Burping, regurgitating food and water

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Hi, new to this. I've been having symptoms of chronic burping, regurgitating food and water and feeling bloated. Also some stomach discomfort (a little pain but not much) and feel generally tired alot. I am 31 years of age. I also have really bad heartburn, i am on omeprazole for this which does help quite a bit, but if i forget to take it for even a day it comes back with a vengeance. I have looked up my symptoms and achalasia, GERD and hiatal hernia come up alot. I have no difficulty or pain swallowing whatsoever which makes me think it's not achalasia. I am due an endoscopy soon but am really quite worried about this, as it is ruining my everyday life. Especially the burping which is constant. I feel like i can't burp as though alot of wind is trapped and i have to force it but it never goes away it just keeps coming back and i burp at least 100 times a day. Also, every 2 months or so i'd say, i get really bad chest and upper back pain, usually at night. First time i thought it was a heart attack but it went away quite quickly. I have had these episodes about 4 times in total but quie far apart, first one started about a year ago so don't know if this is related. Had all heart tests done and negative. I would really appreciate it if anybody could help me with this. Thanks, Dan

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    Hi dan

    first I wanted to ask are you peri menopsal it just your 31 years old to be going through the change... I have had the burping with water and do get the heart burn now again, I couldn't have endoscopy I'm to scared for that procedure having something put down my throat they will have to put me completely out..... You can try ginger and honey if you don't want to take meds but it seems your not having a good time with that.

    I have know people say Aloe Vera and Apple Cider Vinegar with mother is very good for it.

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    Dear Dan,

    It sounds to me as if you have at least 2 different problems here, so be careful not to mix them. I am responding because I am a 68 year old, normally health male, but a year ago I started experiencing burping, farting and indigestion, as well as occasional heartburn. This would sometimes keep me awake at nights, and would often occur after an hour or so of driving my vehicle. I was fearful it was hiatus hernia, but went to a specialist. I had an endoscopy and other tests, and they discovered that my gall bladder is small, but concluded that I did not have a hiatus hernia, but an inflammed gut. I have been prescribed omeprazol, too, and was told by the specialist that I would have to take it now for life. I told him that I would take omeprazol for 6 months to give my gut a chance, but after that I would experiment to see if I could wean myself off it. I have been having it for 4 months, and the problems I have had before have gone away, but I have been taking it everyday, withour fail. So, like you, I am a work in progress. I would have the endoscopy, because it might at least rule out worse things.Good luck! Vincent

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    Thanks Maria, i too am scared of endoscopy, i tried to get my gp to refer me for barium swallow instead but wants to do endoscopy as it is gold standard. I have tried ginger and honey in tea and aloe vera before but it didn't really help much. Thank you though and thanks for replying. Vincent, when i had test for h pylori they asked if i had my gall bladder checked when i described my symptoms to them, gp has never mentioned it though, he thinks it is a hiatal hernia. I'm not so sure, i'm really worried about the amount i vomit/regurgitate sometimes. But endoscopy will be the best bet and will hopefully get to the bottom of it. Thanks very much for replying, it is good your problems have gone away and if you wean yourself off hopefully it will stay that way for you

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    Hi! I see why you're worried. If you look up those symptoms online, you'll get every possible disease known to mankind. Endoscopy is standard test in such situations. There's not much a doctor can find out from scans. I have a feeling it's your diet that's causing the issue and also, if you smoke it can only make it worse.

    I'd say you might have gastritis or oesophagiitis, but I'm no medical professional.

    Anyways,best of luck. smile

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