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Hey guys so now i am getting burning sensations in the palm of hands and pins and needles sometime in my feet and nose and itchy skin lol i sound like a mad woman also i feel like i have so much adreneline in my body like excited and nervous I hope my medication is not doing this to me and its just my anxiety any advice like a nervous nellie im on my medication 4 weeks eeeeekkkkk but if it was side effects it would not be happening so much would it i think im just thinking and looking at my bodys reaction and seeing how i feel all the time. much love peeps

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    Hi Foxy

    All that you mention in your account of body reactions are pretty much what many experience with Anxiety.

    I get red bloches across the palms of both hands, that too is something I put down to anxiety.

    I feel for me the secret to this horrible disability which it really is in (mental health) is in the understanding and overcoming of the worrying and negative feelings that we feel are true when we break out with so many different things to the point I am saying to myself and fully convinced I am actually dying.

    This is an issue that I am trying to deal with in myself right now as I was talking about this very issue with my best mate and live in carer last night and remembered back to many ocassions last year where i told him i was dying .

    I was convinced of this due to the many physical reactions I was having .

    I still have a lot of symptoms and real issues that are physical but its knowing how to treat them and in the understanding that yes they are there and yes they are a side effect of my acute anxiety.

    But also knowing that these issues are not going to kill me out right.

    I am not saying you are feeling like this at all , just trying to put it all into real perspective and help you to make proper sense of the symptoms you are showing.

    Today and yesterday my symptoms are with this what feels like a great big lump in my asophicas thats making it hard to swallow.

    Its ittitating me but my GP informed me that this is infact a build up of acid caused by aniety and stress and is treateable.

    She has given me some meds to get rid of the acid build up but so far its made no difference at all.


    from a fellow warrior.


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      hahahahahahahahahahaah im laufing because i always say to my partner i,m dying and he says but you were also dying yesterday aswel and you have not died yet i think if you can see the funny side it is good cause they are only taughts i started my medication 4 weeks ago so i dont think it has anything to do with that im also quiet interested in seeing a therapist, that lump in your throat i had constantly when i had my anxiety first i was 18 then ,but then it went i was scared to eat in case i would choke so i can relate to this feeling ive also been reading alot lately do you know that anxiety disorders are totally treatable like a 100% it is our taughts and how we react to them its quiet interesting really i actually think i learnt this behaviour from my mam as she was always panicing and i remember as a kid waking up like from maybe the age of 8 and saying to myself what will i worry about today so i think i set myself up for this behaviour I am 30 years of age now and notice i get my anxiety always with change in my life like nothing is that bad in my life ive  a graet family that love me a job a great partner that i adore but its me and my taughts and i will win the battle this time like we all can

      Kind Regards cheesygrin 

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    You have a great attitude

    Hugs from PJ

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      What I said was true and I encourage you to be committed to accepting those positive things that others say about you to be true and for real.

      Of course negative thoughts enter our minds and we often find ourselves slipping into the same old pattern of believing those rotten thoughts about oursleves, but i suppose I am encouraging you to have a day today focussed on self encouragment and to start gathering up all those true good, posative and awesome things that you are gifted with.

      Write em down and remind yourself of them , everythime another rotten thought enters send it back to where it came from and only spend your thought energy on the good .

      Stick in there gal.

      Your amazing


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      Thats great Foxy.

      I usually start my morning with a 30 second self encouragement session in front of the bathroom mirror.

      I remind myself of how valued I am and that I am alright.

      I say to myself her Mister your gonna have an awesome day today.

      Having this attitude doesnt mean I am not going to crash and have a awesome day by any means, lol

      but what it does say to me is I have at least acknowleged I am ok and my intention is to have a jolly good day.

      That inistelf to me is what works for me today.

      But having found this site I cant express my gratefullness enough for what I gain from all the experiences and coping mechanisms that can be found through others.

      Sharing really is another way of caring.



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      uuuuummmm for sure I agree Ozzie you shoud read when panic attacks what do you suffer with PJ you never said or do you mind me askig

      Kind Regardsbiggrin

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      Hi Again Foxy.

      I suffer with life ..lol

      But in real terms i dont see it as suffering with anything as to me that iis to victimize myself and I dont want to go down that road.

      I prefer to acknowlege I am special and just so happen to be challenged  with a lot more than Mr or Mrs Average.

      If you really want to know I have a list,lol

      Starting with a HIV diagnosis right at the beginning of the HIV and Aids scare in this great Country back in 1988.

      I have lived with bouts of terrible depression most of my life and 4 years ago was diagnosed with acute lymphoedema , which over the past 5 years has played havvoc with my health having it re occur approx every 6 weeks and needing to be taken into hospital.

      This totally robbed me of my lifestyle and passions in life which mostly were around travelling the world and seeing everything I possibly could in a lifetime.

      Travel has been and still remains  risky hile I know at any time my day can totally turn without notice and I am reeling in agony , so being in foregn countries makes this situation so much worse.

      I have liver and lung problems, I battle daily to take my HIV combo meds and this places me at so much more risk of infection as HIV is all about the Immune System being broken down and to keep it stable it requires diligence and daily maitenence to be able to have a pretty normal life and work, as many do now with HIV , but with my precious state of mental health and physical well being I am unable to work.

      I enjoy the though of doing charity work and have had times of that too in my local area.

      My anxiety began aroung 3  1/2 years ago and then progressed around 2 years ago to acute and severe anxiety where I began fitting like someone in a epileptic state of fitting.

      Much of this has been to do with 2 abussive neighbors above and a Landlord (housing association ) that has failed to stop the harassment and instead has turned the issue around and has been blaming me and trying everyway they can to tell me it is me that is the problem at this property.

      This is all coming to a Mighty Halt this Thursday while the Landlord and the 2 neighbors above not the other 5 great neighbors just 2 of them have now made the allegations so corrupt and serious about me I am appearing in a 4 hr housing trial on thursday where the landlord is attempting to have me and my best and dearest soul mate/freind removed from the property.

      Its been a real fight and this has caused me to become so unwell on so many different levels and it also nearly cost me my life with sadly 2 overdose attempts.

      I have been terrified of the Court date arriving , but today I am relieved that this day is soon here and I will finally have a voice and be able to have the truth known and be heard.

      I will be sharing the outcome of the trial later this thursday If i have any energy left as it is expected to go for up to 4 hours in total.

      I need people to pray for me which many right around the world have said they will be.

      I believe that our prayers will never go un heard.


      and peace to you Foxy

      Thats a little insight into me.


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