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Cushing's Syndrome

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  • Deexxx 1

    Cushings Advice/Cycled

    Hi All, Needing some advice as it's all getting confusing lol. I haven't felt right in years, night sweats, anxiety, depression, tired alot. I always thought it was more than that due to how bad the sweats are. One doctor said "some woman are just like that." So that discouraged me for

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  • lauralockhart 2

    Cushings or/ and just PCOS?

    Hello, i'm just going to jump right in with my questions. I am 27 and got diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome at the age of 19. i have been ill alot lately with alot of Unirary tract infections, back pains, muscle pains, easy weight gains, swollen ankles, abdominal pain, triedness i am

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  • lissy7878 2

    Update about to do a series of testing

    I seen a endo yesterday and I have days of testing ahead of me. Day 1- a.m acth plasma Cortisol plasma Insulin Prolactin Day 2- 24 hr urine cortisol Day 5- 8am, 5pm, 11pm saliva cortisol A few days later a dexamethasone 1mg at 11pm and saliva 8am cortisol. Hows this series look? I was

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  • craig64384 2
  • magnumguy 2
  • Coc87 2
  • Coc87 2

    Who asked to have Cushing's anyway!!!

    Hi I was wondering does anyone know how long the results for petrosal sinus sampling takes to come back? Intially I was told I'd get them the following week, now I'm bein told it could take weeks, this stresses me out cause my symptoms aren't gettin any better, naturally enough. Can anyone help?

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  • AJ131 2

    Curious about others' 17-hydroxycoeticosteroid levels

    Hi, My name is Alicia and I decided to give this question a shot here. I have been struggling to reach a diagnosis for 18 years now. I am 30. In the last four years or so we have been trying to determine if I am suffering from cyclical Cushing's. 3 consecutive (one a month for three months)

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  • poppadog 2

    Back Pain

    Hello all, I am new to this forum but would love some advice about back pain with Cushings Disease.  I have severe back pain on the lower left side of my back this normal .. thanks

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  • elizabeth62717 2

    Cushings and muscular pains

    I am experiencing severe muscular pain in my thighs and upper arms.  It wakes me up several times a night.  Does anyone else experience this, and if so, how do they manage it?

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  • carole44595 1

    Cushing's disease

    I have had to have a blood test to check the cortisol levels. I have had one and it was 55nmol/L And the normal level is 50nmol/L I am very concerned re maybe having Cushing's. can anybody help with this

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  • paul24510 1

    Cushing's-like symptoms years after heavy Prednisolone use?

    Hi guys, ​I'm a 36-year-old male who was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease aged 10 and prescribed heavy doses of Prednisolone (up to 60mg in short bursts) throughout my adolescence. I had the usual awful side effects from the steroids although they decreased greatly when I tapered off the meds. Years later,...

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  • karen37298 1

    Diabetes and cushing's

    I've recently been diagnosed with cushing's which after all the tests was attributed to my pituitary but no tumour was found.  I've been type 1 diabetic since 1989 and my consultant believes it's down to my low blood sugars and is refusing to put me on treatment for the cushing's.  I have good

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  • lissy7878 2

    Possibly Cushing?....

    Hello, 38 yr old female in I've been sick for many years over 8 to be honest. I was a very fatigued super skinny 90 lbs for most of my life until I started gaining weight out of nowhere. I literally have no appetite maybe 1 cup of food a day, and a belly like I'm 6 months pregnant. I now weigh

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  • caroline31144 2

    Newly Diagnosed with Cushing Syndrome

    I Am 38 yrs old. I was told in July 2014 that i had Cushing Syndrome. I had been suffering with High Blood Pressure since 2010. I was put on medication but suffered bad headaches so that started the cycle of trying different tablets to find a suitable one. The fatigue, muscle weakness and

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  • LeahEmmett 2
  • joycemadine 5

    normal blood tests

    hI I have ben suffering for months with symptoms of high cortisole early morning BP spikes and fast heart rate  pressure behind left eye cant really see properly out of that eye ... severe headaches dizziness tremors  lots more symptoms had a 9am cortisole test done but it came back ok blood tests

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  • enci 2

    Cushing's for lifetime?!

    Hi all! I'm happy that I found this group as I hope there's people who can understand me and we can share experiences with each other. Let me introduce myself. I'm 29 yrs old mum to a gorgeous 13 maths old little girl and one been diagnosed with Cushing's disease when I was 21. But my story starts

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  • sophiep35 2

    Suspected Cushings?

    In June I went to my GP with a number of issues who refered me to an endocrinologist, I had this appointment two days ago and mentioned the following issues ive been having for approx 1 year (apologies for tmi)  -Hot and sweating all the time all over body - cant cool down with air, water, layers

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  • RuiPinto 2

    Is it cushing syndrome??

    Ok hello guys, im a 19 year old in desperation because no one takes me seriously.. im a fitness enthusiast ( specifically bodybuilding) , and somehow since some months Ago it seems impossible to lose weight like i always did.. i even lost 20 kg 5 years ago Just by portion control, now with a diet,

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  • mielyn 11683 2

    cushing syndrome

    i was dx with  cushing syndrome and been given prescription ketoconazole 200mg tablet which is not available here in the Philippines.   i have high cortesol but low acth..  what should i pls advise.    

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  • poppadog 2
  • sharon45059 2
  • colleen11654 1

    Do I have cushings?

    I got a cortisol blood test at 2:00 pm today.   my results are:  4.2 ug/dl  I Are these normal?  

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  • erica69945 1

    Suspected Cushings

    I have so many odd things going on, many of them pointing to Cushings. Here's what I have: Major weight gain (even with diet and exercise) Extreme fatigue, usually peaking around 12-2pm Buffalo hump Red face Moon face Easy bruising Hair loss No sex drive Can't sleep at night (varies) Extreme

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  • margaret22116 5

    Cushings with benign tumour?

    Hi all, I have a complicated picture as I have an auto immune disease which causes a range of symptoms that can look like other things. However, that has been very well controlled for some 3 years now.  Over a year ago now I start to get the following symptoms, pain in my abdomen, really bad sweating,...

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  • kimber20 1

    I think i have Cushings.. Any thoughts??

    i think i may have cushings but if i could get peoples thoughts that would be great. About 3 years ago my life started changhing i didnt have a period for 6 months and started to have bad cramps. I was told i had PCOS. Over the years i have gained over 80 pounds and cant get it to fall off. i

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  • imogen08391 2

    Could I have Cushing's?

    Hi, I'm 22 and am just wondering about everyone's experiences with Cushing's? I have Crohn's disease but the past year & a half have had really weird symptoms. I went from 42kgs (result of Crohn's) to 74kgs which is rare for me as I had always been very underweight. I've mostly noticed it in my face,...

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  • lo42822 1

    Could I have cushing's?

    I have a cousin who had cushing's syndrome. She had a tumor on her pituitary gland.  Now, I have been experiencing a wide range of symptoms for a long time. I have discharge from both of my nipples, which is not painful or bloody, my doctor checked it and told me it wasn't a problem. I have

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  • lilymans 1

    Questions about Cushing's syndrome and recovery

    Hello Everyone! I have a few questions about Cushing's. Im 19 years old, almost 20 and my endo tested me for the syndrome. I think if i do have the disease i would have gotten it around 9th grade because thats where the 50 lbs weight gain started and my period began to come every 3-7 months.  

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  • caroline67348 2

    newly diagnosed with cushings syndrome

    Hi I was diagnosed Yesterday and I have a tumor on my left adrenal gland which they want to remove as soon as possible but I have no idea what to expect??? If they do keyhole surgery they said I'd be in hospital 2-3 days but how soon can I go back to work? What happens after? I'm a bit scared, im a

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  • SophieK97 2

    Testing Process?

    Hi, I am 19 and I have just been referred to the endcrinology department to be tested for Cushings. I have almost all of the common symptoms and it has suddenly all made sense. I completed a 24hr urine test last week (26.05.16), however the doctor told me that these results take at least 6 weeks to

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  • dawn1977 2

    I suspect I have cushings

    My husband pointed out to me the other day that I had developed a hump at the top of my back just below my neck, I thought nothing of it until I googled it just out of interest. Then it came up as a symptom of cushings and on reading the other symptoms I seem to have most which I have never thought

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  • Malgorzata12 1

    Cortisol Test Results

    Hello, I have had the blood test done for cortisol.  I had the baseline tested then ACTH shot given then retested the blood every 30 minutes.  Can anyone shed light on what these resuts may mean? Cortisol Lvl 32.0 mcg/dL Date: Jun 11, 2016 11:40 CDT Reference Range: 6.7 mcg/dL - 22.6 mcg/dL ...

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  • Clh2783 1

    Day-to-day/acute symptoms

    Evening :-) Please can some of you help me out with some info? My question is, does cushing's affect the way your body copes with stressful situations? The long-term effects of cushing's are well documented, but I am wondering about the day-to-day symptoms a person might suffer with. Do people

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