Brain fog

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Why can't we do simple tasks like we used too. Things that used to come naturally know take alot of mental effort. I never had a proble with transfering things to my computer via bluethooth but tonight its taken me hours. I even had to ask Paul how to shrink the image :huh:

Its not just the computer I can't even cook a successful meal, yet I loved cooking in the past, I was the one friends called on too help organise catering for parties. It takes me all my time to get up dressed on a morning the consentrayion it takes wipes me out. :cry:

Hope you like the picture of sooty, it's taken me hours and wiped me out. BUT I WILL NOT BE BEATEN. WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE'S A WAY.

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    Aw cute Sooty, well at least you managed that smile

    Brain fog is awful Lou Lou. :twisted: I haven't been as bad as that since i was first diagnosed, i just can't find the words sometimes but i just laugh it off :roll:

    Just stay positive, if you can :wink:

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    Hi LouLou

    Oh, Sooty is really cute ...... you've managed a darn sight better than I have .... there is no way I could manage an avatar ...... as much as I would love to post a pic or two ........ my useless brain is all over the place ....... :roll:

    I have to correct each posting loads and loads of times - because I am still a stupid perferctionist I have to check and recheck before I am happy with the blasted thing...........and then I give up cos I am so :bleep: ing tired ....................................... :evil:

    I just want my life back :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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    Katie sorry you feel like this. It's hard but come on we can get there together with the support we each give each other. :[b]hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
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    Oh thank you LouLou

    Sorry folks :oops:

    That was really pathetic of me to post all that last night ...... feel better about things this morning.

    I was just tired and nothing seemed to be working properly - had tried to write two birthday cards and something really weird has happened to my writing ..... it's as if a :spider: has just walked over the page with a pen in one of his many legs :roll:

    I've found an ad. somewhere for a special pen which is easy to grip .... will try and find it. That's another thing though, I can never find anything these days :roll:

    Take care everyone

    Katie xx

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    LouLou, Sooty is lovely, hello puss. I am allergic to fur so I won't stroke him. :roll:

    I am unable to prepare and cook a meal from scratch without help and this is the one thing that I was awarded DLA on. The DWP seem to set great store by this one. the other criteria is if you are unable to wash, dress or toilet yourself. Fortunately I can manage that most days and if I cannot do the shower then I make do with baby wipes and deodorant.

    Busy (for me) day today so see you all later. xx

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    Aw Katie you really did have a bad day yesterday :hug:

    I hope things are a bit better today, never apologise to us for posting your anger as Lou said we can help and support you. There isn't anything that you can't say on here (look at my reputation) :lol:

    It's so frustrating this illness and we are the people who understand it most. smile

    I saw those pens somewhere but can't remember where. Think it may have been Asda, i know it was a normal high street store. Give it a try smile

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    Good Morning Everyone!

    I know exactly which pens you mean they are used to train the infants at school to hold the pens correctly and aid a steady hand when writing. You can buy then at at most stationers. You can also buy the aid itself to put onto your own pen but for the life in me I can't remeber when they are called and who makes them. I have one sat in my pencil tub at work thi very moment but the schools dont pen til next week!

    Rarrr :twisted: I am gonna find out right now and send another posting!

    Donna x

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    The name for the pens are called \"Handhuggers\"

    BUT somenthing makes me think that you can buy a mobile device that can be used on any pen. They come in a triangular shape thast elongated to about 10cm. It has the middle removed to slide your pen or pencil through and is made out of rubber.

    I hope this helps guys

    Donna x

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    I am plagued by brain fog on a daily basis so I love this topic!

    Here are some things that I use to help me

    My Little Book

    I take this everywhere with me. Like Katie said ME sufferers tend to be perfectionists! I feel most of my success in life is through being organisd. I love to send cards to friend such as \"thinking of you\" if times are bad etc etc etc. I like my work to be prepared and ready before the start of term and when someone askes me on the corridor for something I like to do it asap. This is where my little book comes in handy and I recap all the tme as to where I am. Without this I would forgot some very important things especially personal things.

    Brainstorm (Cooking)

    If I am making a special cake I brainstorm all my idea's. I will centralise a key word such as CAKE. With this I am prompted to remember all the ingresients BUT it also promts me to make sure I have a card for the occasion. Then have I got a prezzie etc etc etc. I would normally stick this to a kitchen cupboard and this would prompt me to add things to it.


    I have one diary which I use for work and personal things. I write EVERYTHING down such as holidays birthdays and meetings. I am sure many of you already have a diary or a calander.

    Donna x

    P.S These are purely ideas and I have to hold my hand up that I have only once had it SO bad I forgot my dads birthday :oops: This seriously upset me and him!

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    katie im sorry you had a bad day yesterday too. sad i hope you're feeling better today?

    i can really relate to the 'i want my life back!' feeling. i'm still coming to terms with this having only been diagnosed this week (although ive been poorly for 4-5 months now) and I keep thinking Im in a nightmare and just wanting my body and my life back! :evil:

    Can I ask how long you've had this for and whether you are feeling any better as time goes on?

    T xxx

    ps the brain fog is HIDEOUS! i'm supposed to be an academic and so losing the ability to think clearly on some days is just awful sad

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    Hi everyone :D

    Thanks for all your kind words re. my 'explosion' last evening. I was overtired and trying to write out some birthday cards and completely spoilt them by writing illegible rubbish - so I just lost it :steam:

    But never mind, I'm back on form now :roll:

    Donna .... I have to say I am amazed by your organizational skills :shock: ...... but then with your busy life there really is no alternative. Obviously you are feeling the benefit of your sleeping meds cos you sound so much more positive smile

    Trees .... I have had ME for just over two years (but I previously had it for three years when I was in my early thirties following flu). It wasn't really a recognised illness then, and I got no help whatsoever from the medical profession. But I recovered and was really fit for over twenty years ...... and really thought no more about it. I was really athletic and ran, power walked and did three extreme spin classes a week plus working and looking after three gardens and dog walking. (Sorry everyone else..... expect you are are all saying 'boring' .... as you've heard it all before but as all our zillions of posts have been wiped out ......... :roll: )

    I'm fairly convinced I 'burnt myself out' with too much exercise and following a throat infection I developed ME. But, the good news is I am definitely improving. For the first year I was really poorly and stupidly trying to continue to work albeit part-time. For the last six months I have been on a career break and I am sure this has helped my recovery. I have now actually resigned from my job but hope to go back for the occasional relief work (though I am in no real hurry!) :?

    So don't despair ...... with the crashingly, boring pacing ..... recovery is possible. But until the medics come up with a magic cure, it seems to be the only way :roll:

    But another really important factor that has helped me tremendously, and for which I will always be grateful, .... is this amazing forum and all the lovely friendships I have made over the last nine months ..... it really has made such a difference to what could have been such an isolated existence, feeling that no one else understands sad

    Thank you gang .... you are are really fantastic :magic:

    Katie xx :hug:

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