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Breast Pain, Lumps and Disorders

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  • ronbakerman 1

    breast concern

    I am a 60 yr. Old male . My left breast is pretty large compared to my right side which is normally flat and not pertruding like the left side. I have been loosing weight and don't have much of a appetite. I am also sleeping a lot.

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  • andrea79103 1

    Breast symptoms

    Hi, I really need some advice. I am 19 years old, I usually live in Australia but have been currently living in Madrid, Spain for the past 9 months. I have never had many issues with my breasts until I started living there, i began getting rashes randomly on my body particularly my breasts, and

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  • Breast-unaware 1

    Nipple changes noticed, should i worry?

    As a 49 yr old who has NEVER had a proper breast check, ive recently noticed that i have mild on and off again pain in my left nipple. I noticed too that when i place my left arm behind my head to feel the breast, the colour and shape of my nipple changes. The colour drains from the areola and i

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  • louise15240 2

    Breast lump

    I've been to doctor today who has referred me for scan as I found a pea sized lump in my left breast .It's hard and moveable . I'm going out my mind with worry and don't think I can cope with the 2 week wait .did says she don't think it's cancer but referring me anyway. Just need a chat cause I can'

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  • louise15240 2

    Pea sized lump in breast

    Hi , I'm im 37 and suffer from health aniexty for the past 6 years . Last night I was self checking my breasts like I do do all the time and I found a small firm pea size lump in left breast ,it does move slightly .anyone offer advice please on what it could be .Iam going to doctors Monday morning

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  • nicole29679 2

    Sharp Breast Pain & Back Pain

    Hello all, Been having sharp electric like pains in my left breast for a few months now, I brushed then off as I am only 29 and my hormones are completely out of whack. Sometimes there is burning pain as well. Well for the past dew weeks I have been having very strong back pain in the upper back,...

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  • hay1990 2

    Recurring breasts infections

    Does anybody have any experience with recurring breast infections, with a good outcome feel like eventually I will be told it is something bad after all Thanks x

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  • fozzierach11 2

    should I be worried

    I'm 28 and have 3 children. With my last pregnancy about a year and a half ago I stopped lactating very quickly which at the time i didnt find that strange as with the other two it wasn't long after. Since last Aug I noticed one of my nipples had slightly turned in. There was slight discharge from

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  • Whtcar03 2

    Please help. Cyst ???

    I have this cyst type thing on my breast. It feels rubbery. My anxiety is at its highest. It always seems dermal almost. How do I attach a pic ? Can it be done on a mobile device?

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  • anna37722 2
  • ella14984 2

    White lump on the top of my nipple help I'm only 16

    So I've had a white lump on the top of my nipple for about 6 months now or as long as I can really remember. I've even tried cutting it with scissors but it just makes it bleed and hurts too much so I don't. If I squeeze nothing happens but it's at it's most visible when my nipple is hard- when it'

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  • Fabledcentaur 2

    White/clear substance from nipples

    So I have this clear/white substance that comes out of my nippers only when I squeeze my breasts I've never experienced it leaking out itself. I was wondering if this is normal as I've never really heard anybody talk about such a thing before.

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  • NeveDiamond 1

    Weird breast smell all of a sudden?

    Every time i wear bras, after a few minutes they smell really strange, its like a sweaty/soury smell of sorts?? but i never sweat so i dont know why they smell weird. when i dont wear a bra it doesnt smell anything. should i start wearing a sports bra instead?

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  • keisha19 1

    Extreme breast pain

    Hey everyone i was wondering if anyone could help? Ive had many pregnancy symptoms but took a home test & was negative also went to the doctors & it was negative. I jist got off the depo preva shot from 1 year & usually i get a period until i get my next shot but it stopped. Now im confused if the

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  • mansi81346 1

    found a cist in my breast.

    I found a cist in my breast around a year ago. It has been fine and did not show any signs of changing shape or having pain. I'm scared to visit a doctor as it could be somehting serious. But for a few days now, I feel it has increased in size a bit and I can feel a dull ache arising from time to

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  • janelle52586 1

    Pain in my lower left breast

    Hi, I was just wondering, I had this uncomfortable feeling in my lower left breast, everytime I'll breathe deep (inhale) there is this weird pain.I even tried to touch if there is any lump, but nothing is there. The pain comes anytime, if I am going to move or do something I felt a short pain, what

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  • neecee35 1

    Dense Breast - pain in left breast

    I went the beginning of the year for my yearly and it came back with an irregular reading on the mamogram.  So i went in for another exam (ultrasound and 3d) and i have dense breasts.  My aunt was diagnosed with ductile cancer years ago.  Anyway, they said nothing to be concerned about, we will see

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  • hannahmandala 1
  • Allybeano66 1

    Breast Cancer

    Hi , everyone ,I would like some advice please ? 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer Her 2 ,Stage 3, tumour size 8 cm and under went A mastectomy .It is nearly 3 years on and I have a dull ache in my breast and under my armpit I am constantly tired and I'm now 50 years of age . Any ideas

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  • caro16662 2

    Breast trouble in nearly 18 year old daughter

    My daughter is nearly 18. She has pain in the side of her breast, and has heat underneath and around the nipple. She has a piercing in that nipple (which I absolutely do not agree with, in case people think I am a bad parent). I am trying to tell her it is the piercing but she says there is no pain

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  • watesey 2

    Underarm Pain

    Where do I start. Hoping someone can put my mind at rest. In January, I had a nasty virus which led to chest pains, feeling terrible, palpitations, went to doctors, had ECG and bloods, all normal. Was taking Cerazette mini pill at time, stopped taking it. Started feeling a little better, started

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  • Anna05 1

    25 y/o, reddish/purple-ish patches on breasts, worried!

    Hello all, I am a 25 y/o Caucasian female (5'5, 200 lbs, 42DD breasts). Besides my weight, I am healthy. I have been normal weight (140 lbs, 36D breasts) all my life until I gained 80 lbs between September 2013 and December 2014 due to severe depression. At my heaviest, I weighed 220 lbs. Now I am

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  • Paige087 1

    Nipple pain

    So I'm 18 and yesterday I realized that my nipple is sore to the touch but only one not both, it doesn't hurt if I don't touch it but it worried me so much the whole day I kept feeling aroundto see where it hurt and if it still did. I think because I was touching it so much there is slight bruising/

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  • doo41061 2

    Can IBC spread to the second breast?

    My GP is starting to suspect IBC (or possibly Paget's disease - I have symptoms of both) but is putting me on another weeks lot of antibiotics to see if it will go before I get a referral. I've been having symptoms for about 6 months and I've recently found that symptoms have started to appear on

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  • Yojo72 1

    Breast Pain...related to chest pain?

    I'm 44 yrs old and had my first mammogram in Oct as a precaution due to having a greenish discharge in right breast. I took antibiotics which cleared the suspected infection. Also had ultrasound on right breast. Was told they saw a couple lymph nodes and benign in all it was normal. A

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  • amy49334 1

    Breast marks

    I have noticed a faint mark on my lower left breast. I think I have had it for a few months, I use to asume it was a mark and rub it off, but I recently realised it is actually a permanent mark. It is very faint but noticeable, it looks like a fainst bruise, but I have no pain from it and I do not

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  • karen20297 3

    Lumpy breasts

    Do breasts feel lumpy especially underneath? I'm 54 and can feel lots of soft lumps and bumps. They feel like ridges and are mobile.

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  • spurce 2

    Long term pain

    Is anyone here suffering with chronic cyclical breast pain along with breast lumps long term? I have been suffering with this for years and I'd love to know what treatments have been used and if anything fixed it?

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  • bethany1993 1

    tender breasts but not pregnant?

    For the last 2 months my breasts have been very tender and painful, people have noticed they look fuller and i'm growing out of my normal bra size. I've also lost weight so i know it's not due to weight It can't be pregnancy because i've been having my Can anyone help me because

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  • tina37654 1

    Teen-Aged daughter woke up with painful lump in breast

    My 17 yo daughter woke up several days ago and complained about her breast being very sore and tender. She showed me that there is a soft and VERY tender harder than normal spot on her breast. There is no discoloration of her skin, she is not sexually active either. She does suffer with ovarian

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  • pamela84004 3

    After Breast Surgery

    I had a lumpectomy, followed by chemo, and then radiotherapy, I have read somewhere that there is a tablet available  that can or should be given to patients that are  called "high risk" meaning that if they have had the procedure that I have they help to prevent it coming back??? am I wrong?? if

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  • heidre59752 1

    left breast tender and extremely sore. HELP

    Hi guys I am all the way from south africa. i am 23 years old and have the thought that i might be pregnant. my areolas have changed from light to completely dark color. but my left breast is extremely sore. i cannot press on the areas around my areola nor can i press my nipple. the area around

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  • beck3076 3
  • sweetk 2

    One breast is sore and tender

    I have never in my life had sore breasts before period. Last month though, before my period (Feb 15th) my left boob got tender and sore. I thought it was weird since as I said I have never experienced it with my periods or in general with my breasts ever. The tenderness and soreness seemed to

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  • Nadine3223 1

    Pain in breast worried if cyst has been popped!!

    A few years ago I found a lump in my right breast I got it checked and got my results back all was OK just a benign cyst thankfully. A few months ago I got attacked. I am OK just a little worried as my lump in my breast is sore to the touch and even worse just before a period. I'm a little

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