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Foot and Toe Problems

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  • Hellofagal1 2


    Hi. I'm Helen and I am in the fifth week of recovery from Fusion Surgery on my lateral and medial cunieforms I didn't realize when I signed up for this surgery about the difficulties I was about to incur from a non weight baring recovery I live in a 2 story house so I have to live on my couch in

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  • Michael99128 1

    Cortisone experience?

    I've had severe pain in big toe meaning I haven't been able to walk or basically go outside for 2 months. This is making me so depressed as I used to walk about 15km a day average and I spend as much time outside and in the gym as I can. I've also had to quit my job and am now just inside all the

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  • deborah751 2

    Tarsal tunnel syndrome

    Hello I have tarsal tunnel syndrome which was diagnosed by a nerve conduction test. I go back to see my foot and ankle surgeon in three weeks Does anyone else have this syndrome? If so how was it treated. So far all i know is mine is coursed by bruising and possibly a fracture of an old injury.

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  • karen 28937 1

    Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    I have been suffering from pain in both my feet for over a year. It started out with just numbness in my toes but has affected my entire foot. I have tingling, electrical sensations in my ankle and foot. The longer I am on my feet my toes feel painful even swollen and warm at times.  After many

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  • michelle65897 2

    Mid foot fusion.

    Hiya. I had a mid foot fusion 2 weeks ago now. I am really struggling with non weight bearing. Has anyone else dealt with this please. I am crying with frustration. My husband and I are very keen walkers and it is really hard not being able to get out and about under my own steam. look forward to

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  • andrew77956 1

    Foot drop, out of the blue 2 weeks ago

    Hello, I'm a 40 year old male, non-smoker, light drinker, relatively active (lots of walking everyday, weightlifting three times a week), and average BMI score (bit higher due to muscle mass). A month ago I travelled to a new country to begin a several-month long trip.  Two weeks ago I suddenly

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  • inezk 1

    concerning 5th metatarsal x ray

    7 weeks ago I fractured my 5th metatarsal but today I noticed another concerning looking thing on my xray: does anyone have an idea what that could be? that part of foot does not hurt by itself but it is definitely

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  • liz70264 1

    PVNS in Foot & Ankle

    I have Giant cell tumor and PVNS, I had surgery last year and now its is back.  I went to my Doctor in NYC and he feels another surgery is warranted.  Does anyone have PVNS in the foot and ankle?  Mine is diffused and I waited a long time before surgery, i have lots of damage.  It seems that no one

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  • pnadella 2

    Confused after Morton’s Neuroma Surgery

    I had a surgery performed for Morton’s Neuroma four months ago. I was told by Doctor that I will be normal in couple of months. After four months, I still have pain and swelling. My Doctor doesn’t seem to have any ideas besides another MRI and possibly another surgery. Any suggestions regarding any

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  • stefannedelchev 1

    Ball of the foot and toes pain

    Hello guys, i am getting frustrated now as i have trouble with my feet for the last three weeks. I will try to explain my symptoms and hope someone helps me out. So my pain usually starts at night and it is very severe in the morning as i am not able to walk properly for the first hour or two since

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  • laura145 2

    5th Metatarsal Fracture Recovery

    Hello. I have a number of questions. 8 weeks ago I broke my 5th metatarsal after falling. I just got out of my cast yesterday and was out in an air cast/boot. And the doctor left me with a number of questions unanswered and my next appointment isn't for 4 weeks with no physio or such before hand.

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  • nigel44110 2

    Planta fascia

    I am 58 was born with telapese which is a club foot I had a tendon release age 7 and this assisted into adult hood . Over the years I have had severe pain in the middle of my foot and it feels like I want to cut the fascia to release the pain as it's so tight. Over the last 10 years I've had

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  • emmaroseartwork 1

    80 year old 'bouncy feet'

    I have a friend in his 80's (not on computer) who had a cough that continuted despite anti-biotics.  He had heard that and old wives tale of coating feet with Vick Vapour Rub at bedtime, plus socks.  He did this for 3 nights and the coughing stopped.  A satisfactory outcome but curiously he now has

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  • danblukk 2

    Broken foot Toes are going black?

    The other day I broke my foot. It was the outside bone that look like it leads up to the little toe. It's not that bad, not like I can't put any weight on it it just gets sore if I walk for any extended persiod of time without the space boot they give you. Doctor took an x-ray said it was a very

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  • Pikus1 1

    Mid-foot fusion didn't work

    I have 2 sets of bones fused in the top of my foot in Dec 2015. I still have a lot of pain in my foot. The CT showed that the bones have not completely fused which is what is causing my pain. My Dr. said there are two options. 1. Drill holes in the bone and fill them with something (like cement)...

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  • Gillygreg 2

    Big toe fusion and second toe

    My story, a year ago I had Bunion surgery, scarf , Adkin but after 4 months my big to did not stay strIght and went back towards my other toes, which also left my second toe stuck up from the op. This caused me great pain in my second toe, and the only was to straighten it , but to do so, I would

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  • Granny Ang 2

    Morton's Neuroma

    I've had foot pain for sixteen years and been told it's arthritis and I had to live with seening two rhuematoligests in two different hospitals,I finally managed to get ultrasound,which proved I had Mortons on both feet. So full of hope of an operation I saw my today. No op. only

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  • krista4435 2
  • sophiedaphne 2

    Jones Fracture - Xray Image Attached - Surgery?

    Hi everyone, New to the forum , but I got a Jones Fracture a week from this past Thursday. I have my xray here  I've looked at other xrays and mine seems pretty tame in does this seem like it's going to heal without surgery/non-weight bearing casting? I'

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  • emma81473 2

    5th metatarsal mid shaft fracture..good news!

    I thought I would just put a quick post re the experience of someone who has broken her 5th metatarsal, mid shaft, displaced although minimally, as a lot of the posts/articles on the internet seem to be very pessimistic and depressing.  the detail if you want but have written it

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  • linda14163 1

    Confused and scared!

    i broke my 5th metatarsal 6 days ago. three days ago I went to Ortho.  He gave me a Cam Airboot with the instructions that I could be WB as tolerated. The first day I walked on it a little with crutches, although I rested a lot. It's been 2 days and I can walk on it, mainly with my heel and

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  • billstein22 2

    Throbbing pain in middle-inner arch of foot

    Hi Everyone,  I’m a 27 yr old male in relatively good shape, other than this debilitating foot problem I’ve had for almost two years, of course.  Whenever I walk or stand (especially walk), I have a throbbing pain throughout the arch of my foot and up to the metatarsals – basically everywhere north

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  • bridie20837 2

    K wire surgery question

    Hello, I recently had surgery on my foot, I broke my second third and fourth metatarsal necks and I've had k wires out through underneath my toes. I noticed that I have a mark on my third toe, it's at the tip of the toe and it's like three tiny dots and it hurts if I touch it. On closer inspection

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  • mandy55009 1

    Plantar fasciitis

    Hi folks. What if cortisone injections, excercise, and a boot I wear at night don't work? It worked at first but now it doesn't. Does anybody know what the next step will be?

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  • elizabethjonn 2

    toe fusion

    its nearly 4 weeks since my op and tomorrow im wearing trainers and going to the gym, cycling and swimming im planing to do, spent today without my "shoe" for the first time and drove the car without problems, im thinking i need to get back to normal, sitting about cant be helping? i plan to wear

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  • Teddybear154 2

    could I have broken my Bug Toe?

    Last Friday I knock a large very heavy solid wood chopping board off side and it landed on my foot ( mainly top of big toe). It hurt a lot and bruised up very quickly. It hurt for a while and swelled up a little bit. I Did not think much of it at first just thought I had bruised it. It is now

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  • stephanie15538 1
  • vaibhavj 1

    5th Metatarsal Base Fracture, Tips, Healing Time?

    I fractured my foot and went to the doc, he just cast me in temporary plastic cast and bandaged my foot, from the x ray I figured it was a 5th metatarsal fracture of base (avulsion fracture) (If anyone can confirm from images and no other injury) I

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  • ines56188 2
  • molly8693 3

    Sweaty feet

    Hi, It has been years I have been suffering of sweaty feet and it gets worse when I am stressed and anxious.   I can see is serious but never felt confident enough to ask for help.

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  • ann1965 2

    Bursitis in the toes/ball of foot

    Hi, i had big toe fusion on the left foot in July this year in the UK. The surgery went really well and the worst of it all was having my foot in plaster for 6 weeks. We managed to hire a wheel chair from the British Red Cross which helped. After the plaster was removed at the beginning of September,...

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  • mark74840 2

    For all those suffering with Morton’s neuroma - my struggles

    I keep reading everyone problems with Morton's neuroma so I thought I would relate my storey, in the hope that it may help others. I live in teh states but I'm sure you can find the same treatments closer to you. When I went on a ski trip with my family about eight years ago, I ended up in the ski

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  • naomi44083 2


    Hoping someone has had a similar experience and might be able to give me some advice! Over 4 months ago I broke my 5th went to the local hospital, was told I needed to see the ortho surgeon, waited 5 hours, then sent home with a boot, no instruction and didn't see the ortho.  2

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  • Blueshell 2

    5th metatarsal displaced spiral fracture

    I'm after any kind of advice!! Displaced 5th metatarsal spiral stating just under little toe joint going downwards. Dr confident it would heal without surgery as minimally displaced. Spent 4 weeks in a cast - Dr said to partial weight bare through heel however I wasn't confident in doing this so I

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  • SoniaG 1

    Morton's Neurons surgery

    I had a neuroma removed from my right foot ten days ago and despite constant rest, elevation, ice packs and pain killers, I'm still far from able to put weight on my foot. I have continual sharp nerve pain and every time I attempt to stand on the foot even while I clean my teeth, it immediately

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