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Penis Disorders

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  • cameron21552 1


    I have had a lymphocele before and my doctor said I should be fine and sent me on my way but it happened again and now it cracked at the top let out a white/brown liquid, a hard white thing? Came out and then it bled a little bit. I have had it for about a week and a bit. What should I do?

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  • declan26271 2

    Balanitis? Psoriasis? Other?

    Hi there, I've had a recurring penis itch for almost 2 years. 24 yr old male never had sex. Does anyone know what this might be? Diet, probiotic, canesten, natural remedies have all been tried.

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  • Jason2305 2

    Open yellow sores on the Scrotum

    2days ago i went to the office wearing a little bit tight under wear. And when i returned home i felt uncomfortable in my scrotum.a pain in the skin where the underwears edges are. That time i ignored because thought it was due the friction. Next day also i wore the same kind of underware.(not da same...

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  • Kaye03761 2

    Spots on penis head

    I've got some spots on my penis head under my foreskin. Been there for a few months and it's not an std. any one have any ideas ?

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  • jhostin82607 1

    Help please

    Spots appeared on penis after itchy sensation and mild scratching of penis i do not what it is i am worried

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  • john33501 2

    Rough Spotty Glans when blood is pushed to the penile head

    Hi, I have now had this problem for around 8 months and found no diagnosis or solution to this problem. The texture is normal when fully flacid however as soon as even a small amount of blood is squeezed to the glans the texture becomes rough and spotty, see pictures for reference. It started when I...

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  • john-essex 2

    Excess saggy skin when flaccid

    Hi, I posted this as a reply to another post, but thought it might be better to start a separate thread. I am a circumcised male, 30 years of age and I have a problem with the appearance of my penis shaft skin. I believe my skin looseness issue was caused by one episode of overly rigourous masturbation...

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  • Aeyvan 1

    Question about Penis Cuts

    Ok so ive had this cut on the tip of my penis, kind of like a puncture for three years now, at first it was painful(when I urinate) but at this date it does not hurt at all. I masturbate daily, there is no blood though, probably the reason why it wont heal, but i've stopped for 18 days now, I want to...

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  • Big boy 11 1
  • lawson333 1

    Rough wrinkled skin shaft(pics included)

    Hello, I have been experiencing this for maybe 2 years now. Sometimes it gets very well like you can barely feel the 'wrinkles' when sometimes its very visible and I can feel it very easy. The problem is that I'm also uncircumcised and it hardens the frenulum and that gives me some pain. its simply...

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  • seanc62 1

    I have sudden bend in penis should I worry

    Hi, within the last week i have noticed that my penis has suddenly got a bend in it at the head of my penis, before this bend my penis was straight with no bend at all, I know it can be common for penis to be bent but not suddenly im 30 years old with no health problems have sex 1/2 times a week and...

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  • NoGMOs 2

    Unique self treatment cured my Peyronie's disease

    I was diagnosed with Peyronie's in June 2016. It was determined I probably got it a few months earlier by attempting sex without a complete erection, and damaged tissues in my penis. I had hard lumps buried on the top of my penis, (most likely plaque) and what felt like two hardened worms stretching...

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  • cameron21552 1


    I have had a lymphocele before and my doctor said I should be fine and sent me on my way but it happened again and now it cracked at the top let out a white/brown liquid, a hard white thing? Came out and then it bled a little bit. I have had it for about a week and a bit. What should I do?

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  • jamiebucks 1

    Penis head colourisation and size

    Hi I am 18 and a virgin. Lately I began noticing my penis head more and the veins in it when it is erect. This doesn't seem to match those of other people, especially from pictures I have seen on the internet. I wanted to know if I have some kind of problem. I am uncircumsised. I also hope girls will...

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  • 3Dog 1

    Post circumcision too much skin removed?

    I was circumcised about 11 days ago now, and i tell you its been bad, have an infection which ive been on antibotics for since wednesday just gone, but looking at my penis, i cant help but feel the doctor took away too much skin, so much so that there is quite a large gap just below the frenulum, along...

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  • william24006 1

    fordyce spots?

    so i have had these for as long i can remember, probably around when puberty started, but i am looking for someone elses opinion. i am not circumsized, these tiny bumps are not painfull or itchy, and it is only visible when my penis is erect as youcan see in the photos hopefully. there are alot of these...

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  • chubbycherubb 2

    Post circumcision frenulum

    So I was circumcised two weeks ago. It has been quite the ordeal let me tell you! I am concerned about one thing the most right now though and just need to ask. The doctor left my frenulum like a fleshy peninsula on my penis. it looks like a clitoris underneath my penis head and it is large. I have seen...

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  • anonymous15480 2

    Red penis top

    Hello, today i've noticed the top of my penis is full red and it hurts when I pull my skin down and touch it. Please tell me it goes away overtime I really dont want my parents to know and I dont want to sit there with a doctor looking and touching my penis. Please help me! Name:Anonymous Age:13 almost...

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  • fahad007 1

    Whiteness on penis shaft.

    I am having whiteness on penis shaft, you can see in the picture, it goes and comes after shower.Its slightly small in the picture its comes a bit more. Its been since 1.5 year i am having,I get itching also  sometimes after3 days.Its fungus or its normal.It has increase in 1.5 years.

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  • dan42202 1

    Erectile Dysfunction at 17

    Ive noticed that in the last two days and less often in thw past two weeks ive gone limp while masturbating. I dont know why and im worried about it happening as im going to college in the next few months. Im not sure why its happening either as before i would typically have no trouble at all staying...

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  • ralphhhh 1

    Circumission scar - where and how to remove it?

    I`ve been circumcised about 5rs ago because of phymosis. Unfortunately the surgery left awful scars on my penis. The stitches are very visible. Is there a way to remove the scars, or should I consider a second circumcision? I`ve just finished my long relationship and decided to something with that because...

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  • Theboss1388 2

    Big skin tearing under penis head

    For several weeks now I have had an issue where the skin under the glans is peeling/tearing. It doesn't hurt to touch. There is a slight redness on the skin to the left of the tear aswell. Ps: trying to attach a photo may need help.. Thanks.. theboss

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  • ken63020 2
  • ryan2331 1
  • ryan2331 1
  • tim241070 2

    Dry and sticky foreskin/glans

    Hi guys, i've battling this condition for 4 months noi'm experiecing sticky foreskin while retracting. Tried some creams like canesten but they just give. Temporary relief. Any tip? I have seen that baking soda could help. Thank you everyone. Here's how my glans looks Moderator comment: I have...

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  • Brett0351 1

    Red blotches on penile head and foreskin

    I've gotten red spots on and off for the last 15+ years, used to be come and go a couple times a year but have had them now for over a year now. A couple times they looked like they were almost gone but came back before they could completely disappear (usually in a new area on the penis, used to be restricted...

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  • danny12216 2

    Skin thread attached to the back of penis head

    I had this since forever and lately I started to wonder(i'm 21) what's with the skin attached to the penis head because it affects me from having my penis fully erect,it never really caused any major problems but I think it also affects the circulation of my penis and I think it would bother me if I...

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  • harry1311 2


    Hi, i need some help. Im a 16 year old with this strange spot like lump on my penis. I dont know what it is so hopefully you can help me. It burst open this morning like a spot and is very swollen. Is there anything i can do to solve it?

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  • tom34215 1

    Strange scars on penis

    I've recently noticed I have two small circular scars on the underside of my shaft and on my scrotum. I'm not too sure what they are or where they came from. I have recently been working out much more frequently and my job consists of my walking around all day in slightly tight jeans in the hot weather....

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  • yasuo 61362 1

    Itching Penis [Virgin]

    Hello! My penish has recently become very itchy. I am 15 years old an dI do not know why. As I am still a virgin it is not possible for me to have STDs and this itchinn started around on Thursday and today it's Monday. It has still not stopped. When it gets really bad I soak up a tower and put it over...

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  • luis99847 1

    I would like to know if this has happen to anyone?

    About 1 month ago I had unprotected oral .. After I finished I started to feel a weird pinching/burning sensation.. I gave it about two weeks and went to see a doctor but everything come back neg, no infection or std .. I went back 2 weeks after the first test because I was still was feeling the same...

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  • jay32489 2
  • diana37402 3

    90 degree bend

    The specialist my huband was referred to told him that it is still okay to have intercourse while his shaft is bent at a 90 degree angle pointing straight up.  With the caveat that he does not hurt the penis further!  Apparently there has somewhere in the past where his penis was hurt and it caused this...

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  • john 55167 1

    Weird Unusual Type of Erections

    Before I start, I just want to say that I am 24 years old, so this isn't some type of erectile dysfunction that happened because of old age. In fact, I'm not even sure if that's what it is.  So basically the problem is while I am able to get erections and am not completely limp, they are not as hard...

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  • bob2659 2
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