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Beginning of December I came down with a cough and cold which lasted until first week of Jan. Just as the cough was going I noticed a lump on my chest, left side, between my collarbone and top of breast. Its hard, painless and doesn't move. I also started to get some breathing difficulties at this point too, struggling to take a deep breath, being very out of breath doing just basic things. With the breathing issues Ive also chest pains, sharp pains that come and go, twinges and just a general feeling of tight and heavy chest.

I went to the GP who listened to my chest and said it was clear and advised to carry on as usual and to come back if my breathing didn't improve when the cough goes. I mentioned the lump but she didn't look at it.

10 days later I return after the cough going and still feeling out of breath. Listened to chest and done obs again, all came back fine so was told to leave it until Friday, this was Monday, and again if still feeling same go back. This visit the GP did take a look at the lump and told me I was part of my body?!! Even thou know it isn't and did say this to her at the time.

So back again on the Friday with the same complaints, at this point another lump had come up, about an inch above the first. When she felt both lumps this visit she then admitted they were lumps and she was wrong before about it being part of my body. She didn't have any answers as to what the lumps were. She gave me antibiotics and said as I still couldn't breath properly she'll treat it as a chest infection, even tho she did say my chest sounded clear!

The antibiotics finished on Friday and I still feel the same, still struggling to catch my breath, still got the lumps there. I also have been getting terrible headaches and just generally feeling unwell, achy joints, neck and shoulder ache (mainly on left side, same side as lumps), very tired, no appetite, feeling shaky.

Can anyone else relate? Whenever I search the symptoms it brings up lymphoma.

Needless to say ill be going back to the GP tomorrow.

Sorry for the long post!

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    No need to apologize for a long post, it's good to get it off your chest. Firstly I would like to say that I think your doctor has been negligent and unprofessional regarding the lump that you asked her about. NEVER BE FOBBED OFF WITH ANTI BIOTICS! My doctor looked at a small lump that I found behind my ear and immediately admitted that he had no idea what it was and referred me to someone who would be able to diagnose it. As it happened it turned out to be lymphoma and because we caught it so early treatment was minimal, thanks to my G.P.! That is not to say that you have lymphoma but it should be ruled out as soon as possible to put your mind at rest. My advice to you is to change doctors, you need a biopsy for an accurate diagnosis. Good luck and keep in touch. And get a new doctor!

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      Thanks for the reply. I saw a different doctor today, she said my chest is clear and no signs of infection. She's given me an inhaler to take when I feel out of breath and I'm having bloods taken tomorrow, the usual stuff and to check for a clotting disorder in the lungs, although she says I'm not in the high risk category for it. She doesn't know why I'm feeling breathless.

      She had a look at the lumps and isn't concerned as she said they feel small. I'm gonna keep an eye on them tho.

      Did you ever have other lumps come up or was it just the one behind your ear?

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      I had a pea size lump behind my left ear found while washing my hair in the shower. When I went for my referral appointment the doctor found 2 more below it. I had a biopsy a week later, the original lump removed and was told a week after that that I had lymphoma. I was sent to a haematologist who diagnosed Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, R-chop chemotherapy commenced a few weeks later followed by radiotherapy. The only way to diagnose a suspicious lump is with a biopsy, usually followed by an MRI scan.
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      Thanks for the reply. Whilst itching behind my ear earlier I found a small lump, almost on my hair line. I cant say ive noticed it before or whether I'm just over noticing stuff now!

      Do you mind me asking if you had any other symptoms and if so what were they?

      Its strange as over the weekend I could barely catch my breath and really struggled to take any deep breaths but the last few days I'm feeling better, not 100% but not struggling for breath anymore. The only difference is that at the weekend I had a few drinks. Could that of somehow affected my chest and breathing? Anyone know if its connected or whether I'm just getting loads of random symptoms haha

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      You really need to get these lumps checked out properly. Although I had very few symptoms some of the more common ones are itching, drenching night sweats, weight loss. Get a biopsy done. Let me know.

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