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Hope everyone is feeling well today. 

Going into my fifth- sixth week of mono. This past week I’ve had a new symptom along with an on and off again body rash (on a steroid).  My skin particularly on my back and legs feels as if it’s sunburned. There is no rash in these areas but it feels like I’ve spent the entire day out in the sun and should be glowing red but it looks completely normal. The intensity comes and goes. Has anyone had this symptom? 

A list of my symptoms (I have both EBV and CMV) 


Body aches

Sore throat (beginning)

Stiff neck (beginning)

Intense Headache



Swollen lymph nodes in the back of my neck and inguinal area

Rash (not antibiotic related) 

Pins and needles sensation 

Crawling skin feeling 

Hot flashes

Swollen joints particularly right side of body

Light sensitivity 


Racing heart


Panic attacks (not sure if it’s a symptom or an effect from the stress)

I only post my symptoms because it seems this virus effects everything. At times, it feels like I’m loosing my mind. 

The ONLY thing that has seemed to help is a steroid for the joint swelling and the rash.  I hope and pray once I finish the steroids this time (2nd round) that the rash will hold off as well as the joint  swelling. 

I have to say that despite all of these symptoms that I know it could be worse. I’m thankful I’m not bedridden. 

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    Oh Tabitha! I can soooooo relate to your situation. I too have been feeling like I am losing my mind with the full body assault. My viral tonsil infection began in mid-January. I still had energy over the next month until I had an explosion of symptoms in mid Feb. Like you I tested positive for active CMV and EBV infections in early March. My symptoms from March to April were VERY similar to yours although I also suffered from dry, burning mouth and dry eyes but with no diarrhea or rash. I had to leave my job in April (very difficult decision but I had no choice) and am now trying to recover.

    Some of my current symptoms are:

    swollen spleen

    chest pain / burning / shortness of breath 

    headache and stiff neck 

    weight loss (10 lbs total = 10% of body weight)


    muscle weakness

    continuation of tingling hands and feet begin (more on right side of body)



    The way I understand EBV works if one is symptomatic (and we ARE!!!) is that it first attacks the mouth/throat  glands then multiplies and starts to attack organs or other systems (I am in this latter stage). I am doing everything to boost my immune system. I am supposed to have a decent one but I am not so sure given how I am feeling! I have always been healthy and take very good care of myself. I am a 48 yr old woman. I think these are easier viruses to kick out the door if you are in your 20's. That said - a positive outlook is so important. I truly understand what you are going through, including the horrible anxiety and sleeplessness. We need to focus on healing as hard as that is. SLEEP is SOOO important. Every day is a step closer to getting better. We will get there. 

    Kiki x


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      Hi Kiki, thanks so much for the reply.  I’m 45 and also take very good care of myself as well. Super active and watch what I eat, etc. apparently I had a weakness that let not one (EBV) but two (CMV) virus’s in.  So frustrating. 

      I believe we will get through this virus. It’s going to take time and deligence with being patient.  It’s hard to not let my mind get away with me sometimes thinking it’s something worse or that I’ll never get well.  

      We will get through this!!! 


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    Oh Tabitha,

    Sorry to hear you're having this awful symptom and all the horrible symptoms you note. These symptoms look very familiar to me in terms of mono, want to reassure you of that and that things do get better with time. Really hoping that the steroid helps with the rash and the swelling, the virus does really seem to affect your body temperature and skin too, so many people I've read with those kind of experiences.

    Thinking of you today, and just want to say thanks to you Tabitha for the kind words and prayers you have said for me at this time too - I've been struggling again at the moment and grateful to read supportive and kind messages like yours have been.

    Thinking about you too Kiki, those symptoms look very familiar too and just want to reassure you also that they do all go away completely with time as the virus passes over.

    Hang in there and remember this will get better for you Tabitha and Kiki, hoping today can be a settled day.


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      Thanks so much Craig. Your kinds and supportive words always mean so much. 

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      Thanks for the kind word Tabitha, your supportive words have meant so much to me too. I have been thinking about you as I know you had been keen to go back to work soon. I really hope and pray that you are able to do this but if not please do not panic, because it just means it will be a little longer but you will get back to work again absolutely.


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      The plan now is to go to work on the 15th. My boss has been so gracious through this and even told me I could ease my way back into my schedule. I’m so blessed. 

      Paying for you.

      Be well🙏🏻


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      ..so good to hear you have a supportive work environment. Be careful with your output. This is quite an invisible illness, so it's hard for others to really understand what we are going through. You want to make sure that you don't give your immune system a setback.

      Sending you positive vibes,

      Kiki x

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      Good luck Tabitha, hope these extra few days help. Definitely take that option to ease back into your schedule, even if feeling a bit better, that is a wise thing to do! And of course only even do that if you feel you can manage - just take things slowly and at your pace your health comes first for sure.

      Thanks as always for your prayers, praying for you too and that God can guide you and get you back to full health and work.


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      You're absolutely right Kiki and really hit the nail on the head when you said it's an invisible illness and people don't understand because you look okay! This is so true!! At least those that have been through it and I hope those you love and trust can understand, even if the wider world doesn't always!


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    Yup had this symptom too. Felt like a sun burn on the skin under breasts and over top ribs... lasted about a week. 
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      It’s the strangest symptoms right Van?!?! Like I’ve spent a day at the beach. Only the skin looks completely normal. 

      Thanks for the rely. Hearing someone have the same symptom lessens the anxiety around it.

      Be well!


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      Ive got this symptom at the moment had it for the last month? Wonder what it is? Soo scary sad
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      I’m not sure Poppy. This symptom for me will come and go. It seems the severity of it has lessened for me. Hopefully it will start to subside altogether for us both. 

      Take care! 

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      Hang in there Tabitha and Poppy, thinking about you guys and hoping for a good and settled day today for you - you are both going to get fully better I truly truly believe that still.


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