Braces tightening and facial twitches

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Hi Guys! Hope you're doing well. 

In December 2015 I did all dental work incluing extractions (4 wisdom teeth plus 2 pre-molar, one on each side) to prepare for the braces in January 2016. 

I had an overbite issue, so one pre-molars on each side were removed so my teeth can have more room (my teeth are really big), so that extraction left me with big gaps between the canine and the other pre-molor. So for the first few month she used wires to strighten up my teeth because they were really crooked.

Until June 30, 2016, she started to close the gap by pulling the teeth inwards (Since I had overbite issue). Starting mid July, about half a month after the first closing gap section, my left under eye started to twitch, and then my left nose wing (side of the nose) also started to twtich...It is already August 29, 2016 now and it's still twitching, both my nose and my eye on the left side, although my nose twitches more often then my eyes. They are really annoying!

Also when I press the nose where it is twitching, I can feel some kind of sensation underneath (like around the gum area)....

I wonder if it is caused by the dental work..because my teeth are moving and the nerves are distrupted by the moving of teeth. 

Anyone has similiar experience please let me know!!! I truely appreciate the reply and help!!!!! Im so worried and confused now!

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    Vivian, I have no experience of this kind of work, but as a former neuro nurse I'd say your symptoms are almost certainly due to some kind of nerve involvement.

    I don't think you need to panic, as it's probably a transient thing, due as you say to disruption caused by the moving teeth. I would, however, advise you to discuss this with the dentist who did the work without waiting too much longer, just in case something is going awry. If she can't fix it, your next port of call might be a maxillofacial specialist. But you should start with your dentist anyway.

    I hope this soon gets resolved and you can look forward to enjoying your new smile!

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      Hi, I have nose and eye twitching... I am really worried. and whenever I purposely contral my eye muscle, my eye would twtich, (only the left eye)...What would a maxillofacial specialist do ?
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      They would assess whether there was a problem with the braces. This is why you should start with the dentist who applied the braces. I'm guessing she would have come across this problem before. It may be that the braces would need to be removed for a while, or at least loosened.

      I don't know exactly what treatment you'd be offered, or what's going on with your face, but it seems too much like a coincidence if this has really only started since you had the braces put on.

      There's no need to worry, but I do think you have to take this seriously and consult your dentist rather than let the problem drag on, just in case there is some nerve damage going on. Nerves recover very well in general, but it's better not to let the damage (if there is any) go on for too long.

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      I talked to a maxillofacial specilist (the front desk), and the lady said that if there is anything that has to do with the neuron, there is nothing that they can do expect for referring me to the neurologist. Because they do mostly physical work like bone grafting or extraction and that but not anything that involves the nerves. 

      I am going to have a MRI done, i have heard of this condition called 'hemifacial spasm'. I need to get MRI done and rule that out. Hopefully it is not something major. 

      You know what, when I had extraction for the left bottom wisdom tooth, the nerves got disrupted because the root of the tooth was too long, my left under jaw was numbed for a month And after about a month, the sensation came back.

      But then whenever i rinsed my mouth, the top left (site around the canine and the pre-molar where I got the extraction), I would feel electric shock. ONLY THE LEFT SIDE! and then it stopped after a month or so...I am confused why is it always the left. seriously....the right side is perfectly fine. 


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      Vivian, please don't go the hemifacial spasm route. That's something you found by googling your symptoms, isn't it? You're sentencing yourself to a lifetime of health anxiety if you go down that track. Spontaneous HFS is an extremely rare condition, and in your case your recent dental work is a much more obvious explanation. By all means get the MRI done, but it might not show any damage if it's in the early stages anyway.

      I would, however, reiterate that you should get the position of your braces looked at. If you are suffering nerve damage because of the braces, they need to be adjusted asap to allow the damage to heal. Condemning yourself to a lifetime of misery - and possibly surgery - makes no sense whatever if the problem can be fixed by adjusting the braces.

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      Thank you for the reply.. yes I googled it and it poped out on google....

      So, If it is something that is caused by the dental work... and what if i wanna get an MRI to scan my jaw and see if there is any nerve damnge in the jaw area...will MRI show anything? (sine i have a mouthful of metal in my mouth)


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      Hmm... I'd be inclined to think not. Have you actually talked to anyone about getting an MRI, and explained that you have all that metal in your mouth?

      You know, it really is important to get those braces checked, even if you end up having to have them removed for a while. Although the chances of your having primary HFS are approximately zero, that still doesn't rule out the possibility that you could develop a secondary form as a direct result of damage from the braces. This is quite rare too, but it can happen.

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      I understand. I have heard people developed HFS after having dental work done. However, reason why HFS is developed is because of the artery and the 7th cranial nerve at the back of the head is toughing each other and causing the pressure, how does dental work cause that to happen?

      I have talked to my GP about my twitching and he was just like 'you're just stressed.' and i told him 'IM NOT STRESSED! THE TWITCHING IS CAUSING ME STRESS BUT NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND' that's what I told him, and I have never though about dental work until now. well even if I told him about dental work he wouldnt have said that would be the possible cause. He would still insist on the stress issue that I have (which I dont have!).

      So at your point of view, what should I do with the dentist. SHould I have the braces loosen up a little bit or what do you think. Can you give me some suggestion? Thank you.


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      Vivian, there can be all kinds of interactions between the cranial nerves supplying the face. You clearly don't have primary HFS, so there is a possibility that the braces are causing the problem. It certainly sounds from what you're saying as if all this has started since you had the dental work done, so I think it would be worth getting the braces loosened. But don't expect immediate relief. If it was caused by movement of your teeth it's going to take a while for it all to settle down.

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      I don't know Vivian. I'm not a dentist. I'm not sure what you can do to confirm what is causing the problem at this stage. Getting the braces loosened or temporarily removed was just a suggestion. If they were what was causing the problem, then the twitching etc. should improve after a couple of months. You really need to discuss all the possibilities with your dentist. Over and out.

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    Hello there I have very similar issue.

    I have had braces when I was 16 years old my teeth climb back due not wearing retainer.

    Now I am 24 years old and second are metal braces , I have overbite and also my bottom jaw is a bit inside more than suppose to be.

    He told me he will try to pull forward my lower jaw to put it in correct position , seems like he is focusing on bite correction more than straightening the teeth because I have a deep bite as well .

    I have braces for 6 months, first 5 months making spaces even I already had gaps everything was perfect and slowly I saw a bit of improvement.

    6 months problem came he decided to close the gaps he used only 1 rubber band for the whole top teeth! The pain was later on just like when I got my braces for the first time sore teeth for bite and eating.

    After leaving the orthodontist clinic 3 hours after my tightening adjustment my left cheek started to twitching.

    It is only twitching If I smile , laugh , eat , chew , brushing my teeth.

    It has been a month now and still didn't settle at all.

    I am very scared my orthodontist said it is very unusual and I think he doesn't know what exactly went wrong

    I am so scared it is maybe permanently stays or maybe my nerve or muscle will be damaged.

    Please Help did your nose - eye twitching gone away?

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