Breast lump for in 19year old - scared

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Hello, I should add I have an appointment with GP on thurs.

I lost some weight due to dieting about a year ago and a visible "line" lump appeared at top of breast. I'm ashamed to say I ignored it and forgot about it. I've recently starting studying cancer as part of my uni degree; this reminded me of my lump. In 8 months it has never hurt nor has it changed in size.

It's kind of 1.5" long and fairly narrow. Literally feels like an enlarged vein. Maybe a pencil thickness. It's hardish and smooth on edges (not jagged). It doesn't move about, I think it might move a little but doesn't float around breast if that makes sense. Can be seen if you get the light right on it

I'm a 19 year old female. No breast cancer in immediate family. Started period a month before 12 birthday and have been regular monthly forever.

Do you think this lump is cancer? I've never been so scared in my life, had a melt down yesterday when I thought about it. I'm so scared. What if it is cancer?



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    Hello ellen. Firstly you have an appointment at long last to see your doctor. You are young and you have that on your side. Nobody here will tell you that you don't have cancer. We haven't seen your lump and we aren't doctors. You've had it a while and with no other symptoms (unless you haven't mentioned them) so that's promising. I know you'll be worried sick but go to your appointment and I think the doctor will reassure you. Sending you hugs. Take care.
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      Weight loss, swollen glands around your axilla. Tiredness, lethargy. You are understandably worried sick. Ring the doctors surgery in the morning, tell the receptionist you've found a lump and you want to see the doctor tomorrow.
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      No swollen glands. Not really tiredness, a bit tired but more from boredom of winter with getting up at 6am to do horses and going to bed at 10.30pm plus studying and riding 2 horses in a day plus yard duties. So 8 hours sleep, as a teenager have since been told I should probably be getting 9. But no noticeable extra tiredness or lethargy. No weight loss. Weight has remained constant for the last year. Maybe fluctuating 1 or 2 pounds either way. I feel no difference. (Apart from anxiety since I found lump and booked appointment)


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    I should have worded that better...don't expect you all to assess the lump. More what are my chances of it being cancerous...I've never been so scared in my life x
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    Hi Ellen, you may be like me and have fibrocystic breasts....I had a really long ropey feeling one on the underside of my right breast. It went away eventually..Now they come and go...sometimes they hurt, sometimes not....
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      This is exactly what this feels like, only on upper breast. Almost like a piece of rope. Wasn't painful, although is a little sore since if been fiddling and prodding and poking it for the last week !
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    Dear Ellen

    I understand the fear, and the reason for your melt down - but please try to hang in there until you see your doctor, whom I think will be able to reassure you.

    According to the American Cancer Society, and to an article published in the Annals of Oncology 2009, the incidence of breast cancer in women aged between the ages of 20 and 24 is 1.4 per 100,000. This means that it is incredibly rare for women under 24 to develop it, and you have yet to reach twenty!

    I am an early retired doctor, who spent a number of years anaesthetising women with breast cancer for primary surgery and for reconstructions.  A little under two years ago, I developed it myself, so I probably know a little about it as a disease.

    I seem to be fine now.  However, you will understand that I have enormous empathy for women of any age who are suffering the fear and anxiety that you presently are.  Until you have been properly examined medically, no-one other than your doctor is going to be able to reassure you adequately that whatever your lump is, that it is benign.

    However - there are many causes for benign breast lumps, such as trauma (you mention that you work with horses - have you been kicked in the chest in the last year?), benign breast mice (fibrodenomas) and fibroadenosis, although I would think that you may be a little young for that.  Breast mice (fibroadenomas) are very common in young women (especially between 15 and 20, as they tend to develop during the first few years following menarche (your first period).  They are benign, i.e. non-cancerous lumps that tend to move around a little, at least under the skin (but not usually all over the place!). I found one of these when I was 21, at medical school, and I was terrified!  Of course, it was fine.  I had it removed, and forgot all about it.

    Whatever the cause of your lump, it is really important that you have it examined properly, so I am so pleased that you have made that appointment with your doctor.  He/ she may very well want to refer you to a breast surgeon, and possibly for an ultrasound. This is to be expected, so please don't be alarmed if they do.

    Try to avoid consulting Dr Google. There is a wealth of good information out there, but also a great deal of harmful, misleading stuff, too.  There are two sites that I could highly recommend - the first is Sniffy Wiffy.  This is a family business that sells lovely massage and moisturising products, with much of their profit going to charity, but their message and mission is to increase breast and testicular awareness -- so they have a very user friendly description of how to examine your breasts on the home page.  You don't have to buy anything!

    It would be good if you developed a routine of self examination, based on an accepted technique, and of course the more that you get to know your breasts, the more likely you are to pick up anything that seems abnormal to you in the future.

    The other people who I can highly recommend are those at Breast Cancer Care.

    I haven't put the web sites in here, because will delay this being sent to you, while they (very reasonably) verify their authenticity, but BCC is easy to find on Google - it is right at the top.

    BCC have one-to-one telephone people, who are highly trained to listen to your fears, and to offer advice.  All their operators have to have had breast cancer, have a partner with it, or a genetic predisposition towards it.

    I found them to be of enormous help and comfort when I was first diagnosed, and they may be able to give you some reassurance, and certainly some useful information and advice.

    Fiinally - although it is absolutely understandable that you are dreadfully scared - the chance of your having breast cancer at this point is very, very small.

    As to your final question - 'what if it is cancer?' - that is something to deal with in the unlikely event that you have it. Treatment for breast cancer has improved so much over the last decade, which is great news, but now is not the time to  concern yourself with worst scenarios.

    I absolutely agree with Matron, below, that it would be sensible to phone the doctor's receptionist, and ask for an appointment today.  This is an entirely reasonable request - no-one would want you to suffer like this for another couple of days while waiting to be seen.  

    Ellen, I shall be thinking of you.  I hope that I have managed to make you feel a little calmer.  Please let us know how you get on, if you feel like it ...

    Sending big hugs through the ether

    M xx



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      Hello. Thankyou. I have found this a little more reassuring. I know the doctor will be the one to confirm or sent. Well, she will probably refer me to a specialist, bwhich will be extremely scary, but fingers crossed. I have my own horses, one of whom will bunt you up against a wall, quite painful, could be a cause. Also has a few high speed falls in the last year. But I only noticed this when I lost weight, may well have been there for a while?

      There could be any number of reasons, google is terrifying, googled some of the symptoms which I managed to bend many symptoms to me, but after a good night sleep, they really are not relatable to me, it was just my tired mind.

      Unexplained bleeding, woke up Sunday mornjng with blood in my mouth...actually turned out Id bitten my lip in the night...can see the scab.

      Tiredness, 2 uni deadlines, horses to ride, getting up at 6am and going to bed at 11pm plus being very a give for the last few days.

      I feel better today now I've slept and stopped panicking so much. Still scared but shouldn't have any more melt downs. I will keep the doctors appointment for thurs as I've made arrangements for the horses whilst I'm there.

      Thankyou everyone

      Ellen xx

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    Well today is that day ! Annoyingly I'm about to start my person, so my breasts are slightly sore and swollen....not perfect timing x
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    Good morning Ellen

    I shall be thinking of you!

    Try not to worry too much until you see your doctor - I think you will be feeling heaps better later today.

    Do let us know how you get on.

    M x


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    I suggest you,without wasting time better go to doctor.

    See we can not say, is that Lump cancer or what ? You should go to doctor.

    Whatever happen to our body, sudden changes, long lasting diseases, any unexpected change we should not ignore it. Evenif you get You are 19, & pretty enough to understand that. Do not waste time go to doctor. Even is it single bumps, one should not ignore.

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