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I was just reading posts on this discussion board which were from a few years ago about people experiencing the shock-like brain zaps (which I call zingers), and I'm hoping that some of you are still discussing this condition.

I have been reading everything I can about this brain '"pain" and I am very confused on how it affects everyone so differently.  I take Celexa 40 mg daily and Seroquel 25 mg for sleep.  I was told by my shrink that he thinks these "zaps" are due to neurotransmitters firing incorrectly. I've also read that these zaps occur when discontinuing serotonin drugs. Well, I've been on Celexa for 12 years and these zaps started about three years ago, around the time I started Seroquel.

The only way I can describe these zaps is like having Tesla coils in my brain firing and firing for sometimes up to hours, debilitating me to the point that I can't walk, talk, have blurry vision, but I sure can scream.  My whole brain inside feels like I'm being electrocuted, especially when the zaps shoot around to my brain stem and a little ways down my neck.

EEGs have shown nothing, but I believe that is because they were not done while I was having an brain attack.

It is a Saturday, so I'll have to wait until Monday to ask my shrink if I should be put on a different drug for sleep because I have intractible insomnia, and have had this since I was a child (the insomnia not the zaps).  My circadian rhythms are off kilter my neurologist said, so I would work 3-11 p, and 11 - 7 am shifts at the hospital when I was most alert.  Then coming home to the kids and a hungry husband was so much fun. 

Anyway, many posts on the previous discussion said that these zaps said that they don't last long and one can get on with their lives perfectly well.  I am very happy for them, in fact it gave me some hope, but I'm writing this note now with the Tesla coils flaring  Think of the movie Frankenstein and the doctor has these electrical coils that wind way up to the ceiling and flashes of electricity would flow between them - well that's what I experience and sometimes for hours. The doc would scream, "He's alive, he's alive!"

Well, I feel like I'm dying - not trying to be melodramatic but I am a shell of myself.  I also have a neurologic disease called 'trigeminal neuralgia' and I thought it was the cause of the zaps, but my pain doc said no.  He has never heard of brain zaps, so I printed out stacks of info on it for him.

Thanks for listening - reading.  I hope someone will respond.  Also, how do I get a picture into the little box in the upper left-hand corner?

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    Sounds like you may have been bitten by a tick long ago. My husband has the same zaps for over 11 years. 20 to 30 seconds, mini blackouts. See a practitioner that might be helpful or a Wellness Center. 
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    Hello gaiagal, I am new to thissite and have had, "Brain Zaps" since I was quite young.  They have increased recently, with a great deal of other side effects.  I saw my Neurologist last week, and was diagnosed with Myoclonus Jerks, not to worry.  An EEG agreed with the Myoclonus, but a bit more.  There is a history of Epilepsy in my family. I too, have many other health issues, including Crohn's disease, Chronic Daily Migraines...., and the list goes on.  I suggest that you look up Myoclonus Fact Sheet from the Neuroligical Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.  Best of Luck to you!

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    The storm is constant.. contained.. trapped within my head.

    Lightning strikes at any time, any place..

    Echoes of thunder pound behind my eyes..

    The gusts of wind push everything away as one emotion flys to the next, destroying all I encounter..

    Never knowing..

    Never ending..

    I count the seconds between the strikes of lightning..

    hoping the storm would fade.

    Sometimes I get 2 seconds, sometimes I get 3..

    ZAP!! Another strike of lightning hits.

    Pain sails from one side of my brain to the other.

    Images of loved ones.. thoughts of sunlight shine through.

    The eye of the storm?


    Another strike of lightning, not as brilliant but definatly noticable destroys the images, refocus back to the storm.


    One choice..

    To sleep.... 

    One final gust of wind, a tornado even, enough power to take me away....

    Put this storm to rest.


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    I've been having brain zaps on and off for years, they are accompanied by a shhhh noise, it feels like I am falling backwards, like someone is pulling my soul out from my body!!!

    The shocks go from the back of my head, along my shoulders and spine and often down my arms and left leg to my foot!

    I have found them to be worse than ever now and they tend to happen when I am exerting myself or concentrating and moving my eyes

    I am taking clonazepam, respirodone and sertraline, but I must stress that I have been having these zaps/ sounds all of my life, irrespective of medication taken, they are just worse now!!!!

    I shifted some patio slabs earlier and nearly collapsed!

    If I'm honest, I'm really scared, the doctors and psychiatrists seem apathetic!

    My half sister died of Parkinson's when she was just 40, I am 42 now

    I'd be very grateful if anyone would reply to this

    Kind regards


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    I've had an electrical sensation in the left side of my brain since 2010 ear surgery. Dr said it was nothing. I got treated for a parasite and the feeling went away. After a few weeks it started coming back in different places and it is zingers now. It happens when I relax.what do I do?

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    Hello Everybody ! My name is Gabriel and i have been taking 90 mg Cymbalta for about 2 years now ! i Had Brain zaps for about 6

    months ! Only by moving my eyes these brain zaps seemed to be triggered ! So i found the Solution from a pharmacy ! Seemed that no they may have dissapeared ! So you have to take Gaba 750 Mg ... 3 pills a day ! It relaxes the nerves and the electricity in the brain ! It seems to work !

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    Im having really bad brain zaps today 10/27/2022 after coming off Effexor (venlafaxine) yesterday i felt very very nauseas towards the middle of the day its 10am right now and im just having bad zaps i tried taking benadryl because i heard they can help and thwy might of for like an hour but my brain wont stop zapping i have no energy it sucks. I really wish doctors would explain the effects these medications can cause smh

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