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Well, work are now trying to get me off on Ill health due to my absents from work. The work doctor has very kindly recommended this to my employer - nice one, not. He gave a completely different recommendation in Feb. Both my consultants and doctor say I can do some sort of work....confident in time I can go back to my Job I was employed to do. 

Waiting now for my employers to talk to the work doctor, last thing I need, the extra stress. 

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    Hi Joanne I know that feeling I was in exactly the same position as you. If you can get your union involved if not or Acas. You have rights under the disability at work act. 

    It it can only help for so long your employer has to make reasonable part time or working rom home. I have recently been made remnant but only because it's been going on for two years and they were going to dismiss me on medical grounds, I could have fort it but union got me a good severance package. Hope this helps 

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      My Union are involved, my work won't look at reasonable adjustments at present because of what the work doctor told him...they did redeploy me back last July for 8 weeks doing a Mon - Fri 7 hour days and I was managing on that, no sick leave was taken....but my 'normal job' is 12 hours safety critical. Getting up at 0400, home at 1900 wasn't helping this condition at all. 

      Still waiting on the 2nd report from the work doctor. As a lot of people know on this site, we don't get a lot of support as people don't understand the condition. 

      ill let you know :-) 

      thanks for the reply, hope you are keeping well.


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    I'm so sorry your going through this , consider these questions to ask yourself and then your doctor and employer. Be Careful and cautious.

    What policy of health and safety does your company have in regards to staff.

    Are you in charge of or near any sort of machinery or stairs where you work?

    Do your attacks cause self injury ie at home burning yourself? Falling.

    Forgetting tasks? Forgetting basic processors or computer, cooking? Even

    comprehension when trying to read and retain? Can you stand and walk during an attack without support or go up stairs? Are you in any way a threat to yourself injury wise or others? Sorry to ask this but do you drive?

    If any of these factors are valid in your case ask the doctor to sign a declaration of fitness for work in relation to health and safety and insurance cover if he thinks that with these issues of danger to health and safety  he is happy to personally take the responsibility of the declaration fit for work.

    Have you a trade union ? How are HR they usually by law have to check

    by an independent occupational therapist to access you.

    Insurance wide for personal injury  at work ask the company if they are prepared to pay out if they demand you work while being sick if anything happens to you and you need medical attention and or hospitalisation and loss of work days. You are not alone in this position .Seek out legal advice if you can regarding the Disability acts.You have the right to a second opinion do you know of a neurological consultant in your area who you can right to and ask for an appointment.I actually had to pay but he was far more knowledgeable of my condition and his professional assessment made others reaccess their limited understanding of the condition and my particular medical situation.

    Because I did not receive any advice that's available now and my illness deteriorated I resigned rather than wait for the official sacking letter.The. Company had paid me sick pay for afew months up to that point then it ran out .Now things are different .You can get help and advice.

    Do not feel you have little options.It is your life your health and you need to know your rights.We are all thinking of you .Wishing you good luck.Keep posting your progress.Yvonne

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      Hi Yvonne

      How are you, thanks for the reply.

      When I do have an attack I am housebound, very unsteady and dizzy, Extremely tired and it sounds like I'm drunk. The local council have just fitted stair rails and a rail in the bathroom, as I have a shower sitting down or I wait for my husband to come home. Up and down the stairs were a task before up and down on my bum. 

      I work in a safety critical role, concentration at times is a struggle and the fatigue is overwhelming. So, unfortunately that role is not an option at present, but my work doctor has told my employers that I am fit for no work?? When back in Feb less than a month before he told my employers that I am fit for some sort of work....still waiting on feedback on that.

      This is the first time my rep and bosses have had an occupational health doctor advise Ill health and the employee not wanting to go. 

      I have spoken to a lawyer and even they advise that the occupational health doctor is only a recommendation, they have haven't even discussed 'reasonable adjustments' or ' redeployment' 

      My HR are not very helpful. My Union Rep is on the case and he's taking advice from the National Rep. 

      From the end of May they think I am going on half pay but I'm fighting that as both of my consultants private and NHS are saying I can work and hopefully in time possibly 6 months I may be able to go back to my job. I would love to know where the Occupational a Health doctor has got his information and why the massive U turn. 

      It's a waiting game and it's so frustrating.....

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    Hi jOanne,

    Im sorry I didn't reply sooner just gone down with another attack and lost hours and memory .I thought today was Saturday after another mild attack this afternoon.Had several attempts at resetting passwords etc yet again and even basic processors of using my IPad.Im determined to beat this though it may take time and dogged determination I won't give up,

    Im so sorry things seem as if there's an understanding between employers and health advisors that they are listening to you are a risk and trouble to them.Youve done the right things and appealed to the union now let's pray they don't bottle out and show some metal for once Apart from the obvious need of work to live and provide an income is your job your vocation as such? What things would you put on a bucket list if you had to do one?

    What are you into other than your job? I understand your fight I tried to get back to work but my body was just damaged to the extent that even the Job centre assessment said I wasn't fit for work and nobody would touch me because of the risk to myself and others .

    What would be the worst scenario for you in your minds eye? Then attack that by looking at it another way of thinking., find out if the worst came to the worst and your employers finally got rid of you (sorry to be blunt but employers can be mercenary ) find out from disability advisers what you could do either part time work wise with credit support or with financial aid from benefits.I know you don't want that but you need to know to be prepared .My life changed big time and at first it hit me very hard mentally, emotionally and financially but I have the support of a loving family and four 💕

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    Sorry forgot how to us this thing yet again,! I used to be a lecturer doing power point presentations and reports etc etc. now my grandson knows more about computers than I do, as I was saying look about you at your friends and support ie this site.I found I had to move area, budget to the extreme alone in anew area.I actually looked for a social activity.I had always had a faith and found a little chapel whose people were so friendly and open, several were ill , several were widows and widowers, several

    had major life changes but they all welcomed me .When I was ill I was looked after , when I could helped charity events, meeting and supporting others, I got involved in helping a soup run by making sandwiches etc and when we'll even escorting those on the runs .hElping others helped me deal with my issues .DO the things you love when you can, do you draw? Paint?

    write ,poetry,craft work, are you musical? I know you can't be well all the time I know you can't promise to be at places at specific times or hours or days but genuine people understand that and will accept your sincerity to be purposeful and useful.Your brain still needs challenging even if it does walk about at the worst possible times! Eg weddings, eating out, family celebrations, church services, dentists chair, middle of a busy street, in Tesco,s etc.Do not give up worst comes to worst scenario another different way of life is available to you .yOu find out who your real friends and supporters are but you also make new ones the kind that are worth knowing.

    I hope the union comes up with possibilities suitable to you and your bosses.Meanwhile have you heard of Flunarazine? It works for some not for others but it's worth a chance if you get your consultant to prescribe it.

    Dont give in but start thinking differently , Let your anger and frustration out on pillows or by singing , writing, painting scribbling words etc.You have a hubby? He's going through this aswell , combine your efforts onto a positive second strategy .Im here if you want to chat or get angry so are all those here .Many are experiencing what you are going through or have been through it themselves .Your not alone.Keep chatting.Yvonne

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    Hi Joanne, my husbands been researching for you look at =4

    on that page there is a heading is migraine a disability,

    ie if your classed as disabled your employer is not allowed to discriminate against you because you suffer from migraines.

    Read through it carefully then see your union rep and department of social services.How much does migraine interfere with your life and job?Show your union rep this page.

    Work doctors are employed by the company but if the company discriminates against you when consultants have said you are fit for some work their action may be illegal .Perhaps your solicitor will review their stance after reading this paper your company probably already knows the laws of discrimination against those with disabilities. Be careful take further advice and in meetings with management get your union rep to be with you

    or someone who can represent you understanding such laws.

    Dont go in blasting , if you want to work renegotiation needs to be mutually

    non hostile.I wish you all the very best.Yvonne

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      Hi Yvonne

      hope you are feeling better. 

      You certainley know who your friends are, mine seem to have dropped off! They see me and probably think, nothing wrong,you look fine to hubby has been fab though, gets to him at times, our life from what it was to what it is now, quite a change.

      this condition is classed under the 'Equality Act 2010', my employers are well aware but are basing all their decisions on the OH Doctor, not interested in anything else. I have also spoken to 2 lawyers who would be happy to take my case on, hoping it won't come to that though. Thanks to your husband for researching it, I will print it off and actually show them in my next meeting. 

      I am taking 250mg Acetazolamide 4 times a day and Sodium Valproate 500mg 4 times a day. Sodium is making me put weight on though, not impressed! Consultants won't change it at present....also if I get a headache which is rare then I take Imigran 20mg Nasal Spray.

      i have got an appointment to try and classify for Personal Independant Payment at the end of May. 

      As for other interests not really, I used to have a dog but my parents had to have him as I couldn't walk him like he was used to....I do enjoy travelling around the UK but my hubby is recluant at the moment in case I get an attack, plus I can't walk very far without being out of breath. Wish you these condition would pack it's bags.......

      hope you stay well, speak soon x

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