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Hi there,

As you can probably tell this is gonna be about bunions..

I'm surprised I'm writing on this page as I don't like talking about it..not even to my mum when she has the same problem.

My confidence is so low because of bunions cause I have them on both feet ....both sides..I'm only 17 

They've slowly got worse and worse and I can barely wear any shoes I like cause my bunions stick out ..I know..gross..but this makes my confidence so much worse and I cant do a simple things as in take my shoes off as everyone would see...all my mates are probably curious as to why I'm so hateful about my feet and there like what's wrong with them? ..I say nothing I just hate them..I don't think they believe me haha I have to wear fluffy socks in  all year round when i stay round my friends house..I just really want them gone but anyway...how much would it cost to have all the bunions removed privately In the uk?...and which hospital is the cheapest!? Is there any way I can get my confidence back ..I doubt it but worth a shot ..



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    I have spent all my life with bunions/hallux Valgus from birth and have not allowed it to stop me enjoying life. Your friends won't notice/care what such a minor thing looks like on your foot it's just you who thinks they are so bad -get some wide fitting shoes lots about and start living!


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    I've had huge bunions since I was 5.  Because my grandmother had them, I thought they were perfectly normal and didn't hide anything. None of my friends (or frenemies at school in gym) said anything.  It's nothing... like the people who have really big 2nd toes compared to their first... or a big split between their 2nd and 3rd toe.  Feet are just feet.  As long as they do what is necessary, whatever. 

    Everybody has something they wish was different.  "My ears are kind of pointy."  or "My knees are knobby and ugly." or "If only my eyebrows matched and I didn't look like Spock on hormones."  Trust me.  The things that are a bit different about our bodies make no difference to other people until we tell them we're insecure... and then some people (the not nice ones) will pick up on that and make fun of us.  If we don't care, they don't care. 

    Bunions are really no big deal until they hurt... and that will happen eventually.  When they start being a bit achey and bothersome, it's time to consider having them fixed.  They will, and getting them fixed when you're younger (late 20's - 40's seems to be the sweet spot if you can take the time off and the medical care is covered).  Later, and people talk about circulation problems that impede healing.  

    Those are just my observations and certainly no rules.  But I waiting until my 50's and now what was difficult has become really painful and is starting to compromise the rest of my foot's function.  So I'm thinking I should have done this more around 45 than 55.   So just saying. 

    But don't worry just because your feet are different.  Seriously.  So many more important things in life to consider. 

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    Hi Jennifer

    I am 48 and just had both my feet done, before that I had a claw god done about 4 years ago. I had my bunions since I can remember and wish I would have got the done earlier...!!! I must say nobody has ever teased me about them but they did get noticed and I do understand where you are coming from. I am lucky enough to have private health are through my job and decided to go and get them sorted as I was suffering with them flaring up when I wore certain shoes (and no I am not into heels) I think my total bill for both feet and pysio was about 4 thousand I live in Jersey Channel Islands. My advise to you go and speak with your doctor try to get him to refer you to a surgeon and get their advice they are the ones who know what they are doing..!! Go for it and get them sorted I wish I had do e it earlier 😁 Let us know what you decide x

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    Hello Jennifer.

    First of all you need to get a grip. You've got bunions ( so you say!) and not an incurabl or contageous disease.

    I think you need to start off by visiting your GP ( you don't mention whether you live in the uK oir abroad).

    You're GP will advise you.

    He/she will recommend a surgeon.

    I had mine done on the NHS at Bradford Royal Infirmary in November 2013 and am due to have my other foot done in September.

    You need to read the following leaflet on The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital website   -  'A Patient's Guide to Bunions ( Hallux Valgus) and Lesser Toe Deformities'. It is excellent and written by surgeons.

    You also need to know that bunion surgery doesn't simply involve cuttng away the offending lump(s) and then dressing the wound afterwards. It involves many, many mnths of recovery beginning with having to sit for many, many hours with your foot/feet elevated at a height higher than your groin level. You will have an enormous amunt of swelling for many months after the surgery. You will be unable to wear your ordinary shoesfor a very long time. To try to get your foot/feet into shoes too soon will interfere and prolong the healing process and your foot/feet will not e able to bend properly to get your shoes on as your swollen feet with also be very stiff indeed.

    You need to be aware of all these things which are ormal things after bunion surgery.

    You will experence huge throbbing in your feet which will worsen if you do not rest with your feet elevatedYou may not be able to get into the shower or bath for many weeks and wil have to make do with having good washes from top to to each da. You will not be able to drive ( if you are a driver) for many weeks and once you resume you will probably experience discomfort in your foot/feet for several weeks

    You are 17 years old and I imagine are totally naive and unaware of the implications on your normal daily life that comes with this surgery.

    I am not trying to scare or frighten you bu, you need expert professional advice from your family doctor in the first instance. Read the document on the website I have mentioned earlier.


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    Hi Jen,

    Can I start by saying "well done" for finally speaking about your bunions.

    It took me a while to post a discussion on this site and I'm in my 50's.

    I assume that you are in the UK.

    As far as I have gathered, different hospitals in different areas use differing procedures and also there are different procedures according to the severity of the problem.

    I have just had both feet done together, 3 weeks ago. This was done at a hospital in York free of charge, on the NHS.

    First of all you will need to see you GP to make sure that they are bunions.

    If they are bunions and they are painfull your GP can refer you to a hospital to see what can be done.

    Try not to worry about it. Most things can be put right but you will need to talk to your GP (or your Mum!).

    Good luck.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Angela x

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    I had a left bunion op when I was 16 & the surgeons wanted to do both . Fortunately my mum refused .  The right was stable for almost 40 years & has suddenly started growing again , but I am now 55 & am going to have the right done .

    I was in plaster for a long time but have no residual weakness in the left toe after the op , the bunion never came back , I was really pleased ( eventually ) . I suggest one at a time , you need a good side to hop around on . The younger it's done , the better you heal .

    There's much worse things for destroying your confidence , I got run over , head-injured & couldn't remember anything for a year at 19 . My partner stole all my money & I got final written warnings at work when I was forced to go back , because I still couldn't think straight . I always say ' In 10 years time , none of this will matter ' - nothing has ever seemed terribly important a decade on .

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    Hi Jen, 

    I too had bunions at your age, all the females in my family have. I turn 50 at the end of this year and have just had my first one fixed with not too much hassle. I have spent my whole life embarrassed by my feet and not been able to wear nice shoes. Get them fixed! I only did in the end as they were affecting my walking causing other problems . The bunions themselves never hurt. Go see you doctor and see if he can help.

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    well i dont know about surgery but I shrunk mine with "Bochikun" a japanese bunion supporter. it just kinda feel like you're wearing a thin sock. I wasnt sure if they sold them overseas, but another lady on this site told me they do. 

    You don't mention them hurting so thats a good thing, mine use to throb. But anyway if its just looks that are bothering you, within about a month of two of wearing bochikun, my bunions were at least half the size. So maybe try them before getting cut open.

    smile Mel

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