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I hope this helps people who are considering bunion surgery.

I'm two weeks post-op, I had my surgery done 16 th May 2013 to my left foot & I honestly thought

after reading different blogs & comments people have posted about how horrific they found the

surgery I truly did wonder how I was going to get through it.

I had a general anesthetic which has changed a lot since I last had it, I didn't feel as groggy or heavy after it. I went into hospital at 8 am & was back at home by 3.30, I was suprised not to be given crutches but was told to weight bare on my heel, I was really frightened about how I was going to walk but I can manage really well, I can get up & down stairs & walk quite far linking my partners arm.

The pain is manageable the first couple of days I was taking 2 x 30 mg of Codeine 4 times a day along with 1 x 400 mg of anti-inflammatory's 3 times a day, I stopped taking the stronger Codeine 4 days after my op as I felt too spaced out & lost track of what was being said during conversations, I was fine my foot does ache but not like I was expecting it throbs at times like when you have bit your finger nails to short (that's the only way I can describe the feeling). I felt tired at first after walking any distance but that does pass & gets easier. I have been keeping my foot elevated during the day & at night, I had my stitched out today 29th May & I was really suprised how good my foot looks I have for the first time in 22 years looked at my foot & its straight, I'm 33 & inherited my bunions from my Nan. My surgeon was really happy with how the cut on my foot has heeled & the movement in my big toe - I have not had any metal work put in my toe which means I will get the full movement back in it which is good. The swelling is still there but nothing like I was expecting & I can get my skinny jeans over it which has been great I felt less fed up getting up & getting dressed, I washed my hair over the bath & can take baths with my foot out - don't get me wrong its no boat ride but I thought I would be completely off my feet & thankfully I haven't been. The only problem is I can't drive for another 4 weeks which is a pain but I'm sure the healing of my foot is more important. I have always struggled with shoes & hated the way they ended up out of shape because of my bunions & I don't think I'm going to miss the shooting pains I used to get from the bunion.

I would recommend bunion removal to anyone all the years of struggling & pain really isn't worth it especially how advance surgery is now. I hope someone finds this helpful in making the decision about having the op done.

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    I have always had a bunion on the side of my right foot. I knew it was there because I could see it. About 4 years ago it started to bother me on and off. (I'm 32) It got where I couldn't bend my big toe. I started running last year and after about 6 months it really started to hurt. I went to the doctor and got a cortisone shot in April 2013. I was surprised at how bad that hurt! I have also had custom shoe inserts and taking anti-inflammatory pills. In April my doctor suggested the surgery but I didn't want to do it. Honestly my foot doesn't look bad. but I also have a bunion on the side of my pinky toe, so it is quite a bit wider than my left foot. In the last few months it has gotten really painful to run. I love doing 5ks with my friends, but my time has increased by 5 minutes and I have gained 30 pounds because it hurts to run so I don't and I'm used to eating whatever I want, which really sucks. But my surgery is scheduled for December 13th. I am scared thanks to my husband who says they are going to mess up and I wont be able to walk. (Not as funny to me as it is to him) My doctor says I will have both sides of my foot done at the same time. He also said I will have crutches and after about a week or so I will be fitted with a boot. Have you had any problems since your surgery? Signing that paper that says loss of toe is a possibility kinda freaked me out. He assures me that is for smokers which I am not, but it's still got me worried. So I guess I'm really just taking the LONG way around to ask you how you feel since it has been a few months. I have never been able to wear cute shoes so I am kinda looking forward to that! smile My doctor says after about 8 weeks I can start training to run again.
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    Hi lizzie12307

    I am having bilateral bunion surgery on 02/12/13. I also have had bunions for as long as I can remember and yes i have never worn cute shoes because i could'nt get my feet into any smile In my case my feet do look bad and I've dreaded summertime when the sandals and flipflops needed to come out. My consultant talked through the op, he seemed to think itsgoing to be quite straight forward and i will have to be the one to manage the recovery period, which im not looking forward to as im not one to sit around. Good luck with your surgery and do post on how it went


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    All feedback is welcome please! Im having bilateral surgery at the end of the month. Thanks Val
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    I had right bunion surgery on 1/9/2014. I went to 2 podiatrists and 2 orthopedic surgeons prior to my surgery in order to get as much information as I could. Not one of them would allow me to get a bilateral (not sure if this is now standard, but it definitely was in my area).

    I went to the hospital at 8am, was in the OR at 10am and out in recovery by 11:30am (that's when I woke up).The pain was "manageable" the first 24 hours. 72 hours post op, I had to call the doctor's office so they could increase my dosage - I was in excruciating pain! I took pain meds for the first two weeks post op. I was on complete bed rest for 17 days. I couldn't even bring my foot down to the floor prior to this day, without extreme pain.

    From week 3 through week 7, I was only walking when needed - and in a boot (heel weighted). At week 8,I started to walk around the house a bit more trying to not use the boot - but let me say that right now I am on my 10th week post op and I still am not able to put any weight on the ball of my foot. I can wear flip flops but my foot will swell by the end of the day.

    My scars are (there were 3 cuts) are still very noticeable and the largest cut along the inside of my foot is still very sensitive.

    I am a runner and I am so bummed that it may be months before I can begin to run again. I still have to get my left side done and have really had to rethink this (but it does hurt so I may not have a choice).

    The recovery definitely sucks!

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      This sounds like the recovery described to me by my Podiatrist.  Only he says no weight bearing on the foot until three months. I'm trying to imagine spending three months in a cast and it's not taking me to a happy place.  My surgery is scheduled for August 1st.  I'm quite dreading it.  
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      Hi Kat

      I have much sympathy for you as other patients seem to have had a much easier recovery , however I can relate to your pain as I have just past the 2 week period post op and have not yet had a pain free day. I try not to take too many painkllers so only take them at night.  I have had a bunionectamy and two hammer toes straightened, with pins left in my toes.  I am a person who is used to being on the go and find it very hard to relax.   In the hospital my daughter to spoke to a patient who had the same op over a year a ago and she has never looked back.  I am totally fed up with the constant pain but have no one looking after me so have to get on it.  I am wondering if the less you rest makes the healing time prolong.  I hope in time your pain will fade and hpe that you can manage without having a similiar op on the other foot as it would certainly make me thing again about going through another operation. Neither of us know how long the recovery takes and although we have to wear the shoe for 8 weeks the surgeon did not mention how long recovery takes and perhaps they should have discussed with us what not to do during the recovery period as I am not sure if its the not being able to sit down for long periods that makes my pain worsen.   If the surgery could have been avoided by wearing implements in your foot I would have gone down that route but unfortunately I always thought my hammer toes would not worsen but they did.  I would like to hear how you get on in the next few months as was informed by a friend that they could not get a shoe on until 5 months after the bunionectamy.   I hope yours improves soon.  Liz


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    Hi am glad I read what u went throw way ur surgery as am waitin to go and get mine done and I was abit worried what I was going to be like just hope I ok the way u did thanks smile
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