Brain fog, blurry vision, speech problems, fatigue,neck pain, apathy and derealisation

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ok so long story short I had a CT scan about a month ago because I have massive brain fog, fatigue, headaches, memory and speech problems and a worsening unfocused vision [almost feels overwhelmed hard to describe] and just an overall feeling of not being "here", deatached from reality, absolutely no thinking proccess and apathy. It's so debiliating and depressing and I don't know what to do. It's not depression or anxiety its 100% physical. Anyways the radiologist said theres nothing wrong with the scan but i've seen other ct scans and mine doesnt look like them, looks like there are small dots all over the brain and white matter.. just looking for some clues and was hoping if anyone can help me identify if  there's anything wrong with it. Uploaded some pics:


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    My father has the same symptoms as you but he was treated for Guillain Barre Syndrome.

    How are your hands and legs?

    Regards Miss Taylor

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      Feet get slightly numb at times and hands are a bit shaky, also i cant really feel one side of my toes but nothing major.. But that doesnt bother me as much as the life altering brain fog. I literally feel as if my brain is not getting enough blood which almost makes me mentally retarded. Im 19 btw lol. I do have back problems and kyphosis and recently been having major cervical neck pain and soreness. GB is definitely a possibilty and ive been looking into barre-leiou syndrome too. Anyways you said your dad was treated for GB-did it help him ? And what treatment did he get ? Thank you smile
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    Im not sure how a brain scan looks

    but I had most of your symptons and it was GBS

    I was diagnosed last june almost a year ago

    I  had to

    walk with a walker by the middle of june

    so many issues i could not mentally  put it all together.

    just know if this is what you have you will return to 

    a normal way in time

    Im still a little brain fog 

    its a slow process you can not make it happen  our bodys

    do in a slow way.



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      I had similar symptoms and had the Miller Fisher variant of GBS. How long have you had symptoms? Ends up that the nerve damage in your face can cause the image that you see to not be in the right place exactly. This can cause you to have vision issues and that weird detached feeling. I had it until I got help from a physical therapist who specializes in vestibular disorders. I couldn't even stand trying to walk around especially outside. It was the weirdest thing ever. This guy could actually see that my eyes were not turning at exactly the same time and did exercises with me to fix this. No other doctor ever knew. They just thought I was crazy basically. He had head gear that measured it and was familiar with this with other GBS patients. I had to drive over an hour to see him but it was so worth it. I couldn't drive there at first. Maybe you can find someone with this experience who can fix that for you. I wish I had found him sooner! 

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    Have you seen a neurologist yet? You should try to get in with a good neurologist, one with experience with GBS and related disorders. It's so important to get in early with someone good when you can get labs and other tests while you are having your worst problems. I will say that I did not have a very experienced neurologist with GBS and he missed it but he was able to rule out other things like ALS, etc. My sister kept reminding me that my issues came on abruptly and that is not how some of these problems come on. I had to try to keep my anxiety down to not cloud my diagnosis. It was tough because my symptoms pulled up all kinds of terrible potential problems online. It's also tough because the tests don't always show. But I will say that your symptoms sound so much like mine. Did you have anything like an illness, vaccine, etc, that may could have triggered GBS that you know of?

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    I'm not sure about the pics..however I myself have been experiencing very similar symptoms. I feel like I am in a dream like state. Maybe you should go to a Neurologist. See what they have to say..

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    I have been having the same symptoms for a couple years now. I have had brief periods where I feel like I might be getter better but then it just comes back. I have not had any relief to my memory though. Sometimes I cant remember the last 4 words I just read. I went to a Neurologist and had an MRI done, he said everything looked normal. I did a nerve conduction test that was painful, no issue there (at this point I was having pain and weakness in my legs after a mandatory flu shot). Blood tests - normal. Xrays on spine and neck- normal. Eye doctors - normal 20/20. My vision is still extremely blurry to the point where I cant watch a movie or walk down an aisle and see what's on the shelf.

    I will say that previous to me having all these problems I had a severe reaction to some vaccines in which all of my lymph nodes swelled up really bad for a couple weeks. I also had been dealing with tinea versicolor all over my back for a couple years prior. I sometimes get these really painful knots in either a leg or arm, not sure what those are.

    Best of luck finding out what is causing your issues. Keep us posted!

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    Hallo Eren

    ?I have similar problem but without vision problem but feel wired thing if i was talking there is sensation like feeling backward. i do many test through my neurologist doctor but still can not find out the root couse. It was going for 1 year now and i feel really frustated. I dont know what to do.

    ?Previously i am the person that like talking and easy going, and now i try to minimize the contact with person because during talking often used not the correct word and also difficult to formulate what in my thinking into sentence.

    ?I forget many words even if i was talking can not thinking continously like blank and dont know what to say.

    I need help if someone also has same experience like me. I feel hopeless but everyday try to chin up.

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    Hi, Iam 27. But i had all the same symptoms as you. Maybe worse. I felt emotionally numb and super detached as well. Brain fog, vertigo, head pressure, headaches, before the numbing snd severe apathy was severe anxiety and panic attacks. I just discovered it was mold a yr ago. Im still trying to heal. From what i hear it's possible. Im having a hell of a time trying to get better. Life feels like one big nightmare. I cant feel anything but sadness. And I'm a mother of a 3 yr old. He was 1 when this hit me. I wanted to die. I was scared to death. But i did alot of reaseach and figured out what causes anhedonia . Discovered it was brain inflammation. I had to then figure out what causes brain inflammation. It didnt take to long after that to figure out it was environmental. Did testing with a integrative doctor and i tested high for mold toxcity. Im telling you. Its mold. Read up on it. Feel free to message me about more info. But alot of info about mold and depression and dissociation. Good luck

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      Hallo Alyssa

      I am happy that somebody share also her experience so i am not feel alone who suffer this weird feeling.

      One year ago i already thought to get suicide due to my problem, seems that there is no solution and healing for it.

      I am scarry that i will have alzheimer because all the symptoms of getting alzheimer similar that i feel. It was very terrifying me, and also everyday i just try to calm down my emotion that someday it will get better and there is miracle that i can be cured from this.

      Now i was under neurologist doctor almost one year who prescribed me with escitalopram to maintain stability my emotion and also he gives me supplement for against the free radical including probiotic.

      Can you tell me more specific what kind of testing to identify that somebody got mold toxicity? i will visit again my doctor next week for examination and will ask him to test for it.

      I already changed several doctor but still can not get any solution for it, hopefully it would help .


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