Breast Sensation/Discomfort in Right Breast Only. Anxious.

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I am 39 years old. No children. About a month ago I had a strange sensation in my right breast, really out of nowhere. It comes and goes but is very consistent and always there. The feelings is pretty much all over my breast. I have felt a pinching weird sensation that shoots down my arm sometimes. Like pinching or pressure. No lumps that I have found. This month it has mellowed but I have had bouts of burning, intense tingling, almost like an inner itch? Tickling, prickly too. Also, feelings of heaviness and at points it felt like my boob was infected from the inside ( feelings/sensations ) but everything looks normal. I've had a few episodes of shooting pain, sometimes burning. I've noticed these sensations around ovulation and into my PMS window but the feeling lingers even after my period. I know what period boobs feel like but this is new --- mostly just a overall strange sensation, not so much painful but a lot of discomfort in my ONE TIT. I am sure anxiety is elevating my symptoms.

After 2 weeks of this, I was able to get an appointment at the breast clinic. I received a mammogram and a breast ultrasound. My doctor cleared me and said my breasts look normal. I am completely stumped and am still very anxious about it. What could this be? I'm hoping that it will just go away but I am keeping an eye on it. I have a follow up in a few months with my GYNO.

Hormonal? Nerves? Diet? Allergies? Ageing? Pre cancerumours growing?? Dr.Google is terrible and i can't seem to find any information on what I am experiencing. It all points to cancer. The fact that I've spent an entire month on the internet searching has led me here to post a discussion. I'm not sure if it is useful but I'd grasping for some piece of mind.

Has anyone had this experience?

Thanks for reading this.


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    Your mammogram has indicated that you are fine so I guess you are just becoming fixated on this feeling which most women will experience in their lifetime.Stop Googling and stop thinking "cancer".Try taking Evening Primrose oil capsules every day. They are excellent for relieving breast tenderness.

    You may have even strained one of the underlying chest muscles.

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    Ive been dealing with the same thing for months. Its my right breast only. How are you now?

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    wow! I have a very similar problem, also right breast...awaiting breast clinic appointment

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    Sounds similar to my experience, I am also a similar age. I too am grasping for some piece of mind.

    Has your doctor come up with any diagnosis?

    I too am 'clutching at straws' and having been googling which is why i am here.

    I would be interested to know what advice you have received as I have very similar symptoms - an inner trickling feeling in one breast and suddenly dry and itchy nipple (although this is controllable with a good dose of lanolin cream).I also don't appear to have a lump but have been reading the symptoms of paget's nipple disease and am worried.

    The doctors don't seem to be in any hurry to see me due to covid restrictions still in place and doctors self isolating. It's impossible to correctly diagnose something like this over the phone! However any advice you can give based on your experience would be greatly appreciated at this time. Thanks - and hope you get better soon.

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    Hi everyone , so brief history my sister passed away 18 months ago of breast cancer , I have had my first mammogram at the age of 51 the end of June last year which was thankfully all clear but in the last couple of months my right boob has had pain in it on and off but particularly when laying on it . I have just been to GPs today she felt both no lumps or dimples or change in the way they look but she did feel a slight thickening in right boob and because of my sister and also my aunty having a precancerous breast issue when she was in her late 50s she has referred me to breast clinic hopefully will be in a couple of weeks . ( my aunty BTW is alive and well and 78 years old ) . I'm glad I've been referred but also bricking it so it's like a double edged sword . I'm also perimenopausal and having hormone fluctuations which are proving difficult . I am sure there are many non cancerous conditions to do with boobs but it is very hard not to worry and use Dr Google isn't it 🥺

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    oh yes. Sounds like me only in my left breast and Im post meno now and 59. Ive had two clear mammograms and been given no answers other than non cyclical pain yet worry every dingle day. I hope you are ok now?

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