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Penis Disorders

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  • KingsleytC 1

    Bump in meatus , need help

    I'm 21 and it has been going on for two weeks. It's hurts the inside of the hole when I pee or ejaculate, the pain is not intense but it stings. I've attached pictures of it below.  

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  • jay54854 1

    Opening of skin under penis tip

    Hi, I am an uncircumcised male and for the past 2 weeks there has been an opening of the skin below the tip of my penis, (on the skin below the tip) it doesn't hurt to touch and is only as sensitive as the tip of my penis. I have limited masturbation so this thing can heal but it doesn't want

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  • bill1355 2

    Uncircumcised penis, what should I do?

    Hello everyone, first of all I would like say congratulations to this forum for it's great community and also to the people who advice the askers regarding their issues.  To get straight to the point, I'm 23 years old and my penis is uncircumcised, never had sex so far but I'm worried about my

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  • MrJay 2

    Rough, wrinkled, cracked and scaly skin on penis head. (Pictures)

    I'm 20 years old and I've had this for as long as I could remember. I don't like the look of it and I feel like something's wrong. I am circumcised and when I am erect the head of my penis looks dry, cracked, and is scaly. I started masturbating when I was pretty young (12 years old) and didn't use

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  • indusara21686 2

    Peinis problems

    yesterday when i was showering i got soap on my urethra and i got a bad burning sensation downthere and about 3 hours later when i pee i saw a whitish sticky discharge at the top of the peinis and again later that day after i pee i saw this discharge i didnt have it since then . do anyone think its

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  • james16984 2

    Red inflamed foreskin

    A couple of days back my foreskin without warning suddenly became red, swollen and very painful. The next morning when I woke it was stinging like mad and very red and sore. Checked symptoms and it doesn't seem like balanitis as my glans looks normal. Haven't changed washing powder, shower gel or

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  • shail1061 1
  • Helpme34120 1

    Penis condition? Help!

    I've had this condition for awhile now, but recently started to get as worse as it has ever been. I am sexually active and have a problem retracting forskin around the gland when I'm errect. I was wondering if this looks like a comin case of Balanitis, or if it could at all possibly be something

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  • john2705 2
  • christian 50090 1

    Penis head red and sensitive??

    A few days ago I started having some itching near my groin area, I passed it off as something temporary but it's been itching for days now, under my penis head there is white bumps that are shiny, I googled it and it says it could be Balantis? I'm nervous to go to the doctor, does it look like Balantis?

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  • health63130 2

    Hole by frenulum with White 'stuff'?

    Greetings, I am uncircumcised and recently have noticed a hole near the frenulum(? - I believe that’s where this is located. Sorry if I am labeling the area incorrectly).  As the picture will show, it seem’s to have some depth to it, I have been cleaning it in the shower. But I’m getting worried

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  • alan98462 1

    Pimple come spot on penis

    Hi hope you can help, about 2 months a small pimple appeared on the shaft of my, it then became a bit bigger with a small spot with a head on it. Went to clinic and got swab test and blood tests done with all coming back ok. The thing is that it wasn't going away so I burst the spot with yellow

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  • ma73047 2

    My Foreskin attached around glans before corona?

    I am 20 years old and asian. First time i try to pull my foreskin back at age 15. The i saw my foreskin attached around middle of glans, Now i am at age 20 now below(near frenulum) is normal, but still foreskin attached arround top of glans before corona..!  I usually masturbate and still not have sex ...

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  • matt27183 1
  • davrots81 2

    Burst/broken blood vessel in head of penis?

    Hi guys, As all probably start their queries on this particular board I have a bit of an embarrassing question.. So, I've noticed since last weekend I have what looks like a burst blood vessel on the head of my penis around the opening of the urethra. I noticed this about 8-9 days ago, and

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  • Kwekut 1

    Erectile dysfunction

    Hello Dr I have been experiencing ED lately. I started a penis enlargement exercise by frequent stretching and adjusting it to enlarge my penis for 2 weeks but it has brought fatal to me. I started feelings a sharp pain in right side of my penis which made me stop the exercise. Since my sex life

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  • james33968 1

    Problems after adult circumcision,,, anyone with any experience?

    ill try to keep it brief I recently had a circumcision due to medical issues. I was having trouble with my tight foreskin and after trying creams to no avail my GP said circumcision was the only way forward I had my circumcision almost two weeks ago Firstly, although there was no pain during the

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  • joao01452 2

    Penis Swollened after Masturbation

    I was masturbating and after I went to take a shower. After that I went out For a walk , when I came back my penis was really swollened , and it's size decreased . I still get morning wood & erections but my penis is kinda swolloned. Please someone help I am really concerned , if u need a picture

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  • eman48648 2

    Burning sensation in the meatus

    I have a burning sensation in the meatus, for the past 5 weeks. It is made worse if I masturbate or have sex. The only things that make it better is bepathen and canesten creams, plus some ice pack on my penis. My GP thought it could be UTI, but all urine results came back negative. Plus, blood

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  • Corjayt 1

    Tiny red dots on the head of my penis

    Recently I have noticed that I have some tiny red dots on the head of my penis and it's quite frightening. I am sexually active and I don't know weather it's an allergic reaction or an std hopefully someone can help me. Please and thank you

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  • bob11282 2

    Bump on Penis since age 12

    Hi there, This bump started small at about age 12 (So its not sexually transmitted), and it has never been painful or bothered me much - however being 27 now and being single, its very embarrasing when I engage in sexual contact and women often think I have an STD I am not really sure what it is

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  • mike11050 1

    Am still a virgin and the tip or my penis is ichy.

    I've been noticing my penis ichs acople or times a day. Am pretty sure its not STD/STI because am still a virgin. So what the hell is it?? Can someone email me so I can send you photos and help me figure out what the hell is it?? Please.

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  • anon38784 1

    What are these bumps on my penile shaft

    I've gotten multiple opinions from justanswer saying fordyce spots and also an opinion from my dermatologist. I just needed one more opinion, what do they appear to be to you guys? Thanks.

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  • greg43014 3
  • jordon75871 1
  • james 62993 1
  • dave59166 2

    Adult Circumcision

    Hi , just had a circ done 1 week ago today , everything is ok but have a question about frenulum it looks funny and I have no idea what the surgeon did , like did he keep my frenulum or remove it , also what is that bump ? Swelling ? I'm fairly certain he cut the frenulum at the bottom as it

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  • toulon01 2

    Post Op Circumcision

    Due to severe infection my circ. procedure was postponed four here we go. Am having it next week. I of glans sensitivity and have been using tape to retract my foreskin to let the air get at the Vaseline to help with rubbing. I ll post pics. anyone who's had

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  • tommy80914 2

    Do Tysons glands go away on their own?

    Im a suffer if Pearly Penile Papules which doesn't really concern me because they are very small. On the other hand i have 2 symmetrical bumps on either side of the penile frenulum called tysons glands. They are very noticable which is killing my confidence. Here are my questions Do tysons glands

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  • chubbycherubb 2

    Post circumcision frenulum

    So I was circumcised two weeks ago. It has been quite the ordeal let me tell you! I am concerned about one thing the most right now though and just need to ask. The doctor left my frenulum like a fleshy peninsula on my penis. it looks like a clitoris underneath my penis head and it is large. I have

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  • magnet87 2
  • janis1980 1

    Color of my glans after circumcision

    What do you think about colour of my glans after circumcision. It is 1 week. Don't tell mw that circumcision went bad. I see it. Sad, so sad. I was diognized with biopshy last year and they said not BXO (LS) more like dermatomikosis.

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  • Corporate94 2
  • Human 2
  • luke200794 2

    Phimosis or Frenulum Brave Issue?! (Pictures)

    Ive always thought that I may have has some form of phimosis and that with some cream treatment it would loosen up and be ok. However as my foreskin has loosened up I now think that the main cause to my problems may be that I have a short Frenulum. This makes me nervous about persuing any sexual

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