Brain tumour fear never stops...

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I have had pretty bad health anxiety for the past year. At first I was convinced I had ALS because of the constant muscle twitching in my body..and then after I was obsessed with having different types of cancers however my constant fear that seems to always be there is fear of having a brain tumour..

Some background info + symptoms..

I am a 20 year old male with no past medical conditions but every doctor seems to say it's just stress and anxiety that's my problem. I don't deny it however certain things I feel gives me a hard time to believe that it can be caused from anxiety. I don't feel anxious 24/7.. Only the moments where I feel a symptom and tend to prolong my thinking about something that can be minor is where my anxiety kicks in.. I get chronic headaches everyday above my eyes and on my forehead as well as certain spots behind my head where if I touch it It feels sore.. Like the past week above my left temple whenever I touch or laydown its been hurting, not to mention the sharp jolting stabbing head pains I get every now and then. Certain times when I inhale I can feel a stabbing pain on one side of the head or certain movements trigger these head pains. Another thing is the pressure..sometimes I feel like my head is full of pressure and I cant function properly because of the feeling inside.. Then ofcourse I have the mental games my brain plays on me where I feel like I am losing my balance or having trouble pronouncing words.

Another thing is visual disturbances..From the corner of my eyes I can see flashing lights or objects pass from time to time.. and it messes with my head. 6 months ago I had a full eye exam and she said it's healthy besides the fact that i have dry eyes. Sometimes one of my eyes go completely blurry when they come in contact with bright lights like the sun. It takes some times for it to come back and It really throws me off. I use eye drops and etc.. Some issues with my head could be related to my sinus but do I have to be congested for it to cause head pressure or pain? 

You see? My problems can be caused by simple things that are only temporary and I shouldn't be to worried about. However I tend to "water the weeds" when I think about the specific symptom and it just grows and grows and I think I have a brain tumour.

Now heres the crazy part.. I had every type of blood test and my doctor even told me that I am healthier then he is just so I can believe I am healthy. I had a full brain MRI with contrast 8 months ago and was told that my brain is clear. However something inside me just feels like my problems are always the start of something new... How can I get over this brain tumour fear and start to trust in the way my body feels so that I don't always have to deal with this gut wrenching feeling inside me that my problems are worse then they really are..

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    HI, I started out just like you and had this for 20 yrs now. Even though I still have fear and symptoms I was able to learn about some of the symptoms you are describing. I'm not positive about you but do some research on migraine associated vertigo. I'm on a support group on fb and we all have the heavy head, balance issues, pressure and eye disturbances. It's worth checking out. Dr's know how common it is now. As far as brain tumor a contrast mri is NOT going to miss that!

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    All I can say is WOW , where do I began , first off it sea like I'm.looking at my.own post the things you are experiencing right now I've been going through for about 11months my symptoms are

    Pressure in head (like fullness and tightness)

    Sharp shooting pains near temple and forehead

    Soreness when I lay down on my head

    Headaches (throbbing, pulsating)

    Burning scalp and tingling scalp with and without pain

    Watering eyes (eye Dr says I have dry eyes)

    Eye twitches


    Blurred vision

    Mind games causing physical symptoms

    I've had a MRI about 9 months ago of my brain , head and neck with contrast

    I've seen 2 different eye doctors they also checked for tumors all clear

    I'm still convinced something is wrong with my head some days I'm great and sometimes these feelings will go on and on for days weeks months, I'm scared and shaky all the time thinking I'm going to have a seizure or something I hate this so much I'm sorry you have to go through this just no your not alone

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    Do you take any medacine for your anxiety? This may help you reset your negative thought pattern. You are going to have to retrain your brain. Easier said than done but every time you think something negative think something positive! You have had all the test done so you don't have a brain tumor but anxiety is mean and nasty!!

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    It does sound like sinus problems, I am a lady in menopause had have the dry eyes and migraine aura thing, zig zaggy lights in eyes and eye twitches. I'm obviously not suggesting you are in menopause of course but I think I was low in magnesium and have been taking that and it put paid to the symptoms, also I was intolerant to bright lights x

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    Mikeyme, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have everything that you describe - but I also have vertigo that feels more or less constant (feeling woozy, sensation of moving slowly etc.)

    I think if ou had your MRI then you can safely say you are fine smile if you start doubting it that is only your anxiety doing so... They would have found something if it were there. Especially something large enough to cause you problems.

    I have started experiencing flashing lights in my peripheral vision after extreme anxiety yesterday... Of course like you u attributed it to a tumour... Maybe it is anxiety too?

    I am sure you are physically fit and well but you are riddled with anxiety .. You have my sympathy. I think now you should go to your GP for help with this, perhaps also talking therapy may help you. Anxiety is the real issue and now you must tackle that. smile

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    You did an A+ job and have acquired wonderful testing. 

    Why is it so hard for you to grasp you have a mal function in your mindset. How you going to make changes if you deny them.They cant scan thoughts. It is intangibke. They do have spect scans not for the public use..they have them. It shows thought and the part of the brain that lights up. It isnt an physical organ ailment.  Goes off of your thoughts and the area in your brain that recieves more activety. They use it to study anxiety, depression and mental illness. 

    Its not that you cant trust your body. You trust too much your thoughts. You relish in your intrusive thoughts. Might not be optional as you have programmed yourself in this manner. Need guidance to undo it,Go to the core and get help dealing with intrusive thoughts. You can make a lot lee way taking that route. Your gut is trying to tell you but you refuse to listen. Yes theres something wrong. Yes there is. You have intrusive thoughts and ocd.

    everytime you delve into these thoughts you stregnthen the crappy programming in your body. Set it on auto pilot even. There are chemicals and hormones set at certain levels as times go on. Adrenaline, cortisol and epiepherine race thru you. That will produce a ton of very real symptoms. Its not a normal healthy state for the body.

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