Blotchy red rash/irritated skin on penile head (lasted for over 3 moths now)?

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Part of the skin on the head of my penis has become slightly red and is causing some pain/irritation.

It first appeared the day after I used a condom so I think I must have had a reaction to the latex or some other substance in the condom.

The tip of the penis became super sensitive and noticeably hurt whenever it touched my underwear.

The skin was and still is noticeably red close to and directly around the meatus. This redness gets worse and bigger after I've come out the shower or masturbated.

An hour or so after ejaculation, I get a slight burn/irritation at the very end of the urethra when I urinate and this can last for a few days before subsiding. This has put me off from masturbating as much now.

This has lasted for about 3 months now with no signs of improvement.

I saw a doctor and was prescribed timodine/hydrocortisone cream and this didn't have much effect and am slightly worried it may just make things worse so have stopped using it for now.

It almost seems as if the redness comes from within the skin rather than on the surface.

I don't think its balanitis as I haven't had that for over 12 years when I was a kid and that was with the usual smegma discharge etc, whereas this is just redness. 

I've attached images to show how it looks straight after showering, which is when the redness is at its worst and the contrast between the normal skin colour and the redness can be clearly seen.

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    I believe I may have the same thing and still can't figure it out. I have redness just like you, but it also hurts to urinate and hurts worse after I masturbate. If you find anything out please let me know, this has been going on for months now!!

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    Just to update I still have this, not much improvement.

    Day to day it is barely noticeable, but with only a very slight redness near the meatus.

    As soon as it becomes erect (masturbation) or after showering it flares up the same as in the pictures.

    My doctor prescribed an anti-fungal cream which I have used for a week now which hasn't made a difference.

    As I said before, I don't think this is an 'external/on the surface' of the skin condition.

    It seems to flare up from within if that makes sense, so no cream is going to do a lot in my opinion.

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      Makes perfect sense, my symptoms are identical. Day to day it's hardly noticeable (some days more than others and feels irritated, other days almost nothing at all). After showers and sex or masterbation, red/pink and rash like identical to your pictures. Swollen / red meatus too.

      Dermatologist gave me an anti fungal which I thought cured it, but after I stopped using it it came back and is worse.

      Side note; this all started after a stopped taking doxycycline which I was on for 8 months for something unrelated. I feel like it has to be an effect from that since long term doxy use kills good bacteria.

      Not sure what to do/what doctor to go to since they usual just dismis it as nothing.

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      Thanks for the reply John.

      It's interesting to hear from someone in a similar situation.

      It's funny you mention doxycycline; I've got rosacea and I was prescribed 100mg doxy by my doctor, but after doing some research I decided not to get them due to the possible side effects with that kind of dosage.

      What I did find out was that 50mg doxy has the same effect on rosacea as 100mg but with less side effects. This is because at half the dosage, the doxy acts more as an anti-inflammatory instead of an anti-biotic.

      Which results in less 'distruption' to the good bacteria etc.

      Going back to the penile symptoms; my theory is if I were to get doxy on prescription at a lower dose, I would be more inclined to take it for my rosacea.

      Since rosacea is kind of similar to what I'm experiencing on my penis, maybe the doxy would clear that up as well.

      Which would kind of make sense after what you say you experienced with your doxy usage.

      I just can't rest until I get rid of this unexplainable redness, it's driving me mad!

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      Hello mate, have the exact same symptoms, worse when I shower. Had mine for 10 months now, driving me insane. Did you ever find out what it was or get it sorted please?
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      I am still very much dealing with this issue.

      I've since been to a sexual health clinic multiple times in the hope of a diagnosis, but typically everytime I go, the redness isn't very prominent and they say everything looks normal.

      I've done countless research online and the closest thing I can find that closely resembles my symptoms is Erythema ('superficial reddening of the skin, usually in patches, as a result of injury or irritation causing dilatation of the blood capillaries'wink.

      The blood capillary theory kind of makes sense as the degree of redness changes throughout the day, gets worse from showering (heat) and temporarily gets better when the skin is compressed.

      Another general term would be a type of Balanits/Contact Dermatitus caused by irritants.

      I'm experimenting with anti-fungal creams twice-daily, but with no improvement as of yet.

      I totally understand how you feel as this has caused me anxiety and worry for some time.

      I will update this thread if I ever find any improvement.


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      Hello mate, thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. I have also been the doctors twice and both times you might know it was hardly noticeable to them but gets really red after showering, sex or masturbation. Literally is driving me insane. Did the clinic not test you for stds? Thanks again
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      I've been tested for chlamydia and urine infections, all normal.

      Also for a complelty different issue, I've had my bloods checked and even an mri scan. Again, everything came back normal.

      So as of yet, I have been unable to obtain an official diagnosis.

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      I have the same problem for 8 months now, mine started after I had unprotected sex, rashes came, they cleared just when I got saw a doctor but they retuned shortly after that and they never left.

      Anti fungi cream dosent help, my guess is that it came as a result of over masturbation. Too much friction. But please if you find any useful information help us with it

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      Wow. I just posted and then found this thread. I have been suffering from something very similar...doctors prescribe anti fungal or protopic for a dermatitis. But, 5 months later and no resolution. I tested negative for stds. So not sure what this coul be. Wondering if taking an antibioitic would help?

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