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Haematological Disorders

New discussion Join group Also known as Bone Marrow Disorders, Common Variable Immunodeficiency, Eosinophilia, Favism, G6PD Deficiency, Gaucher's Disease, Hereditary Spherocytosis, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Immunodeficiency, Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, Neutropenia, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Porphyria, Sickle Cell Disease, Thalassaemia, Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome, XLP - X-Linked Lymphoproliferative Syndrome

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  • leahstaub 1

    Frequent fevers (every 3 wks)&swollen lymph nodes over a yr

    I'm a 26 year old female. All of this started last year when I continued getting sick. Fevers, pink eye, UTIs, etc. My lymph nodes were inflamed and have remained the same since. For some reason, the symptoms went away for about 5 months. Then in March, I got a chest infection which turned into pneumonia....

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  • lydia 87192 2
  • kurt19299 3

    Need help, ongoing symptoms

    22 year old male Got sick with some sort of virus in august 2016 dr assumed glandular fever but was never tested positive only positive to previous infection.. ever since i have had a fair few enlarged nodes around my neck and throat. Many different infections and viruses since than, Symptoms are Chest...

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  • harrishill1 4

    Hot lushes when we have PV

    Hi everyone. Just want to add to the discussion. I had hot flushes before being diagnosed with PV. In fact, when the Hematologist diagnosed me, he asked if I had night sweats and hot flushes. I said yes. Since he put me on Hydroxyurea, I still get hot flushes, most often whenever I clean house, or do...

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  • JoyKF53 4

    Hot flushes after chemo

    I'm a 63 year old female who finished the menopause some time ago. I finished chemo and radiotherapy for stage 1a DLBCL 8 months ago but have some odd symptoms. The main one is hot flushes! Can't be the menopause as that was over before diagnosis; the only other thing I can think of is stress as I've...

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  • Law1104 1

    Thrombocytopenia, Neutropenia and left shifted myeloid

    Hi,  I was wondering if anyone might have the same issues as me and may have had a possible diagnosis.  I have persistent thromboctopenia and neutropenia. I had a bone marrow biopsy taken in 2014 and was diagnosed with predominant left shifted myeloid and megakaryoctic series. I am again being referred...

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  • paul21053 2

    Raised iga

    hello I've had a full blood test done which has come back with a high iga of 5.8, I have been suffering from gerd for 6 months and doctor is putting the result down to that but I'm worried sick it could be something else is a high iga something to worry about

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  • lab1999 2

    sickle cell traits

    I am AA and my wife is AS,and I have four children,two carry the trait(AS),one is Free(AA) and the other one is SS(sickle cell disease),how possible is it? Am confused .I gone through the statistical analysis but could not get out of the disarray.

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  • asv35092 2

    Want some help

    I am having lot of swollen lymph nodes near groin from 7 years..they doesn't cause any pain normally...but when I do more work by my legs they cause pain and their size gets increased after sometime they return to normal size and doesn't cause any pain I am worried about it.please someone help me

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  • harrishill1 4


    Hi James. I did some research online. Apparently neck glands and lymph node swelling can be caused by viruses or bacterial infections. Your doctor shd check you for thoise before being worried about cancer. If it was caused by cancer your blood tests shd reflect that. Hope you can find out all of that....

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  • Gale777 2
  • lyssa19958 2

    Swollen hard occipital lymph node over a year. Help

    To make things brief. Im extremely terrified. Ive been having the C-word scares for over 3 years first it was when i find out i had a lump in my breast after i had my 2 kids, and find out it was a fibroadenoma a benign tumor and been constantly checking my body for any lumps and bumps since then one...

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  • JamesMay1 2
  • jaydee456 2

    Autoimmune Neutropenia rash

    Hello I have had Rheumatoid arthritst since 1888 however about 18 months ago I discovered I had a low white cell count of 0.8. I was feeling really unwell and that had dropped to 0.3 and I had the weirdest markings on my legs. My rheumatolgist thought it might be my hydroxychloroquine so took me off...

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  • Bherod 2

    Unusual bruising and bleeding under skin

    Has anyone ever taken lamictal and cymbalta together for a long period of time and started noticing unusual bruising or bleeding under the skin . This is especially happening in my shin area. I'm really going crazy trying to find out what's causing this . I've even been to hematologist and all labs came...

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  • phil86178 2

    Need advice on symptoms

    Hello all I've recently noticed I seem to bruise a lot easier. I'm 24 so find it quite strange . I also have tread veins on my legs and hips as well as a dry skin patch on my left thigh. I have several bruises on both legs , hips and arms . I'm currently moving house carrying heavy things etc...

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  • pauline 64323 3

    10 months post tlhr

    Hi folks,need a bit of advice. I'm 10 months post tlhr, it still feels rlly tight,also feel my op leg is twisted and turning 2 the right,going upstairs is rlly uncomfortable,other people have noticed i am still limping wen i walk,last yr at 10 weeks follow up app,surgeon said i had a twisted pelvis,...

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  • Estrellas 1
  • gail06111 2

    Signs of leukaemia

    Hello, My 31 son just received a phone call indicating his white blood cells are high or low sorry i can not recall. But my question is. He started having night sweats July 2016 still on going, liver seems to swell and it hurts around that area, horrible acne, mouth pain it swells as well. Is there...

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  • harrishill1 4


    Hi, thanks for the positive comments. I try to reply to the person in question, but somnetimes the screen gives me the wrong place to reply, so I just put my comments on, and hope the person in question sees them. harrishill

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  • JamesMay1 2
  • burner 2

    porphyria...ever heard of this?

    So my DR calls and says I have porphyrins in my 24hr urine test.  I need to go to a hematologist.  There isn't a whole lot of info on this and frankly kind of freaked out a bit.  I have been having a lot of gut issues lately along with fatigue...= apparently I may have a rare genetic blood disorder....anone...

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  • jackie 52126 2

    irritation all over body at night

    I have been diagnosed with WM and am on watch and wait.Again, I am getting up from bed because I can't stand the twitching irritation I can feel all over my body.I can't call it an itch, it is as though  there is something in my blood  (which there is) making me feel like irritable leg syndrome but all...

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  • JamesMay1 2

    Information regarding biopsies?

    I'm getting another potential melanoma removed, this time off my chest, and I was wondering if it is cancerous and they have to test my lymph nodes, how would they do that since the nearest lymph node to the mole is inside my chest among my internal organs. Anyone who's been through something similar...

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  • melie2 2

    High Platelets and low MPV???

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure I'm in the right forum for this type of problem... if not, could someone direct me to the right place?  Here's my situation... Any advise would be greatly appreciated.  I've been having all kinds of symptoms for the past 2 months for which I have taken many tests to find out...

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  • pau1200 2

    Trying to understand results

    Hi, Hope this is the best place, I have been having routine blood tests for the last 3 years as my wbc has been elevated, it hovers between 10.4 to 17 with the neutrophils being the cell type that is high. I am also hugely over weight and have high esr 43 and Crp 32. A haematologist has been contacted...

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  • rowel123 3

    Just curious?

    Is it normal for a lymph node that was once painful, and after taking antibiotics it is not painful no more?

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  • Poolaf 1

    Persistent Lymph nodes for over 3 years

    Hello, I am a 14 year old male with lymph nodes for roughly 3 years. I can vaguely remember the time where I felt my first node pop up near the back of my neck when I was 11 or 12. During that time I had no clue what a lymph node was and why there was this mysterious bump on the back of my neck. Slowly,...

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  • ra66772 2

    swollen lymph nodes in neck

    Hi all i've had a firm  swollen lymph node for some time under my chin and in the last 3 month have felt really ill and noticed other nodes popping up all over my neck that go down during the day leaving the two large ones at either side of the jaw bone inflammed which is pretty much constant. The doctor...

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  • pat69708 2
  • donnyk 1

    Painless swollen lymph nodes on the right side of my neck.

    Hi all, so I'm due for my yearly physical examination tomorrow, and recently I have found two enlarged lymph nodes on my neck and behind my jaw/below the ear. Both are painless, about the size of a small marble and soft and rubbery to the touch. I'm also a 24 year old white male with a history repeated...

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  • Reylleh 1

    Low Absolute Reticulocyte Count with Anemia

    Hello, I'm new to this site and wonder if someone can offer some advice. I'm seeing a Hematologist for chronic anemia and to try to find out what the cause is. I just got some of the results back, the others (LDH and Coombs Test Direct, Haptoglobin) will take a couple of weeks to come back. My Reticulocyte...

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  • tanya18072 2
  • HeatherP143 2

    Feeling Desperate.. Swollen Lymph Nodes 8 Months

    Hi All! I am a 27 y/o female and I have had swollen/achey lymph nodes since February 2016. I am typically not a very sickly person, and rarely go to the doctor. In February I began feeling "off" - have muscle aches and pains, feeling of swollen lymph nodes in my neck, and just feeling generally unwell....

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  • tanya18072 2

    Pain after chemotherapy

    hi my mother has just had chemo and she is doing really well no sickness this time. This is her first set of 6 sessions but now after 10 days she is having pain in her stomach ( which is were her lymphoma is ) is this normal ? Many thanks 

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