Buttock pain following partial knee replacement

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My husband had a partial knee replacement about three months ago and all went well except for persistant buttock pain .I have noticed that his posture is poor and he leans to one side .The physio gave him stretches to do but they dont help .Can anyone advise as this is starting to upset him .We live in UK Thank you

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    Hi there.

    I am just coming up on 2 months post TKR. I found I was walking a bit "off" and my physio said that I was "pitching" my hip, using that as a way to protect and ease walking on my operated knee. It made me have a small limp, and also not to be standing up straight. I do not know if this is similar to your husbands experience, but what she told me to do was to really sake out any tension and walk really loosely - not using any part of my leg to protect my knee - just to be really loose like a noodle. lol It sounds funny but it really has helped.

    She also said to make sure when standing at rest, that I am standing fully on my operated leg - not with my knee slightly bent without any weight on it, if that makes sense. Stand straight and full and equal weight on both legs. This is taking sometime, its just instinct to protect, but I find it is helping me to stand straighter and have more confidence in my knee.

    Is he using crutches at all? Using just one crutch will make the body pitch to the side.

    Any of these things could cause a strain on other muscles, including the buttocks.

    I am just shy of 60, and I think the older we are the harder it can be.

    Another tip my physio gave me, and as little as it is it has made a HUGE difference, and she said our feet are important in our rehabilitation - we should always engage with our feet - push through our feet - if we feel wobbly, really push through on our feet and it stabilises. When we rise fre=om sitting - push up through our feet - not use our knees, etc. And that has made a world of difference in my getting up and in my getting around and posture.

    I am sure you will get lots of good advice but i hope these little things might help a bit too. It's very early days, a full recovery is up to or around 12 months - but I understand his upset - to us it feels like a lifetime of dealing with our foreign knee already!!

    Keep us posted. And good luck to you both. πŸ˜ƒ

    Jan x

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      thank you Jan, i really appreciate you sharing this. So many times i dread getting up from the table because it hurts my knees, this is the first i have heard about pushing through my feet.

      It really makes so much sense I'm annoyed with not working it out for myself.

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      Vicki - it never dawned on me to do that. I do not even know how I do it in "normal" living - but as soon as she told me I stood right up with minimal pain, where as before - there were physical sounds that accompanied the effort. Its like night and day!

      I really love my physio - she thinks outside the box and has really helped me as much psychologically as mentally - and both are part of recovery.

      I am so glad if that helps you.


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      This seems good advice which I will be trying too. I am only just about 4 weeks since my PKR and I am still in a bit of pain when I get up etc. I have a dead feeling foot which is more annoying than painful but I hope this eases in time. I didn't get physio, only a bit in hospital so this forum is great for sourcing tips and finding out what is normal and what isn't.

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      Hi Theresa,

      You have had a Knee Replacement, and they are not sending you to physio!!??!!?? OMG, that seems really unfair for you - physio is so important.

      There is a poster here, I believe his name is Chico_Marks, or Marx - something like that - and he has some fantastic posts with lots of advice and information - lists of things you can do, etc. I would definitely try and find some of his posts in the archives and they will be very useful for you.

      Also, there are some GREAT video's on You Tube for physio following a variety of exercies. If you search for "Bob & Brad" you will find a treasure trove of advice.

      And this method of standing made such a difference for me - we just forget.

      Good luck and ask a lot of questions on various threads to help you with your physio and check out those videos. You will get better much faster with the correct exercises. I cannot believe they did not set you up some physio. 😦

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      thank you. it seems that you only get ongoing physio for a TKR and not for a partial. I did get some in hospital and I do the exercises every day but I will have a look for the ones you suggest.

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    By buttocks pain I'm thinking sciatica. I do stretching exercises that have helped tremendously. Have him sit in a sturdy chair and lean forward and grab the legs of the chair keeping his legs between his hands. Reach back as far as he can and hold for 10 seconds. I do this at least 2x a day and my sciatica cleared up! Best of luck going forward!!

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    good morning! I was told use a heating pad in the morning to help loosen your leg ,then ice throughout the day, also I have a numb right foot and sciatic pain from the turnicut they use on your upper thigh. It has caused me a lot of pain and it aches to sleep on my right side! hope this helps.

    prayers for some relief!!


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      Hi Denise,

      Hey, I had a lot of pain from the tourniquet too!! For weeks!!! That was probably as painful as the incision and wound itself. They must really tie us off.

      Last time on my other knee I did not notice it at all. Both times they left a "pain bomb" attached which is a tiny tiny line fed into the muscles above the knee which regularly drips pain med and an anaesthetic. Do they do this where you are? They did it for me for this op too but it was not effective - I think the guy did not get a good anchor. It even came out on its own and it should not, so I think thats why I noticed the tourniquet pain so much. I hope you start to feel better with that. I am going to try the heating pad in the morning.

      Good luck!


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      I'm 10 weeks out and still having lots of hip,upper thigh pain! also I have a partial paralyzed foot. They did testing and discovered it's from the turnicut! could take a year to get feeling back..so not happy!!😣😣 I did not have the pain bomb you mentioned, but had s spinal and leg block!

      Good luck to you too!😊

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