Bronchiectasis with a newborn

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Hello all,

A little about me

I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis 3 or 4 years ago now just after my 30th birthday, I was a competitive rower and was unlucky after getting flu I ended up with pneumonia, I lost some of my right lung capasity and had issues for a year afterwords with repeat infections, my Dr's were very very slow to respond to the problems I was having and moving Dr's I was innediately sent for a CT scan and quickly diagnosed with Bronchiectasis primarily on my right lung but also on my left, I have consistenly 2 infections a year that are cleared up with Clarithromysin (500mg x2 per day) or Amoxicillin (500mg x3 per day). I try to keep fit by cycling a lot and use that to keep my chest open I find it pretty effective.

I've recently had a newborn and am expecting to have more infections because babies appear to attract colds and illness, I was wondering what anyone of similar age has experienced with having children and how peoples bronchiectasis has progressed?

I tend to do quite well but find myself very depressed when I get ill and struggling a little with depression.

Anyhoo babies crying so look forward to hearing from anyone


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    I'm a bit older than you (67), but have had lung/breathing issues since my late 30s. diagnosed with Bronchiectasis about 5 yrs ago, by way of a CT scan. Before being correctly diagnosed, I was labeled as having asthma and/or COPD.

    I think all of us with this illness gets depressed when we are not feeling well, I do. At my worst, it's a struggle just to get thru the day.

    But, on the plus side, during those 30yrs of this illness, I started college, the year my youngest started school, while taking care of three kids (husband worked long hrs), after receiving my associate degree, I then started working full time.  In my 50s, while still working full time I finished getting my bachelor's degree. (I retired in 2015).

    There were times when it was a real stuggle and times in the hospital and numerous bronchoscopies, but I just kept going.

    Bronchiectasis is a progressive illness, But there are ways to slow the progession. My specialist started me on a new steriod inhaler, and it has made a world of difference. 

    My advice:

    Question your doctor/specialist.

    Try natural vitamins or minerals. Or essential oils. I take Turmeric (with pepper) each day for it's anti-inflammatory properties. I also had my doctor put me on a low dosage long term antibiotic. Also look into Manuka Honey for it's antibiotic properties.

    Foods that may trigger higher mucus production, such as dairy products. Some people on this website have limited dairy intake, some don't eat processed foods.

    Posture drainage and the use of a flutter valve.

    These tips I have gotten from this website.  You will recieve a lot of support and tips, so welcome.

    Think 'outside the box', Beth


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      New steroid inhaler elizabeth? I'm all ears - do tell (as explained in my reply to Robert, if it appears as it may have been lost on the ether and is not showing as posted or awaiting moderation

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      Hi Beth thanks for the reply, its great to hear that you've not let bronchiectasis stop you from doing things you wanted to do! to be honest I've probably been quite lucky to have been diagnosed only a couple of years after developing the condition. 

      Thanks for your suggestions too I'm getting better at questioning my Dr's now and I'm pretty good at identifying when I am getting an infection which really helps although it took a year for me to be given emergency antibiotics to keep at home as they were worried I'd overuse them.

      I hear a lot about tumeric and its anti-inflammatory properties so might have to pick some up, manuka honey sounds interesting.

      I bought a range of flutter valves and devices, can't decide which works best for me, often a hot shower and breathing exercises clears most of the crap off my chest.

      Thanks again for your reply


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      It's called Dulera.  I dont't know if it was starting that, or that I started taking over the counter allergy med, (I also take Mucinex to help with congestion), at the same time, but since then I have very little shortness of breath, I don't wake up in the middle of the night wheezing, and due to the lack of sob, I have more energy. 

      I was asking my specialist about allergy/asthma being associated with Bx, he was vague with the answer. I felt that I can get the mucus up, but my lungs still felt tight, like I couldn't take a deep enough breath (I'm thinking allergies, since I'm at my worst when the seasons change). So I'm now slowly going off the allergy med since we have had really cold weather, so far so good.  So I hope I'll stay at this point.

      Stay healthy, Beth

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    Hi Rob

    I, too, have a similar story. I am now 63 but became ill in my 20s when my children were both young. it took a long time to get to a point where I could cope with it and, yes, the depression is awful along with the tiredness. People around you find it difficult to understand how dreadfully exhaustive it can be as there are no outward signs of the illness. 

    However, as Beth has said, try all the different aides that are suggested. I, too, find the Flutter or Acapella useful and I too found Manuka honey to be effective. I now use Propolis and a salt pipe daily, along with postural drainage and exercise.

    Being around schools/colleges and such like is a hazard but one which cannot be avoided so always look to try and take the appropriate steps to catch the infections before they get a hold of you.

    Always try to have something to look forward too to concentrate on

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    Dear Rob,

    Your note and the others are a bit reassurring to me, having lived with brochiectasis for almost 30 years.  Mine started while spending a season in a ski town;  a flu, a cough that lasted 3 months, a doctor who suggested I just have a glas of red wine each evening.......

    It took 7 years before I was diagnosed, seeing myriad doctors, having biopsies, trying antibiotics of all sorts, alternative treatments, various remedies to boost my immune system, all in the dark, as no one knew why I was so susceptible to infections and pneumonia (2-3 times/year).  During that period we had 2 children born, and I suffered through every one of their colds.  All the while I tried to stay fit, running, skiing, swimming and climbing.

    After I was diagnosed (by changing doctors) things were slightly better, as we knew what we were fighting, but one bout of pneumonia each year was still to be expected.  After about 12 years of living like this (and another child arriving) I decided it was time to do something drastic (yes, the depression was a constant issue, as well as the fatigue and putting up with the looks of people who heard that loud, deep coughing.....), and told my doctor I wanted him to check me into one of the top pulmonary centers in the US (I live in Switzerland) for a complete review of my health.  

    He was open to the idea, but made two suggestions:  start on azithromycin (3x/week) and see a younger specialist.  I did both, and since 5 years I've been healthy.  Occasionally a cold, but no flus, and no pneumonia.  I take the azithromycin as prescribed, do postural drainage once a day and do some form of strenuous sport for an hour every day.  I still have coughing spells when I've been upright for more than a few hours (flying economy class more than 3-4 hours is a nightmare for me), but otherwise life is wonderful.

    You're lucky in that you were diagnosed early.  Those first years for me were the worst.  At the time my wife and I assumed I'd be lucky to make it to fifty.  I'm approaching 60 and, relatively, all is well.  Actually, very well!

    Good luck,


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    Thanks for all the replys everyone it was nice to hear from you all, I've nearly (hopefully) shifted my latest chest infection so hope to get back on the bike again soon which should help with my mood I have a spirometery booked betweeen christmas and new year to see how my lungs are progressing, baby is doing well but now has my cold so a few more sleepless nights. I've got some manuka honey in and tumeric and am reading up on inflamation reduction through diet so hopefully that will also help.

    Thanks gain for your replies


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