Buffalo hump is it Cushing's?

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Hey guys I have been super worried latley I have not had a proper period in 1 year. I got worried the doctor said it's possible it's pcos but they checked and I don't have cysts on my overies. I came across Cushing's when reaserch what's wrong with me.i realised 3 days ago I have a baffalo hump! I have 220 pounds I was 160 5 years ago. I did start eating unhealthy food and I don't eat healthy if I'm honest. So I do understand why I'm fat. I have a fat belly but I also have a huge butt theighs and hips. However my arms are not huge. I have tiane versicolour the fungle skin problem. I have had back and chest acne for over ten years. Face is clear. I have dark underarms. ( I'm also south Asian so I don't no if that's the reason). I sleep well I don't have tired I don't feel moody for no reason. However I have acne I'm fat and I have buffalo hump. I'm worried I have Cushing's ? I want to upload a picture of my hump but I'm not sure how to ? Can anyone help me

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    Hello, try to ask your doctor to check your for cortisol  level. But if I'm not mistaken cushing is much more than hump.  It's hair on your face, depression, could be lactating breast. But since your periods are missing it's good thing to check your hormones . Good luck 

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      Thanks for replying back is they anyway I can upload my hump so u can see ? I'm seeing the doctor on Today at 5pm UK time. Xo

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    It sounds like you may have adrenal problems

    This can be caused by many things

    A pituitary or adrenal tumor can be one of them

    Best to go to your doctor to test for

    Cushings syndrome or Cushings disease

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      Hmm interesting I wish I could show u my hump I also assumed all fatter people had it rolleyes. However I'm more confused then ever now... I have an appointment at the doctors today I will get back to you with what he says... Also I want you show u my buffalo hump

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    I believe you, I know what a buffalo hump looks like

    Just because you are overweight does not mean you will have a buffalo hump

    Do big muscular guys have buffalo humps

    Usually not

    In my opinion , it is more a sign of Cushings

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      Okay fair enough. Can u get Cushing's even if u feel healthy and can sleep properly ? Also I'm going to the doctors what do u think I should say to them ? Like shall I ask for a urine test or a blood test ?

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    It is not necessarily Cushings

    It could just be a little weight gain

    Your acne could just be from lack of vitamins

    And too much greasy food

    Please check your cortisol level

    And dhea

    And maybe prolactin levels

    This might be a good first step

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      I have morning blood test for cortisol tomorrow at 8am. My doctor booked me in hopefully we can start getting answers. Thanks for the reply xo
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    I would do a urine test first

    Although it did not work for me

    It is usually a very good test for Cushings

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      Hello, Courtney. I want to ask you a question.  When I saw my doctor last week and requested hormon check, they withdrew blood and urine. It wasn't 24 urine or saliva test. Do you think I can trust the results? Thanks 

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      hi Irene

      if your checking for Cushings , I would say, probably not always

      I think plasma tests are not really used to check for Cushings

      I had really low plasma cortisol because I think

      my pituitary is failing which means

      it actually shows the reverse of high cortisol

      so it kind of depends

      If you have active Cushings

      I think it would be normal to have high cortisol

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      yes, I hope it doesnt show high cortisol

      then youd be less likely to have Cushings

      good luck

      also you can check blood acth

      this in conjunction with cortisol plasma

      lets the doctor know certain things

      about your adrenals

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    Hi. It’s best they do cortisol tests on u. Whether it be urine/salvia/ bloods. Remember u don’t have to have ALL the symptoms of Cushing’s to have it. I’ve had it for years but never realised until it must of just thought right we go full throttle now. I had it for 4 years an some symptoms but they were controlled an then I started gaining weight (while eating well an exercising) face got rounder, blood pressure uncontrollable I got weaker an tireder, buffalo hump An much more, then I was investigated. Good luck. Hope u get answers. 
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      Wow thanks for all this information. I have blood test tomorrow for cortisol. I'm gonna take all your advice and chase this up I want a diagnoses as soon as possible. I hope your better now and healthy. X

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      sorry Humaira

      I am not trying to say you are overweight

      I was talking in general

      I should have said , Being overweight does not give you a buffalo hump


      I really hope you don't have Cushings

      Most doctors don't believe their patients

      when they say- maybe, it's Cushings

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      For me I knew I didn’t feel right I was swelling in places that wasn’t normal. When I googled why they were testing cortisol I seen Cushing’s an read the rarer symptoms an I jus fitted the picture. If u do have it I hope they catch it, the earlier caught the better cause it a horrible syndrome/disease to have an endure. I’m def better than what I was thank u, but still a long road ahead but I know I’m on the better side of it now so my body has to heal. The large amounts of cortisol produced has caused our bodies much damage so it only right it will take time to heal. Don’t b afraid to ask questions here. Everyone has been so insightful for me when I needed it. An keep pushing for answers, ur health really is ur wealth an ur the only one that can fight for u! X

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