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I have suffered with large breasts (32/34JJ) for 10 years now and I have suffered physically and mentally for too long. I took a massive leap (personally for me anyway) and went to see the GP. I couldn't speak about it, I have never spoken about it before to anyone, I had to write it down in a letter almost for him to read. From that he could see how low I have been for years about this and I now feel my young children are missing out on life because them. They are the cause of all my misery and have been for many years. My back and neck aches 24:7, the skin underneath are all bruised from wearing my bra. 

Anyhow I now have a referral to see a consultatant at St Helens Hospital. I would like to know if anyone out there has been through this process and can enlighten me to the next steps so I can mentally prepare myself of whats ahead. 

I really hope that getting this appointment puts me in great sted for a BR, I am so scared to get my hopes up as it would destroy me if I get knocked back. I was 14 stone, however even when i was 10 stone i remained the same bra size, I find myself being over weight to try and take the attention away from my breasts, sad I know, but it has helped!

Sorry for going just means a lot to me and I would like this nightmare over with and I would enjoy a full nights sleep for once! 

Thank you,

Em x

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    Hi Em

    BR on the NHS is almost non existent now, I've suffered for many years with big bibs 30H, I'm 46 now and my back and neck are in constant pain, so well done on getting your appointment,

    im booked in for my op next week but am paying myself as it was easier than fighting the system.

    When I first went to the consultant he asked why I wanted the op, we spoke a little about what size I'd like to be and what size he thought I should be, i initially said a D/DD, but have since gone with his advice on being a B/C, he explained the procedure, shown me some before/after pics of ops he had done, You will have to talk about it and quite possibly undress so you can be examined, I'm sure the NHS follow the same procedure.

    the second appointment I was examined again and lots of measurements were taken so that a full view could be taken on how much work was being done.

    i am around 10.5 stone, but even when I was lower my boobs just looked bigger, the consultant said I will never lose my weight from them. 

    if you google Breast Reduction ops, there are a lot of things that guide you on what to ask and a lot of help and advice, on here there is a thread from a lady called Yvonne, I spoke to her at the beginning about it and she was a great comfort.

    Also, read the Gail Porter interview and if you can watched the programme she was on last week, it goes through her op and prepares you a bit for whars in store.

    im both scared and excited at the minute, but and literally counting down the hours!!

    take care


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      Hello Julie,

      thank you for spending the time to reply.

      Does this appointment sound promising then do you think, does this sound like I have the funding?

      It is much more easier to get funding for the enhancement but not for the reduction which isn't quite fair is it, most of us who want the br seem to have suffered with some form of sexual harassment because of them.

      That's brilliant that you have gone private, I just have the money at the moment with you young kids who are missing out on a lot at the minute because I am struggling to do day to day things.

      I'm a bit scared of looking at that as I'm very squeamish. I'll have to get over it for this though haha.

      Good luck with your op and I am sure that it will open the door to a happier life.

      I read an article and he stated from the research etc that nothing resolves everything we go through other than having a br. I'll fig hr to he'll and back. I'm just a but overweight as having a baby in April, doing my best to shift it. I do have pictures of when I was 10.5 stone and they still remained the same size.

      All the best and let me know how you get on if you ever get the chance please.

      Emma x

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      Hi Emma

      You've certainly got a lot further than I have so fingers crossed for you, my doctor just blanked me from the beginning and said that the NHS do not fund reductions, it is so unfair, especially when they give gastric bands out like they are going out of fashion, it isn't my doing that my bust is so large!!

      I have had to loan the money and have been given a contribution from my step dad which has helped, I have been putting it off for years due to cost, but the pain is just too much now so unfortunately the new car is on hold sad

      Do watch/read the Gail Porter story, it's really not that bad, undressing in front of the consultant upset me more tbh, my good old everyday comfy discolured bra and big droopy boobs, (one of which he pointed out is significantly larger than the other), but he does see them everyday I suppose.

      I've tried loads of exercises, diets and the rest, the ony thing is, if you are overweight at the minute they may stall on the op, but I'd certainly take all your old pictures in to prove that even when slim your boobs are still too big, not sure where your back pain is, but my chiropractor "hinted" that breast back pain is mid back, sort of under your bra fastenings, I'd never really noticed that pain until he said, my shoulders cause me the most discomfort tbh.

      Let me know how you get on and once I'm up to it next week, I will post my story as reading other peoples stories have helped me loads.

      Good luck xx


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      Hello again Julie,

      Lovely to hear from you. Whereabouts are you? I'm in the north west heard it varies over the UK. Yes i am with you on that, we suffer physically and mentally day in day out.

      Yes they never changed, I bought a bra online, 34j put it on today and it's way too small, not happy at all argh!

      Nothing helps with the pain does it, tried physio painkillers etc. Tiring and frustrating.

      Yes I'll have a look this evening.

      I will, shall I repost or can you do messages on here? This time next week I'll be so anxious all over one appointment that could lead to getting my life back. I can't imagine how you must feel

      I wish you all the best for your op and I look forward to hearing from you again

      Take care,

      Emma x

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      Hi Emma

      I'm in Nottingham.  Have  you tried Bravissimo, they are a bit pricey but really do measure well and I've had some lovely bra's from there.

      I think we may as well keep this thread going, although I might start another discussion once I've had my op.

      I'm not sure if there is a private message facility on here, if people don't like our discussions they can skip by them or report us !!

      Good luck xx



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    Hi Ladies

    I came across your discussion today as I am seriously thinking of having breast reduction. I hope both of your appointments have gone well as you've not written anything else in this forum? I have spoken to my Dr a couple of times about this, and both times I have been told that I cannot have it done on the NHS which I can fully understand, but she will not give me any other information and has told me to look online?!

    I am thinking of talking to a different Dr to see if they can help me with more information, but I am kind of bricking it to be honest. Just the thought of the op makes me feel very nervous. I've had a knee op, twice and an emergency C-section, but the thought of this op is really getting to me, even though I've been very unhappy about the size of my breasts for years. I used to be a 34DD but have gone up to 34H. I have lost most of my baby weight now and want to lose another few pounds, but my boobs won't reduce in size at all, grrr.

    Thanks for reading this, if you do, and hopefully you will let me know how you both got on at your appointments and how your op went Julie, I hope all is ok?

    Kind Regards 



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      Hi Helen

      i too was told that I couldn't have the op on the NHS, so ended up paying £7k to have it done privately.

      i am almost two weeks post op and tbh my main gripe is lack of sleep!!

      The op itself is relatively straightforward and my wounds are glued together instead of stitched which is a bit weird, I have gone form a 30h to a slightly large C cup, the swelling will go down and I should be a B/C cup.

      Unless you like sleeping on your back that is the worst pain as I find it so uncomfortable, the bruising is quite severe in the first few days but has now dulled to a grotty yellow!!

      Things do look a little odd as I didn't know what I really expected to see, however all the neck/houlder pain I had been experiencing has gone, but in time all this will settle.

      I'm going back to work today for a few hours so am going to test driving out too!!

      Main thing is do lots of research and make sure it is for you, I seriously don't think I'll regret having it done.

      Take care xx


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      Hi Helen,

      You can it's just really difficult to get it done. I was referred to the plastic surgeon. I went and seen him and was quite positive.

      He told me that wouldn't operate until baby was one, and my bmi down to below 25 so I'm working on that, five months to go until baby is one.

      Try a different Dr, so I'm keeping positive from now on. It is a daunting prospect but I have to realise that the benefits outweigh all this suffering.

      Hope you've seen another Dr since posting.

      Emma xx

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      Hi Julie

      This is wonderful news, I'm sure you will feel much better in another week or so! Your so brave.

      I dare not think of it as I get far too excited at the prospect of having a happy pain free life again.

      I'm glad to hear from you again

      Emma x

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