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I found a lump in my right breast over a week ago and on further examination also what I believe to be a small cyst on the side (have had one before) so forward to this week I had an appointment with my GP. He started by saying lumps are benign cysts ect.. During the examination he started feeling and very briefly acknowledged the lump and continued examining, he noted the cyst on the side and went back to the larger lump, he said nothing whilst examining it or anything to suggest it was a benign lump absolutely nothing! After the examination was over he said he would refer me quickly to the breast clinic and told me to try not to worry and that if I hadn't been seen within 2 weeks to call him straight back! The fact he made zero comment about the lump being harmless ect has left me terrified that he suspects it could be cancerous. I'm a single mum with a young daughter and I just can't help but think the worst - I'm so scared and would very much appreciate if anyone can perhaps offer some advise or a way of coping while I'm waiting. Thanks very much xx

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    Hi littlelis

    All breast lumps are scarey, I have had a couple myself which turned out to be nothing to worry about, thankfully, & I really hope that this turns out to be the case for you. It bothers me that you dr didn't offer you any explination or re-assureance whilest he was examining you, perhaps when you go for your results you could see a different one.

    I was  a single parent myself the first time I found a lump & with no family support was more worried about what would happen to my children if anything should happen to me, Whilest you fear for yourself please try & act normally in front of your children, they will keep you going & give you the strength to get through this. 

    I hope you get your appointment thorugh soon,

    Take care & good luck x

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      Thanks Karen, I'm glad you commented on the doctor not offering any reassurance as that is what is worrying me the most. I have a really good relationship with my GP because of a health issue I've had over the past 4 years and he always offers some kind of suggestion when I see him, and the fact that he acknowledged the cyst as being a cyst but said nothing about the main lump is what I am finding particularly bothersome. I should have pressed him on it but I have a great or not so great way of smiling through things and nodding along!! My daughter is giving me the strength to not fall apart and she knows absolutely nothing about what is happening, which is why I came on here to offload a bit and get some advice, so I really appreciate your response smile Thanks Karen xx
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    im going through the same thing at the moment, found a lump, waiting for mammogram. It's a horrible experience but try to remember that most lumps are not cancer. My GP didn't say anything to me either during or after the examination. I suppose it's very difficult for them and if they were to reassure you and then it did turn out to be something not nice, then you could lose all trust in your GP.

    phone the breast clinic, try and get a cancellation. The sooner you are seen the sooner, hopefully, your mind will be put at rest. Good luck.

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      Thanks Deb, yeah I guess that makes sense about my GP not wanting to offer reassurance just in case... and maybe he simply didn't know one way or another so just kept quiet.

      How long did you have to wait to get your appt at the breast clinic, I only saw my GP on Thursday so haven't heard anything from the clinic yet, am hoping to hear in next couple of days. x

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      Hi, I saw my GP on the Monday and phoned breast clinic on Tuesday and got cancellation on the Wednesday. Still waiting mammogram though, but will chase tomorrow. Have you had any luck yet?
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      Hi Deb, my appt is for next Tuesday, have phoned and asked to be put on a cancellation list so hoping I won't have to wait another week.

      This waiting is torture as I'm sure you know only to well and I'm due to be going on holiday in just over 2 weeks although right now that's the last thing on my mind.

      How are you holding up? xx

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      I suppose very similar to you. The anxiety takes a real hold every now and again. I have to deep breathe!

      I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. Hopefully in a few weeks we will both have good news.


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      Absolutely Deb, good news all round would be fantastic... I shall be keeping everything crossed for you also.

      And if over the coming days/weeks you need to talk or just someone that understands the agony of the waiting and uncertainty just msg me xx

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      Hi Deb,

      Thought I'd just get in touch and see how things are going with you. Did you manage to get your mammogram sorted out?

      Had my appt today and main lump was a cyst but had to have biopsy done in the area of what I originally assumed was a small cyst, so have to go back for results in a week.

      Trying to stay positive and keep busy, hope everything is ok with you x

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      I finally had my mamogram today, now have got to wait for results. Everything seems to take so long when you are worried. Hopefully the biopsied lump will too be a cyst. I'm trying to keep occupied but I feel so exhausted at the moment, maybe because of the worry. Let me know how you get on and I will you too.

      take care.


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    I was just about to say the same thing, phone the breast clinic/ appointment booking dept, get yr name down on the cancellation list, it's what I did,  and got a cancellation ( phoned fri. Got app mon at 9.20-am) week lst fri,  worth makin that call. Good luck, and don't google it. This was the best peice of advice I was given.  Liz
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      Thanks Elizabeth, too late for the Google advice I'm afraid, although being able to come on this forum and chat with women who have or unfortunately are going through the same situation is really helpful. It's nice to be offered a different perspective and get advice/chat with women who understand how you are feeling. Thinks I'll call the clinic tomorrow and see what they say. So is your appt tomorrow? xx
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    No had it week lst Monday, had mamogram b4 and it was a cyst,  I knew what to look 4as my mam unfortunately had breast cancer.  My lump turned out to be a cyst,  that was in May,  but week lst thurs found another bigger lump. Went bk to my go who sent me bk dwn to local hosp. After I phoned the bookin office and was told waitin list was for 4-6weeks,  couldn't wait that long so I asked to be put on cancellation list. And luckily had a cancellation for the following Monday.  Had another ultrasound scan and the leg lump turned out to be a number of small cysts, so I've got to keep an eye on it .  
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      Glad to hear it was cysts and not something more serious and very sorry to hear about your mum. I will take your advice and call tomorrow, I haven't been given an appt yet but am sure they will have received the referral. Thanks for taking the time to respond Elizabeth xx

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