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Foot and Toe Problems

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  • billstein22 2

    Throbbing pain in middle-inner arch of foot

    Hi Everyone,  I’m a 27 yr old male in relatively good shape, other than this debilitating foot problem I’ve had for almost two years, of course.  Whenever I walk or stand (especially walk), I have a throbbing pain throughout the arch of my foot and up to the metatarsals – basically everywhere north of...

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  • laura145 2

    5th Metatarsal Fracture Recovery

    Hello. I have a number of questions. 8 weeks ago I broke my 5th metatarsal after falling. I just got out of my cast yesterday and was out in an air cast/boot. And the doctor left me with a number of questions unanswered and my next appointment isn't for 4 weeks with no physio or such before hand. 1....

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  • dennis52146 1

    Big Toe hurting after broken ankle surgery

    Hey I recently broke my ankle and got surgery for it , it was an open wound surgery and I had to get 3 screws in my ankle and everything is fine but I'm having pain in my big toe. I can feel it and i can move it but when I leave it still it feels like it's locked and it hurts. This has been happening...

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  • darlene35478 2

    Recent foot fractureally air boot confusion

    I tore a tendon and chipped a bone on the top bend of my foot on June 24. 3 days ago. I'm confused with advice from ER nurse and my family Doctor. I was told I can take of the airboot for sleeping or resting. My concern is does my foot at this time need to be fully supported. With casts you do not normally...

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  • sophiedaphne 2

    Jones Fracture - Xray Image Attached - Surgery?

    Hi everyone, New to the forum , but I got a Jones Fracture a week from this past Thursday. I have my xray here I've looked at other xrays and mine seems pretty tame in comparison... does this seem like it's going to heal without surgery/non-weight bearing casting? I've...

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  • krista4435 2
  • Hellofagal1 2


    Hi Everyone My name is Helen and I am 6 weeks post op from my midfoot fusion surgery. Things seemed to be going well until I fell from my wheelchair to my walker trying to return to my living room where I have been living After the fall my foot became numb and swollen because I fractured...

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  • Pandoraparker 2

    Bunion surgery to Hallux Varus surgery

    I had a bunion surgery in Oct. 2016. I had pain constantly following that surgery. Worse than the bunionitself. Tried to wear sandals one day and noticed my toes couldn't grasp it. My big toe pointed out to the left. Turns out I had hallux varus which can be a complication of the bunion surgery. Had...

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  • Kgldsun 2

    Agony in both feet. Swollen bones along both sides near ankle

    I am interested to know what I could be suffering from please. X Rays have proved nothing. Most parts of the day (worse at night) I suffer with what I think is the metatarsal bone, near to ankle end and they swell to like another ankle bone. Red in appearance, burning in sensation, throbbing and painful...

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  • Pinker66 2

    Morton's neuroma surgery

    Hi not sure if anyone can answer this. Four weeks ago I had two nerves removed from my right foot Operation went well but still very swollen. I'm looking at going back to work , but my husband thinks it to early. Has anyone else had the same problem with the foot swelling up ,...

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  • deborah751 2

    Tarsal tunnel syndrome

    Hello I have tarsal tunnel syndrome which was diagnosed by a nerve conduction test. I go back to see my foot and ankle surgeon in three weeks Does anyone else have this syndrome? If so how was it treated. So far all i know is mine is coursed by bruising and possibly a fracture of an old injury. The...

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  • pnadella 2

    Confused after Morton’s Neuroma Surgery

    I had a surgery performed for Morton’s Neuroma four months ago. I was told by Doctor that I will be normal in couple of months. After four months, I still have pain and swelling. My Doctor doesn’t seem to have any ideas besides another MRI and possibly another surgery. Any suggestions regarding any thing...

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  • ros61266 2

    Make Myself Walk Properly After Metatarsal Fractures

    Hi!  I fractured numbers 2, 3, 4 & 5 metatarsals (the neck area) in mid-March, tripping badly while following a map on my mobile (lesson learnt!).  I've moved from half-leg cast to off-loading shoe to 'slowly does it' weight bearing.  It's now nearly 15 weeks and, although I use a stick most of the time,...

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  • lucky13 2

    Morton's Neuroma surgery

    Hi,  I would like to share my experience with you regarding the surgery.  I had a surgery on both feet, one on October 18 and the other on November 22.  The two surgeries are around 5 weeks apart and i'm currently on week 9 and week 4 post op.  Both the surgeries went pretty well and the doctor cut...

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  • hannah59925 1

    Has anyone in the U.K. Had cryosurgery coz I have !

    I had mortons neuroma in my right foot. I had cryosurgery in London four weeks ago. I was wondering who else has? It was great until three days ago when I can feel the bone movement again and my foot has been aching . I am hoping that this is normal as I was told it could take up to 3 months until we...

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  • Daschunds18 2

    Crushed my big toe with trike tire. Now can't bend it.

    ( Please also note that i have a circulation problem, on my left side which is also why I am concern. due to the 18 P minus.) A few Saturdays ago I was riding my trike out from the charity shop  rear entrace. I caught my left toe underneath the tire of this adult trike.  I keep trying to get my mum...

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  • stefan9303347 2

    Plantar fasciitis and blood tests

    Hello guys, I am curious if plantar fasciitis can increase the ESR and C reactive protein rate or it is only elevated in types of arthritis? I am curious because i still dont have any diagnosis, but i have this front heel pain for more than a month. At first my blood tests were okay, but now they are...

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  • leanne44561 2

    Wanting advice

    Hi I am 38 and have been told by my orthopaedic surgeon that I have the arthritis of a person aged between 50 - 60 years old. I have had ultrasounds, X-rays, MRI, and a number of steroid injections. The surgeon is looking at mid foot fusion surgery. I recently saw a rheumatologist and he has asked me...

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  • bluedusk 1

    23 year old with stabbing foot pain in mid arch for almost 5 years

    Since December 2012, I've been having a sharp, stabbing pain in the middle of the arch of my left foot (see link below for picture of the area).  The pain occurs on and off, sometimes even going as long as 6 months without any pain. But when I do these specific activities, the pain emerges most of...

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  • DanHenry 1
  • Michael99128 1

    Cortisone experience?

    I've had severe pain in big toe meaning I haven't been able to walk or basically go outside for 2 months. This is making me so depressed as I used to walk about 15km a day average and I spend as much time outside and in the gym as I can. I've also had to quit my job and am now just inside all the time....

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  • claire49732 2

    Toe feels like it's being 'Squeezed'

    Hi all. Had my big toe fused 2 years ago, all healed well but had some nerve damage from thr operation. Swelling subsided in the rest of my foot, but never seemed to go properly in the toe itself. For the last few months I've noticed that when I sit down for any length of time, my toe feels like its...

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  • raymond16353 1

    Broken foot

    I broke my foot 9 weeks ago. Broke a bottom bone near the pinkie toe into 3 pieces. Orthopaedic doctor didn't think surgery was necessary. He immediately put me in a boot. Foot was swollen until about 2 weeks ago. Doctor prescribed compression sick to minimize any further swelling. I graduated to...

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  • MarkZA 1

    Sore on middle toe won't heal

    I have had a problem with my toes for sometime now. It gets really itchy between the toes to the point that I scratch them until they bleed. I visited a doctor and he gave me a powder to apply and while this illeviates the problem for a while it doesnt totally irradicate it The other day I was scratching...

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  • inezk 1

    concerning 5th metatarsal x ray

    7 weeks ago I fractured my 5th metatarsal but today I noticed another concerning looking thing on my xray: does anyone have an idea what that could be? that part of foot does not hurt by itself but it is definitely sensitive...

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  • Hellofagal1 2


    Hi. I'm Helen and I am in the fifth week of recovery from Fusion Surgery on my lateral and medial cunieforms I didn't realize when I signed up for this surgery about the difficulties I was about to incur from a non weight baring recovery I live in a 2 story house so I have to live on my couch in my...

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  • stefannedelchev 1

    Ball of the foot and toes pain

    Hello guys, i am getting frustrated now as i have trouble with my feet for the last three weeks. I will try to explain my symptoms and hope someone helps me out. So my pain usually starts at night and it is very severe in the morning as i am not able to walk properly for the first hour or two since i...

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  • michelle65897 2

    Mid foot fusion.

    Hiya. I had a mid foot fusion 2 weeks ago now. I am really struggling with non weight bearing. Has anyone else dealt with this please. I am crying with frustration. My husband and I are very keen walkers and it is really hard not being able to get out and about under my own steam. look forward to hearing...

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  • louise87148 3

    Foot pain

    my foot is sore to touch side of foot below little toe. Firstly it hurt when I pressed on the bone. X-rays came back normal. Pain is worse when walking or standing. Sometimes it will suddenly throb & sore.  Like burn sensation.  anyone els e have any ideas what it could be. I've had it for about 3 months....

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  • sallyg06 2


    I had hammer toe surgery in October 2016 where i had a k-wire inserted to straighten the toe. I am still having pain and swelling. I aw my consultant on 27 April who didn't know what was wrong with it and thought it was coming from scar tissue from Morton's neuroma surgery some at same time. He then...

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  • stuart69458 1

    Sudden intense pain near big toe

    For a few months I've occasionally had a really dull pain along the side of my left big toe. It's so dull that I can't pinpoint exactly where it comes from, and it never affected my life in anyway. I had a GP check it out a few weeks ago, just to be on the safe side, but at the time of seeing her, there...

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  • roy96355 1

    Going away for awhile; am I going to be okay?

    Hey, so about a week and a half ago, I was jumping into a pool. I didn't realize how shallow it was, and my right foot stomped hard into the pool ground. It did not roll; I landed flat foot. It hurt very bad for about the first 30 seconds, and I had a limp due to a pain in my heel for the next two days....

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  • karen 28937 2

    Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    I have been suffering from pain in both my feet for over a year. It started out with just numbness in my toes but has affected my entire foot. I have tingling, electrical sensations in my ankle and foot. The longer I am on my feet my toes feel painful even swollen and warm at times.  After many doctors...

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  • andrew77956 1

    Foot drop, out of the blue 2 weeks ago

    Hello, I'm a 40 year old male, non-smoker, light drinker, relatively active (lots of walking everyday, weightlifting three times a week), and average BMI score (bit higher due to muscle mass). A month ago I travelled to a new country to begin a several-month long trip.  Two weeks ago I suddenly developed...

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  • liz70264 1

    PVNS in Foot & Ankle

    I have Giant cell tumor and PVNS, I had surgery last year and now its is back.  I went to my Doctor in NYC and he feels another surgery is warranted.  Does anyone have PVNS in the foot and ankle?  Mine is diffused and I waited a long time before surgery, i have lots of damage.  It seems that no one has...

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