Broken Femur, been 4 months help on getting motion back

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I was in a bad motorcycle accident,

Broke my right Femur now have a titanium rod and 4 screws

Tore my Femoral Artery, doctor's did a bypass using veins from my lower leg it's been 4 month I'm on bedrest cannot feel much in my leg any tips on how to start moving again leg is straight and haven't bent since accident, anything helps thank you

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    What is your doctors advice?  Physical therapy?
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      I don't have a primary doctor, but the doctor I do see wanted me to start physical therapy about two months ago but then he changed his mind because I was still in the healing process. Till this day I still have to change my bandages every other day, I set up an appointment for this Tuesday February 13 2018 for physical therapy hopefully they won't mind the bandages

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      Good luck Tuesday with your PT visit.  When was the last time that you saw a doctor?  What does he say about your healing?  Is it correct that your  surgery was over 4 months ago?  That seems like quite a while back to still have to change bandages every other day - but I didn't have an injury as severe as you did.  Have you been able to bend your leg at your knee at all yet?   I think you sound hopeful.  I know I felt depressed that everything was taking so long.  I especially hated not being able to get around or drive.  I can say that I agree with Jason as it's been 2 years since my injury and I look back and say I'm so glad it's over but I guess it wasn't that bad because it is like it didn't really happen.  I'm totally back to my routines.  My 35 y/o son is in his 2nd week in a cast for a broken fibula and he is amazing on crutches.  I was on a knee scooter so I didn't break the left too.  What a difference being 35 years older makes. haha      Please keep us updated on your PT visit and your progress. 

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      I really appreciate you keeping up with this conversation, like you said it's very depressing I used to be up and moving everyday I am 23 years young and love to play all kinds of sports and I used to swim every week I live in Miami. But yes the 19 of this month will be 5 months after my accident and Ive changed my bandages tonight I am still bleeding just a little back of my right thigh and I have a skin graft on my left thigh that still hasn't healed up all the way, but it's healing very good. I cannot bend my knee, there is still a lot of swelling and I found out the other day I still have a bunch of Staples in random places and I feel that is not right that the doctors assure me every time I have no more Staples then I end up finding them and the last visit was 3 weeks ago and I see him again on the 19. I'm mostly worried about my knee because I am tough and been through a lot so I could take pain and honestly I can put all my body weight on my right leg but my ankle still has much swelling so I cannot bend it but I also cannot feel most of my leg I hope it's the swelling maybe the nerves are still in shock but I don't know and these are questions my doctor has no answers for. This is the reason I am here to read about other problems people had and to learn from them like I am learning from you guys which I appreciate and thank you guys for.

      I will keep you guys updated.

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    Know what you’re going through BossTaco broke my own femur 30 years ago in motocross accident. But yes rehabbed it myself at the age of 15 years doing this method below. I rehab my own knee joint and came out 6 months later and won the state title 800meters sprint in 1min 56 seconds.  

    Also been a practitioner now for the past 23 years specialising in muscular skeletal pain.    

    Please Please Please ensure with your surgeon and doctor that your femoral artery is fully functional and structurally strong enough to be able to cope with increased blood supply to your quad muscles and also lower leg, prior to any movement that is about to commence. This is crucial and starting any activity where the femoral artery is not structurally sound could be life threatening.

    From my own experience being in traction for over 4 weeks and plaster and cructures for a further 4 weeks, what occurs in the knee joint is that bleeding occurs with the torn tissue around the break and this blood pools in and around the knee joint. After approximately 3 to 4 days this blood becomes crystallised as your leg is immobilised. It’s this that is preventing your knee joint to flex and extend.

    Depending how Post Op you are the best way to get the knee joint moving is to get rid of any swelling first and foremost. Do this for at least 10 days - 3 to 4 times daily. This can be done by icing the area. However, the best way to ice the knee joint is not with an ice pack or frozen peas, these methods don’t directly ice the actual joint and specific surrounding structures of the knee.

    Use a foam cup, not paper or plastic and half fill with water. This will help prevent the cup from splitting once frozen. Peel away the excess foam; then peel away a couple of inches of foam revealing the ice. The remaining foam will insulate your fingers. This will be really really cold initially but will numb in about 30 seconds. Keep the ice moving slowly all over the knee and entire knee joint. Don’t stop in one spot for any longer than 15 seconds or you may ice burn yourself.    

    After this first 10 days start using heat to promote new blood flow into and around the joint. This can be achieved easily with a hot water bottle. Please ensure the cap is securely tightened on the hot water bottle. Use towels between your skin and the bottle so it’s not too hot, but you do want good warmth.

    When applying this heat you will need to do it sitting on the end of a table so that your feet are off the ground. Ensure both your knees are supported with the table underneath them. With the heat pack on the knee start extending it (straighten it – moving the lower leg away from the table) then bring it back to the table (flexion).

    Your range of motion (ROM) will be extremely minimal to begin with but this will take patients, trust me been there done that and got the t shirt to prove it. Just be persistent with this and keep doing it. Do it 3 times a day every day, for 6 x 20 seconds then after 4 days do again for 4 days 6 x 30 seconds, than after 4 days do again for 4 days 6 x 40seconds and so on. Rest for at least 20/30 seconds between each rep and do it slowly. This may take you up to 5 to 6 weeks to gain and improve a good 50° to 70° of ROM.

    Remember in 2 years you’ll look back and think it wasn’t that bad.

    Good luck I hope this helps.  

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      I really appreciate the advice, I have been icing like you say. My main problem is the fact that I still have no feeling in my foot nor certain parts of my leg. If u just had a broken Femur I would be much more happy then what I'm dealing with now

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