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Hi everyone I broke my ankle

On Friday 12th January had an operation on it on Monday 15th January I had to get plates screws and pins as I have broken it in three places I'm

Recovering well I'm

Non weight bearing for 6!weeks I was told

The operation went really well

And I have been discharged with paracetamol my question is did everyone else feel a tightening feeling around the stitches area I

Should say my leg is in a form

Fit moon boot all of the time I keep wiggling my toes etc I just feel like at night you can feel the stitches knitting together is this a normal

Sensation loved reading everyone else's posts helps cheer you up a bit I'm

Hating every minute of being housebound good luck

To everyone on your journey x

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Sorry to hear about your ankle. I broke mine in 3 places on 22/11 and had surgery on 29/11. I was non-weight bearing for 5 weeks (2 weeks in cast and 3 weeks in boot) and now I'm partial weight bearing in the boot for another 6 weeks.

    I feel your pain with being stuck in the house, keep having a nosey through the forum, it helps keep you sane!

    I had tightness around my stitches too, mostly when I put my leg down after elevating it. I think it's normal but if you get a lot of pain do go and see your doctor. My advice would be to elevate it as much as you can as it really helps take that weird feeling away.

    Take care and if you have any more queries happy to chat whilst I'm also out of action! smile

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      Hi Vicky I am so sorry to hear you went through the same as me glad your slowly getting on the mend its so

      Difficult I'm


      Tired doing nothing  thanks for your advice Vicky il keep

      It elevated all the time and hoping that it is healing never thought little things would take me so

      Long to do this forum is amazing how did you hurt your ankle Vicky I

      Haven't ventured out since it happened take care xxx

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      Hi Jennifer,

      Hope you're ok, have you ventured out of the house yet?

      I broke mine after slipping on my doorstep on the way out to work. Something so simple and has put me out of action for what will be 3 months by the time I go back to work.

      It does take ages to do the little things too and still does, especially trying to put a pair of tights on!

      Hope your recovery is going well. x

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      Hi Vicky I haven't been out yet I miss my horses like crazy Iv just lay here day in day out with my foot elevated it's a long slow process by the sounds of things in desperate to get back to normal

      Life can't wait to get back to work I am so bored being stuck at home and being dependant on people how are you finding Walking Vicky ? I'm

      Just so tired all the time though we're you the same Vicky hope your doing ok xxx

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      I bet you do, I think that's the hardest bit, especially when you're used to being busy and doing things for yourself. I've split my time between visiting my parents and being at home with my partner so he has a bit of a break from looking after me (and for a change of scenery!) It is a slow process, a lot slower than I thought but try and keep your mind occupied, the boredom can be worse than the ankle pain I've found. I've done adult colouring books, a bit of sewing and far too much Netflix!

      When I was in the first couple of weeks after surgery tag along to the supermarket and use the mobility scooters and it felt like a day out. Give it a go, it feels a bit silly but cheered me up to be racing round doing a bit of shopping!

      I have to wear the boot until 14th Feb (hopefully I'll be allowed to take it off then) but I can walk on it at the moment. I am supposed to use 2 crutches and 1 if I'm not long distance but have found I can walk a little bit without any crutches and braved standing on one leg for the first time this week. It's scary at first when they tell you to put weight on it but it's like your body knows how much you can do. It's been just over 3 weeks now since I've been allowed to put weight on my injured leg so it progresses pretty quickly once you start being mobile again.

      I think it's normal to be tired all the time but taking naps must help with the healing and I'm sure I'll miss them when I'm back at work!

      I'm hopefully back at work in 3 weeks time so can see the light at the end of the tunnel but I'm just worried now I won't be able to manage when I get back. I have a job where you're on your feet the majority of the time so it's a bit daunting.

      Keep positive smile x

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      My job is exactly the same Vicky I'm on my feet all the time too I'm dying to drive have you driven yet ? I agree I think the boredom is worse than the pain I feel sore on different bits every day it must be hard on the people looking after us I

      Just can't wait to

      Get this big ugly heavy boot off sleeping in it is just awful I'm dying for a bath I think that's what I'm more scared of is the first time

      I put weight on my ankle

      And I'm

      Also terrified of ever walking on the pavements again that sounds so stupid I just keep having visions of falling over again and hearing that crunch of when it broke I'm

      Glad to hear your slowly getting there you have been very brave it's going up

      And down the stairs on these crutches it's a massive experience and I don't think we will ever forget it xx thanks Vicky 

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    So sorry to her about your accident.  I also had a trimalleolar fracture on Sept 7th.  What you describe sounds fairly normal to me. I experienced numerous aches and pains (nothing too painful) during the healing process and they appeared in different places as my ankle healed. Being housebound was very difficult, so feel free to use this site to checkin with fellow ankle sufferers.


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      Hi mirror ankle

      You had the same as me was quite a big operation we have all

      Been through are you walking again now this moon boot is just so heavy I agree it's the ages and pains in different sites I didn't think there would be that many people in the world in the same situation as myself hope

      Your keeping better and on the mend thanks for your advice xx

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      Dear Jennifer is fed up,

      I am walking almost normally now, so, there is hope.  It was extremely difficult in the beginning being immobile and so dependent on others for everything.  I also used a knee scooter, which was very liberating. Some use an Iwalk2 (I think that is the name of it. It is a crutch that allows you to rest your lower leg on a sort of ledge while freeing your hands. You can also go up and down stairs using it. 

      I don't remember the moon boot being heavy. I had a splint for the first two weeks that was extremely heavy and uncomfortable. Then I had a boot for the next 6-8 weeks. Anyway, my accident was on Sept. 7th and I am now about 80% back to normal walking. The physical therapist said it will probably be another six months before I am completely healed. I am also 63, so things may not be like they were before. Just remember that everyday you are a little bit closer to being better. And we are always here if you have questions or just feel a little bit down.


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      Morning mirror ankle your post has given me

      Hope I am not used to

      Been laid up in the house it's driving me mad I had a look at knee scooters think I

      Will lease one of them

      They look brilliant I'm 32 and was


      Active before this I feel so lazy but I can't do anything for myself even answering the door is a problem


      Can't get their quick enough I hope your walking fully better soon is a long slow process to be honest I didn't realise the extent to which this ankle

      Operation is actually really serious I think adrenaline kicked in but now I'm



      Thinking this really is a big operation I had the operation and then my leg was put in a boot straight away I had so much swelling that they couldn't put my leg in a cast funny thing is I felt no pain when I broke it did

      You ? Xthanks again 

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    It sounds like you really are doing well! Recoup from this type of surgery really is tough both mentally and physically. Being non weightbearing makes it very difficult to care for yourself and makes it risky trying to go anywhere.

    i used a knee scooter, couldn’t have made it without it. Wore medium compression hose 24/7 and removed my boot to air and wiggle my toes several times a day. When my incision was closed up I was able to massage my ankle and incision that really helped. What you are feeling is probably swelling that is pulling on the stitches. The compression hose and keeping foot elevated will help with that.

    Good luck! I found that the more I just accepted that I was going to be recuperating for a long while and found new ways to occupy my time rather than getting frustrated about all the things I couldn’t do helped. I’m finally able to weight bear and can look back and see all the progress, but it was tough.

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      Hi Nancy thanks for your reply it really difficult and I totally agree with everything you have said its mentally and physically draining I'm


      Tired doing nothing I keep wiggling my toes sadly I'm

      Not allowed to remove my

      Boot I have the district nurse on Monday to change my dressings donim

      Not looking forward to that are you back walking ok now

      Nancy thanks for your post was refreshing to read of your progress xx

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    Why do you say that you're recovery well? Do you wear the boot all the time? Have you been to physical therapy yet? I'm only 1 month in, and I don't feel much better yet. But just not as much pain.

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      Hi e51145 I'm hoping I recover quickly I have horses and they depend on me and I

      Need to

      Get back to work for money to pay my bills this is just a nightmare are you

      Not walking yet e ? I wear my

      Boot all the time

      I was told to do that I have hospital on 1st Feb think to get my stitches out and an X-ray and back into the boot then too how did you break

      Your ankle ? X

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    I’m at 8 weeks and experienced all the things you and others have written about. I live by myself and it was very hard to be alone so much and to take care of myself. I went to rehab for a week and had OT and PT mostly to learn how to care for myself while non weightbearing. The 24/7 wearing boot and being non weightbearing was almost impossible. I used a knee scooter but I still often got off balance and ended up touching the ground with my foot. The turning point was at 7 weeks when I was allowed to be weightbearing as tolerated and not having to wear boot when sleeping. I very quickly have graduated to using a walker and even walking in my house with just the boot.

    I really got tired and out of breath easily. Im having to build my strength and stamina up after being so sedentary for so long. It all seemed like forever and mentally was as hard as physically. But again when I was cleared for some weightbearing and able to get back into some of my regular activities, things are looking much more positive.

    so hang in there and do whatever you can to get through this, be as good to yourself as you can. No, it’s not just you and it really does suck!

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      Well done Nancy you have done absolutely amazing I'm

      Lucky I have my mum doing everything for me but it just be so difficult if your on your own can't imagine how you have coped what a trooper you are I'm

      The same as you non weight bearing and the boot on 24/7 what an inspiration you are I'm

      Glad your finally mobile

      You have been so

      Strong I will get by I just keep on counting the days but they drag by sick of watching tv and reading rubbish magazines is your ankle still

      Sore Nancy xx


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