Bxo/ls / glans discoloration - need help

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I'm waiting a biopsy result on the lower part of the glans however my main issue and I told this to my dermatologist was on the tip of the penis or foreskin.

I've been dealing with some urethral sensativity, a feelingof not bladder not empty, my foreskin got a little bit tight after what I think was the application of pevisone cream, this started to happen right after I applied it to my foreskin, it turned my foreskin to sandpaper and when it healed it was just a bit tighter.

However I had burning sensation on the foreskin since February till around August when I started putting dexeryl on it, it was such a relief.

Thing is the tip was always giving me discomfort/burning and some times itching. I thought it was from the rubbing on the underwear, as it was localized on the part of the glans that is not covered by the foreskin.

Also I notice my glans lost its usual color its now more Grey/whitish and get super red when I have erection,and I notice a "scally" tip with a demarcation on it that it seams white to me.

I've been to several docs and they all say it's just sensative skin. I did some research and I think this could me initial bxo/ls it would explain the tighten foreskin, the discoloration, the urethral sensativity, the scaly tip with the demarcation.

I would really like your opinion on this.





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    man i have the exact problem and symptoms....please tell me if you find something out with biopsy or any idea what this is

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    I have been dealing with Lichen Sclerosus (LS / BXO) for the best part of 9 years and you have no symptoms of LS I would say.

    You obviously have something going on - you say you used pevisone cream, this, from my understanding is used to treat particular forms of fungal infections. Were you prescribed the pevisone, or why were you using it? You also state the reaction on your foreskin to this, so you either got a severe reaction to the pevisone or it was the wrong medication for what you actually had.

    It sounds like you have the potential for a bladder or urinary tract infection from the symptoms you describe, has a doctor checked out what could be going on with this?

    So yes, there has or is still something causing the irritation, purely in terms of the appearance of your penile skin - the question is what has caused this, and what can put this right?

    So, are you currently regularly sexually active, if so, is this linked to why you used the pevisone cream?

    You also say you have used dexeryl, was this prescribed to you by the dermatologist?

    My general recommendation is that you should be working towards not applying anything to your penis in terms of any forms or creams or applications.

    Here again, this will be linked to your sexual practices, and potentially, whether you apply anything to your penis for either masturbation, or even to hydrate your penile skin on a regular basis - the goal to work towards is that the only thing that should contact penile skin is water, nothing else.

    If you can update once you have the result of the biopsy (not sure why a sample would be taken from your lower glans if the irritation exists at the tip) and any other information you receive on this from the dermatologist.

    Also, if you have not seen a doctor about the bladder and urinary tract issues you have I would get this checked out ......

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      Thank you so much for the reply.

      In February I had a yeast infection that I took 150mg Diflucan pill that took care of the active symptoms however I got stuck with the redness and discomfort on the foreskin. This was the last time I had sex.

      All creams and treatments I did were in the recommendation of dermatologists. The pevisone was one of them, I think I had some allergic reaction to it as it did that to my foreskin.

      I tried not putting anything on it but it would get dry. I mean very very dry, dexeryl cream again recommended by a new dermatologist is so far the only thing that seems to help with the discomfort on the foreskin.

      The marks on the pictures above come and go, they are not always there so to speak, this is why I'm thinking it's some irritation, but ls would explain the marks, the tighten of the foreskin even the urethral discomfort. Maybe it's ls in initial stage, I don't know all the information or pictures I can found are from where it's set in.

      Regarding the urinary issues I did several urinalysis all came back clean, I did a spermgram and they found e. Faecalis in it. So I'm taking levofloxacin to kill that bacteria.

      Also I'm just washing my penis with water nothing else and putting a very very thin layer of dexeryl as it's the only thing so far that gives me some comfort.

      The dermatologist says the tip is some irritation and took the biopsy from the lower part of the glans because of the below photo


      I only get those bumps when I have an erection and it's not always like that. So that's why she took it from the lower part.

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      Would be really interested to know what the biopsy comes back with mate.

      Dealing with the exact same symptoms.

      Tried multi antifungals and a 2 week course of antibiotics but nothing has shifted it. I did notice when using Daktarin cream i seemed to have a reaction as the redness was much more severe. After my latest visit to the Dr I was told to apply a normal moisturiser such as E45 so I've been doing that for around 3 weeks now. Honestly there was a brief few days it looked like it had cleared completely but post masturbation/erection I'm in the same boat as your pic above. Please let me know when you hear something back.

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      Every male has these bumps on the glans / head of the penis as they are something that is naturally present, only we do not notice them until they become irritated.

      So as I say, what you need to be working towards is that the only thing that contacts the skin of the glans and foreskin of your penis is water - I am not in the least bit surprised that you have had issues going on since February as once the sensitive skin on the glans is irritated it can take a great deal of time to recover.

      So for want of a term for what I am suggesting, it is very much a natural approach, and I would even suggest, what you may well experience is that the more you apply creams and treatments to your penis you will be delaying recovery until the natural state is reestablished for your penile skin .....

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      Thank you for the reply.

      I'm going in today to get my biopsy result. I will discuss this with the dermatologist.

      For the past month I'm only washing it with water 1 time per day and putting dexeryl on the foreskin 1 per day also.

      I'll talk to the dermatologist to see if I can start by reducing the dexeryl. Also she gave me antihistamines that I have yet to try.

      Again thank you for the reply I'll keep you updated on the biopsy result and on she recomends.

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    Update on the biopsy : hyalinization of the upper dermis, in-line with non specific balanitis.. So yeah.. I asked if it could be ls.

    She said it's not ls. Just sensative skin that I need to take care... 8 months of sensative skin.. But well.. Told me to keep using dexeryl and just wash with water..

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      I also asked about the marked on the tip she said it's karetirinized skin. It happens on circ guys. Also due to the dry skin that I apparently have is causing that. She told me to keep using it for a month and then go back again.

      I was just scared because if you Google hyalinization and penis all the results show ls..

      Dexeryl is helping with the moist and makes thinks more confortable.

      Worst thing tho is the mindset.. Sometimes I can't help feeling like a walking contagious penis diesease... Even tho every docs told me otherwise.

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      Thanks for the further detail - sounds like you need to work on your mindset - generally, medical professionals know what they are talking about, you can understand one getting things wrong, bur several different one's .....

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      Thank you for putting things into perspective.

      I know you are probably right and the doc are too. But it's kind of hard when you feel something is wrong with your body, especially your genitals. Your mind always go's to that place..

      I'll keep you posted on further developments

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