to get on a Caloric Restricted Diet of a reasonable Amount BEFORE considering BP Meds.  BP Meds are almost always very difficult to get to the right one or combination of more than one.  They are notorious for side effects such as lethargy, adverse sleep affecting, etc.  It took me 8 different ones before I found one I could tolerate.  And if one causes lethargy, You're not going to feel like exercising!  Slow and Steady on Weight Reduction.  Same with exercise.  (Can you walk 10 minutes at a "Stroll" right now?  That will actually be a good start!  Over 3 - 4 months try to get up to a Brisk 30 Minute Walk 5 Days a Week while getting and keeping your weight under control.  I have a feeling you're going to do great as you don't sound like you have any significant issues based on what info you did provide!  Good Luck and Wishing you a Wonderful and Prosperous 2018!  Ernie

    ?Oh Yeah, as I usually say:  Try to follow others who have received Feedback from "Bob" and "Lily".  They both have some great advice and encouraging Tips!  Take care!

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      Hi Ernie! Thanks. I’m 35 5’10 and 190 lbs. I work out but my diet is so bad. The doctor in the walk in clinic provide me a medication to take  temporarily until I visit my family doctor tomorrow. I’m getting stress out because of this. Right now I’m trying to change my diet. 
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      Hello again, Bryan.  Although the BMI will show you are overweight at 190 and 5'10" for Male aged 35, this is just a "Guideline".  If you work out regularly and are muscular, your weight will be higher than the BMI Tables.  If you have some Fat around your Waist and Chest, it could still be causing some of your issues.  A 5 - 10 Pound loss of Weight can sometimes significantly lower one's BP - especially the Systolic.   One last question:  Do you Stress easily or Frequently over things?  That's oftentimes the cause of High Systolic!  Regardless, Good Luck with your Upcoming Dr.'s Visit.  I feel certain you're going to be Fine!

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      Hi Ernie... yes I have fats around my waist... I’m not that muscular and I stress out easily specially with my health and work. It’s been 3 weeks since I started this I’ll feeling like shortness of breath and feeling dizziness specially while working out and finally decided to check with the walk in clinic. I really have a bad diet and I feel so bad about it now. Thanks 

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