BPPV diagnosed but unsure?

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Hi all, male 49 in otherwise fair health.

Was sitting having dinner one evening three weeks back when all of a sudden the room started spinning anticlockwise around me! had to hold my chair to stay upright. Really fast spinning.

Felt so tried wife put me to bed and I woke up maybe three hours later and could not stop being sick, the room still spinning around me. We called the emergency doctor who turned up about four hours later. He said he thought I had Labrinthitis, my own GP came out later still, by now the spinning had stopped but he said I had BPPV, he sees it quit often. 

There is the backgound.

OK I drive for a living so have been off work ever since the attack.

I am now left with a low grade feeling of lightheadedness (no spinning) Hall Pike does not show anything, but when I tip my head back and forward I do feel a slight increase. Some days are better than others. The feelings seem to come on after excersise, going for a walk, cutting the grass etc. I do have some eye distortion in the distance at times, get the occasional sharp pain in my head. What I need to know is.

1) Are my symptms typical?

2) How much longer?

3) Work and affect on public driving?

4) Do I have BPPV?

Really very worried, going back to GP in three days.

Oh, my BP is up of late, it's drug controlled normally.

Thanks for any help


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    It seems we got the same mike my heart goes out to you i have lost my job through this as ive had it for 11mths its killing me slowly ive seen neuros ent healer and homeopath nothing have worked im at my wits end .
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    OMG really, I can't lose my job to this. 
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    See specialist now, do whatever you can to
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    Sounds like Vestibular. Neuritis to me, rather than BPPV, particularly as you have the. Feeling of lightheadness and increase in symptoms after exercise.  This increase would be because of the vestibular system having to work overtime.  There's a lot of stuff online about VN and it's treatment, I have had mine now going on for 8 months and am noticing some gradual improvements now but it has involved a lot of hardwork on my part with Vestibular therapy and keeping on exercising through the lightheadness and fatigue.  

    I suggest you find yourself a good vestibular neuro-ontologies to work with you on overcoming this,  

    Best of luck. Christine

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    Hello Mike.

    I was diagnosed with bppv in Dec 2012 after. Mine started when I turned over in bed and the room started spinning. The rotational vertigo only last probably less than a minute but happened every time I laid down, looked up or down and looked to the side. Basically it is provoked by head movements. I had the Epley manoeuvre done at my GP surgery which stopped the spinning but left a lot of residual wooziness.

    I'm 2 and a half years into this and I do still have the odd spin out and feel 'heady' a lot of the time but I can do everything I could before I had this.

    I didn't drive for 2 months because of it but driving is and always was absolutely fine for me but as you drive the public you need to get the ok from your doctor obviously.

    There are loads of things you can do to help. I found the most helpful was lots of walking cos movement, although will make you feel a bit off and dizzy, will help the brain compensate for the dodgy messages that the ears are sending it regarding the position of your body. Also drink plenty of water cos even slight dehydration will make dizziness worse. I avoided medication because it can hinder the compensation process but I know it works for lots of people.

    Its a horrible thing but dont be disheartened, it will get better.

    It does sounds like either labs or bppv, both of which are pretty similar I understand. Some people get better in just a few days or weeks, for others it takes longer but you will get there. Try not to panic, stay calm because anxiety with increase the symptoms immensely.

    Take care x

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    I agree about the walking, really helps.  Read Chapter 1 of The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doldge. We really are able to open up new neurological pathways and beat this. 
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    Hi mike

    Just found this new discussion ! Defo sounds like bppv the same as me although I was not sick

    I feel I am getting better now well a lot better than I was it has taken me 8 weeks to get to this stage /a phased return back to work.

    These symptoms are not great but remember it is only a viral infection and nothing worse!

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    Thanks again for the replies. I am astonished to see so many people with long term issues. My doc told me it was pass off quickly and I'd be very unlucky to get it again.

    Had a bad day today feeling light headed etc.

    Been taking antihistemene as I read they are supposed to help?


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    The only people who have told me that it won't pass quickly are the neuro ontologist and the specialised vestibular physiotherapist,  both have told me I have to retrain my brain and this will take time. Everyone is different and no guarantees when this will happen, just have to keep doing the exercises.  I have never been given any drug treatment for this condition, only for the nausea when I was given Stemitil,  after the nausea passed then nothing.  I can't see how a drug would fix this. Basically the neurons have died and you have to find new pathways and recreate.  You can't create neurons with drugs!  

    Anyway, all the best of luck to everyone. Christine

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      Hi Christine

      I have had this for 9 weeks now,definitely getting better each day.I wasn't aware of people taking drugs to help with this I also can't see why this would help ?

      I understand the cerizeen and beta blockers but won't help the bppv /lab ect only the dizziness or anxiety.

      Time is the only healer

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      Hi. Keith, loads of posts on other boards about people being given drugs and nothing else.  No VRT, just drugs and told it will go away. Move had VN since August last year and it is now only just starting to resolve.  I was told I had lost 80% balance neurons on right side! lucky the left side was not affected.  Last time I had the testing about 6 weeks ago, my brain had kicked in and started to compensate somewhat,I am due for another test in June to see how much more I've improved.  I'm just amazed at how much our brain can create new neural pathways. And yes, it all takes time and we all recover at different rates.  I'm also amazed at how many people have this, whether it be BPPV or VN. Until last August I had never heard of either. Now I hear of so much of it. 
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    Can I clarify a few points please:

    Is BPPV triggered or made worse by moving about a lot, such as gardening where you change position often to put in plants? I noticed today that I almost had a spin attack and had to lay down, crushing pain at the back of my head near neck.

    Is BPPV known to cause high blood pressure? my BP has been controlled for many years with two tablets, but of late it is getting very high.

    Does bad dreams and feelings preceed an attack of BPPV? I had many in the weeks leading up to the attack and none since.

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      BPPV is definitely triggered by head movement, that's the nature of the condition.

      I think you should speak to your Dr about the head/neck pain, problems with the neck can cause dizziness.

      I had quite vivid dreams when mine wad really bad too.

      The condition provokes anxiety, maybe this is pushing your blood pressure up a little.

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