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Hi, i have only just had my bunion surgery.... (Fri 16th sept) ive had three bones broken, two from my big toe, and my bunionette on my little toe...

I dont have a clue what my surgeon had done, he didnt really tell me anything.. All i know is that i have to book an appointment for the 28th sept.. Is that right? Is that too long to book an appointment? Shouldnt it be sooner?

Anyway, its only sunday, and oh my goodness, the pain is unbearable! My toes are on fire, i keep twitching (well my foot keeps twitching), when i lay down its worse, but if i sit up (with my foot up), the pain seems to ease up a little... Did anyone else experience this? Painkillers are not working what so ever, taking two every four hours... Co-dydramol and ibuprofen.. Nothing... Any advice from anyone? Please? Maybe its still early days?

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    Your next appointment will most likely be to remove sutures then (depending on which country you're in) you'll probably have a 6 week check-up with x-rays. Call your doctor's office and request info on the type of procedure he performed so you can do some research on do's and don'ts. If the painkillers aren't working try something else, the "on fire" feeling is normal at the start. Try to rest and keep feet elevated as much as possible, boring but essential. Be prepared, this recovery is a long road, my surgeon told me full recovery is likely to take a year. I had bilateral scarf and akin osteotomy. Good luck.

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      Thank you soo much for the reply! I will deffo call the doctors on monday morning, because i havent got a clue what the surgeon actually done, or what the procedure is called, im not sure... At least its normal that ny toes feel like they are burning! Thank you so much! I appreciate your reply! Jaz x
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    It sounds like you had the same surgeon I had -- he didn't explain anything either and refused to call me pre-surgery. When I ask questions, he either changes the subject or is vague with his answers. You are only 2 days post op, so you have a long ways to go. I was told not to take Ibuprofen or other antiinflammatories, because they inhibit bone healing. I was given narcotics, which I took every 4 hours for at least 3-4 days. I was also told to walk on my heel only, which was painful, so I ordered a knee caddy, which was great. Keep your foot elevated and ice it for 15 minutes or so a few times a day. Are you allowed to walk on your heel? What kind of surgery did you have?  I had a Weir osteotomy, which most people have never heard of -- and he fused my big toe joint and put pins in the second and third toes, which "slipped" and are now numb. I am nearly 3 months post op and am seeing a physical therapist to learn how to walk again.  Nobody warnd me the reovery time would be so long -- maybe a year!

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      Why are these surgeons like this, its quite upsetting really, like you would want to know what you had done.. I found so far the ibuprofen dont actually do much anyway.. So i think ill take those later down the healing process.. I will deffo try the ice! That seems like a good idea! Well, the nurse did say that i can try and walk on mu heel, but to be honest, i cant. My heel is painful and weak sad im not sure what surgery i had, there was not much information on that. All he said was he broke three bones and removed some tissue above my second toe. He didnt say anything else. Wow! I hope you heal up soon aswell! Thank you soo much for the advice and the reply! Jaz x

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    Hi jasmine, 

    Sorry to hear you are having so much pain.get back to your doctor. I was given oramorph for extreme pain but luckily I didn't need it. 

    You need to rest and elevate your foot for the first 2 weeks. Only make trips to the bathroom then back to bed. I found icing my foot helped. I am still doing this after almost 3 weeks. 

    Checkmout "I survived a bunionectomy on Facebook. Very good site for support and information.

    hopebyou feel better soon.

    jan x

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      Hi jan!

      Thank you for your reply! I will deffo call my doctor! My pain threshold is not very good!

      So far i have kept my foot elevated, but i notice i can only keep my foot up at the same level which im laying, if i put my foot on a pillow is very uncomfortable and the pain travels up my leg! If i get out of bed, it would only be to get some air in the garden, to the toilet or to get a glass of water. But i can only get out of bed for about 2mins before i have to put my foot back up!

      I will try the ice and see how that goes! Ohhh i will check that out on facebook aswell! Thank you soo much!

      I hope your foot heals soon and you feel better too! Thank you

      Jaz x

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    Your foot should be elevated above your heart. ("Toes above the nose."wink  I hear that it's common for swelling to last for many, many months. My surgeon gave me no warning that recovery would be so very long -- probably a year.

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    Hello Jasmine...

    Oh! Bless yur 💖...

    Im preparing 2 have rhe exact same surgery...

    Always...Always Ask QUESTIONS!

    I met my surgeon 10 days ago...I took a list of questions...Heeze 1derful & answered them all...

    Had my Foot XRayed Friday & I see him 2moro...(I have ANOTHER list of questions!

    He will determine the exact procedure. I research EVERYTHING...so initially We discussed the Austin Bunionectomy/Osteotomy... (I have a dorsal bunion...Which is on top of my foot not on the side...and...a Tailors...

    U need 2 call yur Doctors office & get in 2 see him THIS WEEK (Thursday or Friday!!

    Yur dressings need 2 B checked & U need 2 request a stronger Pain Med!!

    Ask him what procedure he performed...

    Take a list of questions with U...

    In the meantime Stay off yur feet except 4 bathroom visits & meals...KEEP THAT PRECIOUS FOOT ELEVATED & ICED! (20 minutes on & off)...

    I know that its a very painful procedure...

    Also with regard 2 pain med-induced constipation?

    Years ago I found CASCARA SEGRADA & EXTRA STRENGTH ALOE VERA JUICE! Saved my life & an humiliating visit 2 the ER...

    Cascara is an herbal derived from an ancient tree bark...(U can buy it from Now Health Products online)... $10 a bottle...

    Take 2 capsules with a glass of water in the morning and B4 bed...

    I buy Aloe Vera Juice in a gallon size at Trader Joes here in Cali4nia... $8...

    Take 2-3 oz. In the morning & B4 bed...

    The taste can B unpleasant U can mix it in juice (I like cranberry)...

    ***I was already in GR8 distress when I found the solution...In 3 days Everything took care of itself...

    Keep taking both as long as your on pain meds... U will NOT have any abdominal pain or cramping...

    Il keep U in Positive Thought!!Please stay in touch with me as 2 yur progress...


    M here if U need Strengthening Encouragement!


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      Thank you sooo much!!! You are soo helpful! Ill deffo look into the herbal stuff! Thats a great idea!

      I hope your procedure goes well! And tell me all all about it smile

      So far, my pain is easing slowly now! I Am able to sleep, just that now there is brusing on my second toe (which is ugly) haha! But so far so good!

      I will call the doctors today, and see what they say. My doctors here in then UK are not very good, you have to do a lot of talking and pushing with them... Silly people :D

      But yeah, ill deffo keep you updated!! Thank you soooo much again!!!

      ~Jasmine xxxx

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