Burning eyes and now sensitive feeling.

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Hope someone can help but I was diagnosed with having Blepharitis a few months ago and have been following the strict regime of eye compresses and lid srubs every day. When I was using a blephaclean wipe to carefully wipe my bottom eyelid a few weeks ago, my hand went into some kind of stupid spasm, and I ended up poking my eye with the wipe. About an hour later, I felt an uncomfortable scratched feeling in my left eye and thought that this will clear up in a few days. A week later it still felt a bit sore so I thought I would stop the heat compresses for a few days to see if this is what was causing this take so long to heal. Then about 4 days ago, I had an extreme burning sensation take place at the top most end of both my eyes. The burning was intense and after about an hour I used a cold compress but this did little to calm the situation. Another few hours passed and then the burning subsided, but ever since it has left the top portion of both inner eyelids feeling scarred and now my eyes are feeling so sensitive both when opened and closed, it's uncomfortable as I can only sleep a few hours without being woken by this horrible sensitive feeling as though someone is rubbing the pupil of your eye with their finger. I have stepped up with my eye drops (hylo tear) but these seem to make the sensitivity worse and I am off food as it has it is making me nauseated - just at a loss as to what to do. I could go to my A&E unit but they will probably just say it's just a symptom of dry eye / blepharitis and to just carry on with the eyelid cleaning routing. This is sheer hell at the moment, has anyone else experienced anything similar to me and if so, did this clear up or is it ongoing? Thank you for taking the time to read this, but really need some help here as am worried I cannot carry on like this.

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    Hi Dena,

    I haven't messed around so to speak, I just lightly poked myself in my left eye and ever since I have had all these other problems which is getting me down to say the least.

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      Clinton, I feel your pain. In the middle of the night I mistakenly put eccential oils in my eye instead of eye drops, boy do I have isues now with my right eye. The left eye i doing well with the wet ones treatment. No damage to my eye,but very uncomfortable ans dry. Dena
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    Clinton, you do have a lot of problems with your eyes.  I am surprised you haven't been referred to an eye clinic by now.  Why don't you ask your GP to refer you?

    You can't self medicate with eyes, you might be able to see the outside but you can't see the inside.

    You are telling us that this latest episode has been going on for several weeks now.  You should have had them examined properly.  As Dena says, you only have one pair of eyes and when the sight has gone, it has gone.  

    Go and see your GP and ask him/her to refer you to your local eye clinic.


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      Hi Mrsmop,

      I am a right case and I apologise for all these posts but have had enough of all these eye problems now. I have seen 3 Opthamologists since February and this is what each of them said.

      1st one: Nothing wrong - go and have a good holiday (charming!)

      2nd one - Blepharitis - Do warm eye compresses and taken Hylo Tear 4-6 times a day

      3rd One - Severe Dry Eye - Schirmers test score was 0 and I  was put on a 3 week course of Dexamethasone drops. This didn't do anything for me unfortunately.

      This new problem is different and wondering if this is part of Dry Eye / Blepharitis as if so, it is very very uncomfortable and unable to sleep with it at the moment. My follow up appointment with the specialist is not until October, so I will just go to my doctor tomorrow and see what they say. I am hoping it is just a symptom of a possible corneal scratch that will get better soon??? This will be my last post to this site, I promise.

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      Don't worry about revisiting the site Clinton.

      You should telephone the clinic and explain that your appt isn't until October but you need to see someone sooner and they should give you an appt..  Or, you can telephone the Consultant's secretary and she should either arrange an appt or put you through to the clinic and you can arrange an appt..

      Don't try to self diagnose, just tell them what is wrong and ask for help.

      Good luck

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    Hi Clinton, Nearly a year ago one morning I rubbed my eye and after about 10 seconds my right eye started burning. it was so painful I couln't keep still. I was taken to hospital/ED and was told it was just a corneal abrasion but they couldn't find anything in my eye that scratched it.  The pain was really intense. Morpheine, tramadol etc did absolutely nothing to dull the pain until they put 3 lots of anasthetic drops in. eventually I was discharged how ever the next day the pain got worse. I was taken to hospital again and then discharged later on that day, almost each week atleast once or twice I would wake up in the night with a really painful sting in my eye. this went on for a few months until one day another really bad abrasion happened in the same eye. I was eventually diagnosed with 'Re-Current Corneal Erosion' which is really agrivated by having dry eyes. Since then I visit the eye clinic once every month or so. Before being diagnosed with Recurrent corneal erosion i was told it was blepharitis too. Basically what happens with my eyes is they become dry during the night and the eye lid sticks to the cornea, when the eye lid opens it stings and it tears a layer of the cornea, depending how serious it is it can be a small tear which can heal up within an hour or a serious one requiring an ambulance trip to ED/hospital. They can insert a 'Band-Aid' contact lense they call it which says on for a few weeks while it heals a bit because the eye lid keeps tearing the cornea.  before all of this started I used to get this dry stinging sensation on my eyes. I am only 31 years old now but some of your symptoms sounded familiar so just check how dry your eyes are..
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